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Taking Submissions: Epic Echoes Magazine First 2024 Window

February 29

Deadline: February 29th, 2024
Payment: $10
Theme: Punchy, genre-oriented short stories that can captivate, intrigue, and entertain a diverse audience.​

Epic Echoes is a digital magazine that reverberates with the pulse-pounding spirit of vintage pulp fiction while resonating with the modern sensibilities of today’s diverse readers. Our publication offers a vibrant symphony of genre-oriented tales, each one a short, sweet echo of the epic narratives that have thrilled readers for generations! From the ghost towns of the Old West to the farthest reaches of space, from the mean streets of crime-ridden cities to the shadowy corners of the supernatural realm, Epic Echoes delivers captivating stories that intrigue and entertain readers while showcasing up-and-coming literary talents!

(Jan. 1 – Feb. 29, 2024)

We’re seeking punchy, genre-oriented short stories that can captivate, intrigue, and entertain a diverse audience.​

Please see guidelines for submission below:​

What We’re Looking For

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Crime, Adventure, Horror, and everything in between. We love genre-blending stories and unique takes on classic tropes. Grounded, more realistic stories are also welcome.

Rating: Our stories should be accessible to a wide range of readers. Think PG-13—nothing gratuitously violent, explicit, or overly disturbing. Seriously, if “shock value” is what describes your story, it’s probably not a good fit. Also, profanity and swear words does not a mature and well-written story make; there is a fine line between lazy writing and heightened narrative tension—tread it lightly.

Length: We prefer stories between 1,000 and 3,000 words. However, we will consider outstanding stories outside this range with an aim toward serialization. Please note that this is a small publication with minimal payment. We encourage you to save your best work for higher-paying markets.

Style: We seek stories with strong, clear storytelling and, most importantly, good characters. Compelling, diverse, heroic, flawed, larger-than-life, and iconic characters! For tips on how to strengthen your writing, check out “10 Rules for Good Writing” by legendary crime fiction writer, Elmore Leonard.

Submission Guidelines

Format: Please submit your story as a Word document (.doc or .docx) or in RTF format. Please do not send PDFs. Your submission should follow industry-standard formatting requirements for short stories and include your name, email, and word count on the first page of your story. If you are unsure what this looks like, review the guidelines provided here: https://www.writersdigest.com/improve-my-writing/how-to-submit-short-stories-formatting-basics.

Cover Letter: Include a brief cover letter in the body of your email that includes your name (or pseudonym, if applicable) and a short bio.

Editing: Your submission should be thoroughly edited and proofread. We will not accept drafts or incomplete stories.

Simultaneous Submissions: We accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know immediately if your story is accepted elsewhere.

Original, Unpublished Work: We only accept original work that has not been previously published, either online or in print.

How to Submit

Send your story to [email protected] with the subject line “Submission: [Story Title] by [Your Name].”

Response Time

We aim to respond to all submissions within three weeks. If you have not heard from us after that, please feel free to send a follow-up email.

Payment and Rights

If your story is selected for publication, you will be paid a $10 honorarium* and be asked to provide by way of contract “First North American Serial Rights” (FNASR). As far as we are concerned, all copyright stays with you, the author; however, you have sold/transferred FNASR. This is the right for Epic Echoes to publish your unpublished work for the first time. You should note that some professional publications may ask for FNASR upon acceptance of your work, and you are not legally permitted to provide those for your work after it is published in Epic Echoes. You are legally permitted to publish your previously published work as a reprint, but only if that publication does not require FNASR. This is why we encourage authors to save their best and longer works for higher-paying markets.

*If your story is selected for serialization in our magazine, you will be paid an additional $5 for the subsequent issue in which your story appears (i.e., if your story appears in three issues, that would be $20 total in payment—the $10 honorarium for the initial publication, plus $5 for the next two issues in which the story is serialized). Serializing a story is rare and will be reserved only for outstanding stories.

Via: Epic Echoes Magazine.


February 29


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