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Taking Submissions: The Quiet Ones Annual 2024 Window (Early)

August 1

Submission Window: July 1st, 2024 – August 1st, 2024
Payment: $25.00 (USD) per piece
Theme: Quiet Horror and Intimate-Scale Dystopian Fiction


  • Short Stories up to 3000 Words
  • Flash and Micro Fiction up to 1200 Words
  • Fiction-in-Verse up to 1200 Words

Author Compensation: $25.00 (USD) per piece

Rights: We request first worldwide and digital rights for four months following publication. Thereafter all rights revert to the author. All copyright remains with the author.

Genre: Quiet Horror and Intimate-Scale Dystopian Fiction (see our updated FAQ page for more on how we define Quiet Horror and Intimate Dystopia).

Publication: Digital Format (PDF)

Submission Period: July 01, 2024 – August 01, 2024

Decisions By: September 30, 2024

Release Date: October 31, 2024

EMail Submissions To: [email protected]

~ Submission Guidelines ~

  • For all open calls, submit your work by email to [email protected] with the subject line formatted as such: “[Zine Publication Year] [Story title] [Author name] [Age Range]” (ex.“2024 – Vampires Of Mars – Emily Young – Adult”).
  • Please submit your work as an email attachment in .doc/.docx format.
  • Authors may submit up to two pieces per issue. We request that each piece be submitted via its own individual email. Annual issues of The Quiet Ones do not have a specific theme, but keep in mind that your submission should be within the realms of quiet horror and/or intimate dystopia.
  • Ensure your document contains your story title, your name (or pen name), and an approximate word count. In the event that your story is selected for publication, we will need your legal name for the contract.
  • Please include a header on each page of your document with your surname, title and page number.
  • Your document should be formatted in Times New Roman, 12pt., with double line spacing and indented paragraphs (double line spacing does not apply to poetry).
  • We presently do not accept works in translation, visual art, non-narrative poetry, or nonfiction.
  • In case of acceptance, please also include a brief biography in the third person of approximately 75 words, including any personal social media links (such as a Twitter or personal website) that you’d like to share.

(For a more detailed look at classic manuscript formatting, please refer to this article by WILLIAM SHUNN.)

Artificial Intelligence 

What is Quiet Horror and Intimate Dystopia?

An excellent question with many possible answers. There is a lot of debate among fans and critics alike about what falls within the boundaries of “Quiet Horror and Intimate Dystopia.” For our purposes:

“Quiet Horror” applies to atmospheric, unsettling stories that rely more on mood and rhythm than on shock and gore. Examples of quiet horror include: classic ghost stories and shorts like The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe, modern moody masterworks like The Walls Around Us by: Nova Ren Suma, and films such as The Exorcist III or Pontypool where so much of the horror is left to the viewer to imagine as opposed to horror films that bombard their audience with scenes of excessive gore and jump scares.

“Intimate Dystopia” is all about scale. We’re looking to zoom that lens in – show us the personal, everyday impact of living under totalitarian regimes, or heavily restricted environments – anything from haunted houses to run-down clubs or playgrounds – anywhere upon which the larger trappings of dystopian visions apply. For post-apocalyptic stories, give us small, contained spaces which explore life in the ruined world. Examples of intimate dystopia include: Speech Sounds by Octavia Butler, Wool by Hugh Howey, and films such as Quarantine (or [Rec]), or Tale of A Vampire.

Via: The Quiet Ones.


August 1


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