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Taking Submissions: Rigorous Mortis: A Collection of Morticians Tales

July 31, 2012

Deadline: July 31st 2012
Payment: Exposure Only

We are seeking submissions for Rigorous Mortis: A Collection of Mortician’s Tales, edited by Allen Jacoby and Jo-Anne Russell.

Morticians are, by all accounts, pretty damned interesting people. They possess the dexterity of doctors, the talent of artists, and just a drop (or maybe a gallon) of the macabre fascination with death that any good horror writer (or reader!) knows all too well. So, we thought, why not write about THEM? After all, we’ve all read our fair share of stories about the dead, why they died, and who killed them…but what about the people who deal with the aftermath?

So that’s what we want. Give us your tales of undertakers, morticians, coroners, either as heroes, villains, or just good hard working individuals trying to get a job done.

Obviously, the theme is Morticians: We’re expecting a good deal of slasher-tales, dead-rising, etc etc., But if you can manage to chill us to the bone and heat up our formaldehyde with a good romance or drama at the same time? Well then, more power to you.

Just give us your best.

Reprints okay, but they have to knock off our toe tags!


1. 12 point font, prefer Times.

2. Single line spacing, with an indent of .2”, special first line only.

3. No tabbing or spacebar indents please!

4. Attach submission to email, and include a cover letter in the body of the email with standard contact information: Name, address, email, etc.

5. We will accept attachments in the following formats: .doc, .docx. .rtf. If these formats are not possible for you, query with the format you are able to use.

Payments and Deadlines

As we are just starting out, monetary payment is not possible at this time. We hope in the near future we can change our pay scale.

As stated in our standard contract the following paragraph applies to all anthologies.

“For the rights granted to the Publisher above, the Author will receive exposure, one contributor’s copy in electronic format, and when possible, author’s discount codes for personal use only; for print and electronic formats. These codes may not be given or sold to anyone. Persons found to be guilty of this will have their codes forfeited.”

Deadline for Rigorous Mortis: Collection of Mortician’s Tales, is July 31st 2012.

Where to send your subs

Send all subs to: [email protected]

To: Jo-Anne Russell or Allen Jacoby

Thank you for your interest in Scarlett River Press.

[via: Scarlet River Press.]


July 31, 2012