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Taking Submissions: Halloween Anthology: In Creeps the Night

August 14, 2014

Deadline: August 14, 2014
Payment: N/A – Charity Anthology

J.A.Mes Press is pleased to announce a call for submissions for its 2014 Halloween flash fiction anthology entitled In Creeps the Night. 100% of the book sales from this anthology will benefit the Mothers Without Borders Charity.

Looking for writing inspiration? Remember, Halloween is about the things that go bump in the night. The creaking of a door. Ghostly and supernatural beings. The creepy and the dark. We want stories that evoke the senses, that linger with you long after they are read, that make you look over your shoulder and wonder…did I just hear or see something? Looking under your bed is optional—we can’t be responsible for those things that live underneath.

Although there is no rating for this book, please keep these writing guidelines in mind:

No adult content, please. If you write erotic scenes, please keep them mild and free of obscenities.
Also, refrain from gratuitous violence or excessive blood and gore. We know you can write great stuff without resorting to Z-movie shock tactics. If your story contains too much profanity, overt sexuality, or violence, we will politely ask you to change the focus of your story. Also, please be mindful of other cultures and beliefs. J.A.Mes Press will not publish stories that ridicule or slander another culture, religion, race, creed, orientation, etc.

All submissions must in no later than August 14, 2014. This allows our partner, Blue Harvest Creative, adequate time to complete the book for release mid-September.

Please adhere to our submission guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines will disqualify your story for consideration within the anthology.

Technical Guidelines :
1. The word count per story is a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1300 words. A maximum of three stories may be submitted by each author.

2. The 50 best stories will be chosen by the J.A.Mes Press team and will appear in the anthology.

3. By submitting your story, you agree to allow J.A.Mes Press the exclusive rights of your tale(s) for a term of one year from date of publication for use solely within the anthology and for advertising purposes. This allows us to market the anthology to readers to achieve the optimum profits for the chosen charity. J.A.Mes Press agrees not to use your work for anything that is not specified within this section. Authors maintain their copyright and J.A.Mes Press maintains the copyright of the anthology publication only. Authors may resubmit their stories to other publications if they choose only after the one year time period has elapsed.

4. With the above stipulation, please do not post your story on your website, blog, or other social media avenues until after the one year time period has passed. Stories must be must be submitted as either a word doc or docx attachment via email to [email protected] with the following as the subject header:

Horror Anthology: (Author Name) If you have already submitted via a website or blog, please re-submit in this format. Do not submit your stories via Facebook message or group document. Failure to submit within this manner will disqualify your story.

5. Each story must have a Title, Author Name, and Theme, i.e., paranormal, ghost, vampire, etc.

6. Please use the following formatting:

  • Times New Roman, 12-point
  • Double spacing
  • One inch margins on all sides
  • Double quotes for speech
  • Indent the first line of each paragraph

7. The finished publication will use U.S.-based spelling and punctuation. If your story does not follow this style, the editors will contact you regarding changes before final submission.

8. All discussions and updates will be posted on the Facebook page for J.A.Mes Press.

9. The graphics used within the finished print and eBooks will be courtesy of Blue Harvest Creative. Please be mindful of copyright laws. You may only share the completed book cover as it is designed.

10. We will set up a page on the J.A.Mes Press site for each author published within the anthology. This page will contain a picture, bio with a 55-word limit, and link to one website/blog. Please include your 55-word bio and one link within the body of your email when submitting your tale. All the bios will be included in the finished book.

11. Please respect copyrights as you create your stories. If you aren’t sure if your content violates copyrights, ask our editorial team.

Via: J.A.Mes.


August 14, 2014