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Taking Submissions: Tales Of Ruma

September 30, 2017

Deadline: September 30th, 2017
Payment: 0.06 per word and a contributor’s copy

Tales of Ruma is an anthology of stories inspired by Greek and Roman mythology. Some of the stories are set in the world of the Ruma: Dawn of Empire tabletop role playing game, while others are in worlds of their own, perhaps even alternate versions of Earth. The anthology will be released in paperback and electronic (epub and mobi) format, with potentially a hardcover limited edition.

Submission Window: August 15 – September 30, 2017.

Length: 500-5000 words.

What We Want: Original stories set in the world of Ruma, Earth, or another world, which build upon the themes (such as heroism, the gods, and the arcane) and imagery of Greek and Roman mythology. Please see below for additional details on the world of Ruma. Stories set in the world of Ruma do not have to meet any exact criteria as the world is fluid so anything can fit somewhere.

What We Don’t Want: We would rather not see anything overly sexual or with excessive violence/swearing. The audience level is teen and above.

Format: RTF or DOC/DOCX in Standard Manuscript Format, or as close as possible.

Send Submissions To: Please send submissions to seneschal at azurekeep dot com, with “Tales of Ruma Submission” in the subject line. Limit of 1 submission per author.

Payment: $0.06 per word + contributor copy (paperback and electronic). Payment upon acceptance via PayPal.

Rights Sought: First Worldwide print and electronic English language rights. Exclusivity for 90 days from date of release. Non-exclusive print, ebook, and audio rights afterward. Copyrights for stories set in the world of Ruma remain with the author.

About the world of Ruma: Ruma is an alternate Roman Empire set on an alternate version of Earth where the gods and magic are real. The RPG is set at the beginning of the Ruman Empire, somewhat akin to 0 A.D. on Earth. Hellas (Greece) has been reduced to ruins as Hellene magi opened portals to Hel and the Outer Realms to stop a Persyan invasion (known as the Sundering). Aegypt, also known as the Eternal Kingdom, has been ruled by the Pharaoh (rumored to be a Lich) for centuries. Their armies are archaic but augmented by magi and massive stone constructs. The Kell or Kellic people (based on Celtic society) and their mystical forests encroach upon Ruma from the west. Other cultures include the Normen (precursor to Vikings), Heermen (Germanic tribes), and the missing people of Atlantys.

The Ruman pantheon is the same as the Roman pantheon, with Iuppiter ruling Mount Olympos (which has been moved to the hills south of the city of Ruma after the Sundering of Hellas). The only big difference is Mars, who is more of a god of violence and murder than a god of war. Minerva (Athena) is the prominent goddess of war and tactics, and is venerated by the Ruman military.

Via: Azure Keep.


September 30, 2017