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Taking Submissions: NonBinary Review #33

July 29, 2023

Deadline: July 29th, 2023
Payment: Short Stories: 1 cent per word, Poetry, $10 flat fee, Artwork: $25 flat fee or $50 if chosen for cover art
Theme: World Tour

NonBinary Review is open for submissions on the theme of “world tour.” From the first migration of our ancestors out of Africa to the globe trotting of the jet set, our planet and our culture have been shaped by people traveling vast distances. Some traveled for survival, some for wealth, some for power, and some traveled to satisfy their curiosity. We’re looking for stories about epic journeys over vast distances with many destinations. We’re looking for travels that have changed the way people have viewed their world. We’re looking for travels that have broadened the outlook, not just of the traveler, but of civilization.

We’re not looking for personal travelogues, unless you’re Columbus, Magellan, etc., in which case, we have some questions. We’re also not looking for stories of family’s moves to the new world. We also don’t want interplanetary travel-type science fiction.

Zoetic Press publishes the best in new lit – experimental, interstitial, luminous. We welcome submissions from EVERYONE. The only requirement is that they be in English, or translated into English (we love a translation). If your writing is outstanding, no matter who you are, we have a place for it.

NonBinary Review, our award-winning themed lit journal is published quarterly. Each issue revolves around a specific theme, but we’re asking contributors to go beyond the old familiar media tropes.

We’re looking for work we can read with our whole body – work that gives us goosebumps, makes us see the world differently, has the tang of authenticity, makes us sit up and listen, and smells like….something. This analogy got out of hand. What we’re saying is that we’re not looking for re-hashes of images or stories we’ve read before. We want contributors to explore every facet of our themes, really getting in between the cracks, in the corners, all the forgotten places that no one ever thinks to explore. We want to read work that makes us think “I never would have thought of this, and yet, it’s so fitting!”

What we’re NOT looking for is work that centers violence, rape, misogyny, racism, ableism, or degrading stereotypes of any kind. We know you’re not that kind of writer, but we thought it should be said.

NonBinary Review accepts reprints, but we do ask for previous publication details so they can be credited.

Prose submissions (for which we pay 1¢ per word) should be 3000 words or fewer in length, double-spaced in 12pt Times New Roman font or similar.

Poetry submissions (for which we pay a $10 flat fee) should include no more than 3 poems, each of which may be up to 3 pages in length. Please include each poem as a separate file.

Art submissions (for which we pay a $25 flat fee) should include no more than 5 pieces. Each piece should be at least 300dpi, and at least 600 pixels on its smallest side. Any piece chosen for cover art will pay $50. We do not accept any submission that consists of links to an artist’s website.

Please ensure that you are submitting to the correct category, as we have different editing teams for each. Submissions sent to the wrong category (e.g., poetry submissions sent to the prose category) will be declined.

Random Access Memory, our newest feature, showcases hypertext fiction, the kind of stories that can only be told online. Hypertext fiction (for which we pay 1¢ per word, plus $1 per node) may be no more than 3000 words total, and no more than 20 individual nodes, each of which must contain an entire plot point.

You can see more of what we mean by “non-linear literature” on our website.

Feedback for Poets of Color is just what it sounds like. People of color may submit ONE poem, up to 50 lines, for consideration. Five poets per month will be accepted, and the Poetry Editors will work with those five poets to edit, improve, and strengthen their work. Submissions only open on the first of each month.

Only those categories below are currently open for submissions.

While there is a published close date for submissions, we have an acceptance cap for each issue, and submissions will be closed once we reach that cap, so don’t wait until the last minute.

Via: NonBonary Review’s Submittable.


July 29, 2023


NonBinary Review
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