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Taking Submissions: Denial Kills

August 28, 2020

Deadline: August 28th, 2020
Payment: Royalties
Theme: Some real-world social issue where denial is causing great harm.

Because we had such success and are so proud of our anthologies Strongly Worded Women and Shout, we want to do it again. Co-editors Zack Dye and Benjamin Gorman will be compiling another anthology for publication in the winter of 2020/spring of 2021. This time, the theme will be: Denial Kills.

Your story or poem could be about some real-world social issue where denial is causing great harm. Denying global climate change? The dismissal of real news as “fake”? Ignoring the benefits of vaccines? Refusing to acknowledge the world is round and four and a half billion years old?

Or it could be more personal. One character refusing to recognize something about her partner? About herself? These can serve as powerful allegories for those other issues without ever mentioning them.

And of course your story doesn’t need to be set in our world at all. Spaceships and black holes? Wizards and orcs? Fairies and vampires? Bring it! The stories do need to be fictional, though. We’re not knocking journalism, long form essays, memoirs, or online rants, but there are other places for those. We want to create a space for fiction and poetry (ideally an equal amount so they can trade off and converse with one another).

Short Stories: 2000 to 3500 words

Poems: Up to 350 lines, max, for a single poem

Multiple submissions accepted.

Due date: Friday, August 28th

Send your poem or short story to:  [email protected] with the subject line: Denial Anthology Submission from _your name__

Reading fee: Zero dollars and zero cents

Payment is in the form of royalties, depending on sales of the anthology. All authors included will divide the profits evenly with the editors and the publishing company.

Via: Not A Pipe Publishing.


August 28, 2020