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Taking Submissions: The Trouble with BOB

February 28, 2016


Deadline: February 28th, 2016
Payment: $25 and a contributor’s copy

BOB as in Battery Operated Boyfriend… This one is for the adults – what happens when one of your sex toys gets a mind of its own, literally? We’re thinking about demon possessed blow up dolls, haunted vibrators, perhaps a golem sex-slave who is tired of her existence and convinces one of her lovers to use the word of power to destroy her as a safe word. Given the topic, yes, we expect at least some on page sex, but the focus of this anthology is not erotica (as lovely as said erotica might be). We’re looking for the thoughtful, funny, or horrific implications of your solo playmate possessing some level of sentience.

What we don’t want to see:

Gratuitous anything – violence or profanity, doesn’t matter. If it is not integral to the story and it’s not advancing the plot or character development, we don’t want to see blood or gore just for shock value’s sake (this goes for language too). We are not opposed to violence or profanity – as long as it belongs in the story and it’s not just there to shock and titillate. Some things would be a very hard sell for us, like rape or torture of any sort, and torture of children or animals will get an immediate rejection. Think of how far we’re willing to go based on the well known movie rating system – we’re trying to keep it at the upper end of what would be tolerated for an R.

Word Count:

We’re looking for stories that fall in the 3,000 to 10,000 word range. We will consider looking at stories outside this range, but they need to be just too good for us to pass up. You have a much better chance if you keep the word count within our range. Please query us before sending a story outside of the word count guidelines.

Reprints: No.


We wish to purchase exclusive print, e-book, and audio rights for one year, and non-exclusive print, e-book, and audio rights for a period of five years after that, with the option to re-negotiate additional years of rights after that.


Onetime fee of $25 plus one contributor’s copy for the original terms of the contract. Payment is on publication.

Sending your submission:

We will be accepting electronic submissions only. Make sure you put “The Trouble with BOB” in your email subject line. No simultaneous or multiple submissions please. Send your story as a .doc or .rtf file to submissions at otterlibris dot com.

Submission Window:

We will be open for submissions for the anthology beginning on January 1, 2016 and close to submissions on February 28, 2016. Any submissions received outside of this window will be deleted unread. We expect to respond to submissions throughout the window with a “no, thanks” or “we’d like to hold this for further consideration,” with final decisions going out approximately four to six weeks after the closing date.

Expected Publication Date:

We expect to debut this anthology at Balticon 50, May 2016.

Via: Otter Libris.


February 28, 2016