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Taking Submissions: SpeckLit: A World Of Wonder In 100 Words 3rd Quarter 2015

May 31, 2015


Deadline: May 31st, 2015
Payment: 5¢ a word

Before submitting to SpeckLit, please read the submission details below carefully, then fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to let us know a bit about yourself. Do not send us your submissions directly. We want to get to you know you first. Include your pen name, website, Twitter, and a link to your most recently published work (if you have one) in your initial contact.

Fiction:  We are suckers for plot. If it ain’t got plot, it ain’t a story. We want each piece to have the feeling of a beginning, a middle, and an end (or inciting incident, attempt(s) to fix it, and climax). All fiction must be original. There are lots of places for fanfic – this isn’t one of them. And finally, of course, it also has to be speculative – fantasy, science fiction, myth fairy tale, dark fantasy, etc… – but no erotica and no gore. A well-placed swear word, the recognition that we are sexual beings, and off-camera violence are all okay, but within limits, eh? Besides, with the focus on plot, there’s no time to get all graphic.

Titles do not count as part of the 100 words, and after your drabble, add a bit of an explanation of how you got there from the topic (but remember to keep it short!).

Non-fiction: We also publish drabble-length reviews of spec-fic containing media – books, movies, video games, comics, TV shows (or even specific outstanding episodes of TV shows), etc… Make sure your reviews are non-nasty (negative reviews are fine, but be nice!), and of course, spoiler free. Again, you don’t have much space, so get to the point. Your hundred words do not need to include the title, author, director, stars, etc… Provide as much of that as you wish before the review itself.

As with fiction submissions, include your pen name, website, Twitter, and a link to your most recently published work (if you have one).

Payments: We believe that art is a business, and that content creators should be compensated, however, so fiction submissions are paid for at a professional rate (5¢ a word). Non-fiction submissions, however, do not receive compensation.

Mulitple submissions: Given the brevity of the drabble form, we will accept up to 10 submissions at a time.

Publishing schedule: SpeckLit currently publishes approximately 150 stories a year (about one drabble every two days).

Submission periods: Decisions are made 4 times a year. The deadlines for each quarter are as follows:

  • 1st Quarter (Jan-Mar): November 30
  • 2nd Quarter (Apr-Jun): February 28
  • 3rd Quarter (July-Sep): May 31
  • 4th Quarter (Oct-Dec): August 31

Via: SpeckLit.


May 31, 2015