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Taking Submissions: Green Inferno

November 30, 2020

Deadline: November 30th, 2020
Payment: Flash: $25 plus 2 comp copies.. Short Fiction pays $.04/word plus 4 comp copies.
Theme: Weird Horror, atmosphere, dread, and slimy things.

Thanks for your interest in Green Inferno!

What We Are:

A quarterly 120-page trade paperback anthology of original short comics and fiction centered around Terrestrial Horror: stories that take place on or involving our planetoften (but not always) with an environmental or ecological bent.

That is to say: not every story has to be Man v. Nature— that would get old pretty quick!– but Man v. Nature is a good germination point for what Green Inferno seeks to be, and it definitely falls under the umbrella.

Here are some stories that, in our opinion, fall under the umbrella of Terrestrial Horror:

The Fog – John Carpenter

The Low Low Woods – Carmen Maria Machado & Dani

Swamp Thing – Alan Moore & others

Threshold – Caitlin R. Kiernan

The Godzilla franchise

The Southern Reach Trilogy – Jeff VanderMeer

The Birds – Alfred Hitchcock

*Even Cosmic Horror like The Color out of Spacethough extraterrestrial in origin, explores the horror wrought on Earth. We’d say that falls well within our purview.

So, yeah, it’s a big umbrella, but we do think the title sums it up quite nicely:

Green Inferno.

The World Celebrates Your Demise.

What We’re Looking For:

Short Stories (8000 words or less) and Flash Fiction (1000 words or less).

How Do We Want to Scare You Today…?

-We love Weird Horror, atmosphere, dread, and slimy things.

-Splatterpunk or moody Gothic creepiness are both super keen.

-Throwback-y and uber-contemporary are equally great.

-Sci-Fi and Fantasy angles welcome, but please keep it Earthbound (terrestrial) for now.

-We like Horror comedy… sometimes. Everyone’s “funny” is different, but give it a shot!

For Fiction Submissions:

We are seeking Short Stories (8000 words or less) and Flash Fiction (1000 words or less).

Flash Fiction pays $25 plus 2 comp copies.

Short Fiction pays $.04/word plus 4 comp copies.

We buy the rights to publish in our print and digital anthology, and retain them for any subsequent reprint purposes of the original issue only.

No simultaneous submissions. No multiple submissions, please.

To Submit Fiction:

All submissions should follow proper manuscript format. Email to [email protected]. Attach submissions in .doc or rtf format— do not cut and paste into the body of email. Include any pertinent bio information, title of your piece, and word count in the body of your email. In the subject line of your email, please enter “FICTION SUBMISSION FOR GREEN INFERNO”.

***Submissions are open now through November 30, 2020.

***With your submission, please provide a brief answer to the question: In what way do you feel your piece relates to the sentiment, The World Celebrates Your Demise?

Via: The Green Inferno.


November 30, 2020