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Taking Submissions: Weird City Issue #1

October 1, 2015

Deadline: October 1st, 2015
Payment: $50

What we’re looking for

WCP is looking for stories to publish in its magazine, Weird City. These stories should…

  1. Fit the general Weird City theme that can best be described as “strange things in dense places”. While we’re flexible with definitions of “strange” and “dense” (and we look forward to seeing your interpretation), please exercise some discretion.
  2. Be original works, both in concept and in execution. Please no fanfics or story rewrites and certainly no passing of another’s work as your own.
  3. Be self-contained, standalone stories. No chapter excerpts please.
  4. Be no less than 1500 words and no more than 7500.
  5. Be submitted according to our “How to Submit” process. Read this carefully before submitting.
  6. (For the inaugural issue) be submitted before October 1st, 2015.

To answer a few common questions: YES, we do accept simultaneous submissions. NO, we don’t at the moment take multiple submissions. NO, we don’t accept reprints at the moment.

Rights & Rates

WCP purchases worldwide first publication rights in English, for publication in electronic formats, under a limited-use contract. Currently we are offering a flat payment of $50 per story, though we may offer additional compensation for exemplary stories (at our discretion).

How to Submit

All submissions must be sent electronically. Please attach your story to an email sent to our lovely submissions manager Amelia at[email protected]. Make sure you:

  1. Include your name and story title in the subject line along with a submission tag, using this format: [Submission][YOUR NAME – YOUR STORY TITLE]. This helps dramatically with sifting through our inbox.
  2. Save your story to a .doc, .docx, or .rtf format. No Google Drive, Dropbox, etc links. If we can’t open it, we won’t read it.
  3. Edit your story according to a common manuscript format. We strongly recommend William Shunn’s guide. At the very least each page should be numbered, with your name and the title of the story.
  4. Include a cover letter. This should include the word count along with a log line, as well as any other information you’d like to share with us.

Via: Weird City Press.


October 1, 2015