Epeolatry Book Review: WTF was That? by Bridgett Nelson


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Title: WTF Was That?
Author: Bridgett Nelson
Publisher: Indie release
Genre: Horror, Extreme Horror
Release date: 1st, June, 2023

Synopsis: Bridgett Nelson, the two-time Splatterpunk Award-nominated author of the hugely popular A Bouquet of Viscera, has three deranged stories to tell that all you freaks are sure to love!
In “Getaway,” four college friends go on a beach house vacation in an Outer Banks town. The allure is that it’s off-season and the town is completely deserted…so why is there a loud knock on the door in the middle of the night?
In “Scars,” a famous author holds a contest to have characters named after his biggest fans. But after the book is published, the fans begin to die in the same way as their characters…
In “Belong,” Briony has dealt with an obsessed stalker her entire life. Just when she thinks he’s finally gone, all hell breaks loose…and Briony is no longer the only victim.
So enjoy! But if you share this book with the normal people in your life, be prepared to hear “WTF was that?”