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Taking Submissions: Krampus Tales: A Killer Anthology

September 30, 2020

Deadline: September 30th, 2020
Payment: $75
Theme: The holiday season

In Krampus Tales: A Killer Anthology, the holidays have lost their cheer. Evergreen boughs hang brown and brittle. Sweets taste bitter. The little ones are restless and will not sleep. There’s something stirring in the dark, but only the bravest writers will explore what horrors stalk across the rooftops. It could be a tempestuous ghost seeking its stolen past. Maybe it’s a malevolent shadow come for its sworn promises. Krampus might be lying in wait for his chance to punish the wicked children. The only way to find out is to brave the dark and tell the story of what you find.

We will be accepting the twelve best submissions for inclusion in this anthology. Stories must take place during the holiday season and be part of the horror genre, but no excessive gore or adult content. Think YA or PG-13 horror rather than adult or R-rated horror.

Please carefully consider your submission before you send it to us. Check for simple errors. Have a beta reader comb through it. Do everything you can to make us say yes. We are looking forward to seeing what you found in the dark.

Submission Guidelines
1. Submissions are due on or before 11:59 a.m. PST on September 30, 2020. Please submit all stories to [email protected] with subject line JHP Krampus Tales Anthology and the title of your work.
2. All submissions must be in English and double spaced with 12-pt TNR font.
3. Please submit your story as a .docx file. Your name, the work’s title, and the work’s word count must be on the front page. Please also include a 50- to 100-word author’s bio with your submission.
4. Story length is 6,000 to 9,000 words. Your story must meet the minimum word count. Submissions below 6,000 words will be rejected without consideration.
5. You must own the rights to your submission. Only original works will be considered.
6. We do allow simultaneous submissions. If your work is published elsewhere, please let us know immediately.
7. You retain the rights to your work. However, Jazz House Publications has the right to use your name and story to market the anthology. This right is retained from the time of submission to one year from the date of publication.
8. Accepted authors will be paid $75.00 at the time of publication, which is expected to be Monday, November 23, 2020. All payments will be made through PayPal.If you have questions, please contact us via email at [email protected], or @JazzHousePR on Twitter.

Via: Jazz House Publications.


September 30, 2020