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Taking Submissions: White Noise & Ouija Boards: An Anthology of Ghosts & Hauntings

May 26, 2017

Deadline: May 26th, 2017
Payment: a percentage of profits after six months of anthology sales
Reprints Allowed

It took some time, but the time has come: we’re putting together an anthology of poetry and flash fiction about spirits, ghosts, seances, Ouija boards, famous hauntings, not-so-famous hauntings, possessions, and anything else relating to supernatural bumps in the night (or day, we aren’t fussy). Submissions are open from 31st March 2017 until 26th May 2017, and the book will be published in late summer (August). This anthology will be edited by Kate Garrett and Caroline Hardaker.

As this is a centuries old vein of storytelling, originality is important – whether it’s a new angle on the themes, a very obscure bit of lore, ghosts in mythology, a different view of famous literary ghosts (e.g. Hamlet’s father, the spirits in A Christmas Carol, you get the idea), or a very specific ghost story (by ‘story’ of course we mean folklore: a haunted library or pub in your town, something along those lines, not a Susan Hill book…) not many know about, to name a few examples. It isn’t as hard as it sounds – it’s just what we don’t want is the plot of every ghostly horror film over and over again.

So all of that being said: just send us your best work!

Please submit:

  • 1-5 poems (no line limit, within reason)
  • 1-3 flash fictions (up to 1,000 words – we’ve increased the limit!) or
  • a mix of the two not exceeding 5 pieces in total

in a Word document (if submitting multiple pieces, send them in a single Word document please) or the body of an email (please NO PDFs) to [email protected].

Please mark your submission as ‘Ghosts and Hauntings – Your Name’ (e.g. mine would be Ghosts and Hauntings – Kate Garrett) in the subject line of your email.

Previously published work is okay, but let us know where it was published before so we may give credit if your work is selected.

Simultaneous submissions are okay too, but please inform us ASAP if accepted elsewhere.

Payment for contributors is a percentage of profits after six months of anthology sales (which depends on how many writers are included, and how many copies are sold).

And just a reminder the deadline is Friday 26th May 2017.

We look forward to reading your work!

Via: Three Drops Poetry.


May 26, 2017