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Taking Submissions: Twilight Madhouse Volume 4

August 31, 2018

Deadline: August 31st, 2018
Payment: Royalties

We will be releasing a 4th volume of The Twilight Madhouse this fall. This is by far our most popular theme and we’re excited to return to it, this time with a bit of a twist – We are releasing The Twilight Madhouse: Dark Rooms Edition
Reading Period: July 1 – August 31
Publication: October 1
Word Count: 3,000 – 12,000 preferred, 1,500-15,000 considered
Theme: Madness and opposites

We are looking for stories with big twists, stories that subvert expectations, stories that make you shiver. We want stories that explore some form of opposites and the grey spaces between them: madness/sanity, dark/light, day/night, good/evil, monster/hero, safety/danger, reality/illusion.
And this time we want the weirdest of the weird. The strangest of the strange. The bizarre, the creep fests, the grimdark, the so far out there you don’t think anyone will read it.
We encourage writers to download a copy of one of our previous volumes to get an idea of what we’re looking for, and what we’ve already seen.

While we are looking for strange and out there we want to add that we prefer stories that scare without the use of graphic sexual violence. Ax murders, chainsaws, blood spraying everywhere? Sure, as long as it drives the story forward. Sex? Yup, no problem with that. Characters with tragic backstories? Great. But we believe there is a difference between putting your characters through hell, and exploitation. If you’re not sure where your story falls, query us.

If you have any questions please use the contact form. Because the contact form strips formatting we are now accepting story submissions in the body of an email sent to schreyer _ ink _ publishing (at) outlook dot com (remove the spaces between the underscores and insert correct symbols). We will not open any unsolicited attachments.


1) Review the anthology specific requirements on the pertinent blog posting.

2) Send all submissions in the body of an email to schreyer (underscore) ink (underscore) publishing (at) outlook dot com. WE DO NOT OPEN UNSOLICITED ATTACHMENTS

3) Make sure you include your real name and contact information. If you wish to publish under a pen name we can do that, but we need your real name for legal purposes.

4) All decisions are made within 4 weeks of the submission cut-off date unless otherwise stated.

5) Contributors will be paid a royalty split on books sold based on the number of accepted stories per anthology. This royalty will be paid every 6 months annually to the author’s Paypal account. This is currently the only payment option we have available.

6) PROOFREAD YOUR STORY before you submit. If your story is accepted for publication and we request a .doc file of it proofread it again before you send. We send an author proof of the final manuscript for your review to ensure that italics, indents, and line breaks have not been messed up in the formatting process and yes, it is a chance to catch last-minute typos, but we shouldn’t be correcting dozens of author typos at that stage of the process.

We will be open to submissions year-round with 6 anthologies being released yearly. Themes and titles will be announced at the end of each year for the coming year.

Via: Schreyer Ink Publishing.


August 31, 2018