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Taking Submissions: Sorry We’re Closed

August 13, 2018

Deadline: August 13th, 2018
Payment: $15 and contributor’s copy

Theme: What we abandon begins to rot from the inside, while the outside succumbs to the ravages of nature and time. Unsightly creatures take root, protecting their new feeding grounds with ferocious antipathy. Darkness fills the debris-filled corridors, and in the darkness lurk all of the things that make our skin crawl. An abandoned building is a place of death and gloom. The living are not welcome there. But there they’ll go. Because the living are nothing if not curious–and inimitably stupid.

Simultaneous Submissions: Sure, but please let us know that it’s a simultaneous submission and tell us immediately if it was accepted somewhere else.

Multiple Submissions: Yes

Reprints: Yes, but let us know where it has been previously printed and make sure you have the rights to have it reprinted.

Word Count: Up to 10k words.

Formatting: This is a very good guide if you have any questions. You can’t really go wrong with it. But, if you don’t feel like reading that, here’s the down and dirty of it.

  • Italicize italics. Do not underline
  • Don’t use spaces to lead paragraphs. Use tab or, even better, the formatting options to get the indent.
  • For scene breaks, use either “#” or “***”.
  • Use an easy to read font, like Arial or Times New Roman in a reasonable size (about 12 point).
  • Double space your work.


Please make sure to include a synopsis of the piece in your cover letter. If you’re not sure how to do that, here’s a good collection of articles to learn from. Yes, even it’s poetry or flash. Just a quick line or two helps us out a lot.

Aside from that, just be yourself. Tell us anything you think we should know about you or your work. What inspired you to write this? How did you find us? What’s your favorite part about this work? Who inspires you?

Once you’ve done all that, go ahead and click this button:


Via: A Murder Of Storytellers.


August 13, 2018