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Taking Submissions: Road Trip God

November 15, 2022

Deadline: November 15th, 2022
Payment: Contributors Copy
Theme: “A journey bestowed upon either from or seeking a mysterious entity with a theme of being “The Road Trip God”.”

PsychoToxin Press presents its first anthology title:



A journey can take many forms and serve many purposes. It can be a means of solace, of escape, or of discovery…

But who is the one that sets each path? Who is the one that drives us to seek such an escape, and for what ends? Currently, only one of these questions may be answered. We all know him only as The Road Trip God!

Who they are or why they do this, well, that’s for you all to tell!

Myself and the ghouls of the newly fledged horror house, PsychoToxin press are seeking flash fiction stories (from 200-1,000 words; firm word limit) of any genre concerning a journey bestowed upon either from or seeking a mysterious entity with a theme of being “The Road Trip God”.



Max word count = 1,000 words

Original work ONLY — no reprints

No simultaneous or multiple submissions — one story per author.

We ask for first world print and digital rights for three months after publication, after which all rights revert back to the author. (We would appreciate, though, you crediting us as first appearance if you publish the story elsewhere)

Stories must contain some mysterious entity (human or non-human) with a connection as “The Road Trip God” *(Note: entity does not actually HAVE to be named “The Road Trip God” — actually probably better if they weren’t — but needs to be SOME sort of interpretation of it.)*

Stories must be your own! You wouldn’t appreciate having someone else rip off your work, right? Then let’s not do it to others.

While any genre is acceptable, elements that AREN’T acceptable are:

— racism

— bigotry of ANY KIND (unless they’re non-human entities who have no such connections, real or metaphorical, to the actual world)

— rape or any sort of explicit sexual abuse; of adults, minors, or animals. *(Note: sexual elements are acceptable, but only in moderation. This isn’t an erotica anthology, we’re here for thrills, not porn)*

— Overly excessive violence. *(Note: again, violence is fine, but try to keep it relavent or at least at a minimum. We all love blood and guts, but that’s not exactly the point of this anthology, is it?)*

— Stories that have nothing to do with the “Road Trip God” theme. Again, you are free to interpret the theme as you wish, but it must be present as some sort of embodiment and must have a central focus of the story.


Submit your stories via email to [email protected] with the subject as “ROAD KING GOD”

Compensation: at this time, we cannot offer monetary compensation, HOWEVER, each accepted author will receive a complimentary print copy of the book when released.

The deadline for submissions has been set at Nov. 15th, 2022

We can’t wait to see what tales of the paths laid ahead by the Road Trip God!


November 15, 2022