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Taking Submissions: Gargantua (Early Listing)

January 31, 2023

Deadline: December 1ts, 2022 to January 31st, 2023
Payment: 8 cents per word and a contributors copy
Theme: Stories of massive engineering megastructures that reshape stellar systems.

We are seeking stories for an anthology to be titled Gargantua which will collect stories of massive engineering megastructures that reshape stellar systems. To be published in the spring of 2023 by the Air and Nothingness Press. All stories to be exactly 1000 words.

Shellworlds, Alderson disks, Dyson spheres and swarms, O’Neill cylinders, Matrioshka brains, wormhole networks— these megastructures reshape stellar systems, are evidence of the engineering prowess of advanced civilizations, and are just darn cool concepts.

While these ideas usually fall under Hard SF, we are looking for authors to provide stories in any genre they choose. Tell us the tales of advanced civilizations, personal stories of the people who live in these spaces, the mythology that is created as these projects are born, to the time they crumble to stellar dust.

All stories are requested to be EXACTLY 1000 words in length. The title is not part of this word count. We will use MSWord as the word count application.

How to submit:
Email your submission to [email protected] (Submissions open December 1st, 2022 and close January 31st, 2023). These are firm dates.

Compensation: Our pay rate is 8 cents a word. Anthology authors will receive one print copy of the anthology, plus wholesale pricing for additional print copies (40% off the retail price).

Rights: AaNPress purchases Worldwide First English print rights, exclusive for 1 year from publication, and non-exclusive after.

Submissions: New authors are as welcome as established writers. We especially encourage WOC/POC authors. AaNPress does not accept reprints or multiple submissions.

Simultaneous submissions are ok but please let us know promptly if the submission is accepted elsewhere. We will consider mature content only if we like the story, and find the mature content to be integral to it.

Manuscript Format: Standard manuscript format – .doc or .docx (MS Word), .rtf (Rich Text Format). Please also send a one paragraph biography. We would prefer the additional layout specs – Page Size: Letter; Margins: .5”; Font: Calibri 11 point, single spaced – if possible.

If you have limited internet usage, please email us for alternate submission options.

Authors may explore any genre with their stories and we encourage a wide variety of ideas and interpretations.

Be wild, take chances, submit stories that are left of center. Show us your fireworks!

Confirmation: When your submission is received by us, we will email you within 24 hours to confirm. If you do not hear from us, please contact us (Twitter – @aanpress or email) to make sure we have you in our inbox.

Editorial Process: AaNPress will read submissions February 1st, 2023 through April 1st, 2023. If a story does not work for the anthology, we will reject it. If we think the story has potential but is not quite complete yet, we will request a rewrite. Stories that are accepted for the anthology will be held for publication.

Regardless of the decision, you will receive email notifying you of our decision in a timely manner.

Response Time: Final decisions will be made by May 15th, 2023.

Via: Air and Nothingness Press.


January 31, 2023