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Taking Submissions: Cheapjack Pulp December Issue

November 1, 2015

Deadline: November 1st 2015
Payment: .25 cents per hundred words

The term Cheapjack originated as the name for a traveling peddler or tinker. The insinuation was that he was carrying inferior goods. This was moot because he served a poor clientele and did them the service of bringing the goods to them. It was all that some of them had sometimes. In the spirit of the penny dreadful, the pulp magazines of the industrial age, and the traveling tinkers of old….We proudly present to you CHEAPJACK PULP.

For all art work please send queries.

Submission Schedule:
March issue submission deadline: February 1st (2015 only deadline extended to 2/15/15)
June issue submission deadline: May 1st
September issue submission deadline: August 1st
December issue submission deadline: November 1st

CheapJack Pulp is a quarterly pulp webzine which is archived in ebook format.

We are free each month to the public. Our back issues are free immediately following archival of the current issue through Kindle Direct Publishing as an e-book.

Stories and artwork relating to the pulp themes can be submitted to senior editor in the format the department editor specifies on submission page as they wish to receive it for review.The individual editors will list their contact info as they see fit for individual submission. Stories or articles should be no more than 8000 words long. Longer submissions are accepted by invitation and query only.

CHEAPJACK PULP is currently a profit-making webzine (not much mind you!), we will be offering payment, we pay at a rate of .25 cents per hundred words rounded up or down to the nearest hundred words. Artwork is purchased for a one time flat fee of $5 for perpetual use on www.cheapjackpulp.com only, unless selected for e-book or anthology cover, at which time another fee will be negotiated. You are welcome to build your fan-base with us and then leave for greater things! Writers and artists retain their rights to their work if accepted for publication. By doing this we are producing a small revenue stream which allows us to continue to pay our authors and artists without paying outside advertisers.

All payment is through PAYPAL.

All submitted work will be archived and published as a KDP e-book available free immediately after archival for several days, when the subsequent edition is published. It will then be released as hard copy as an individual issue and a year end anthology at the discretion of the publisher.

We archive via e-Book editions of the webzine, which will be provided for free for several days following archival on Amazon.com, and then for a nominal charge (lowest Amazon.com will allow which will also allow us to recoup author fees and continue to pay for work). By submitting work to CHEAPJACK PULP, you are giving us the rights to make your work available in eBook format and in print under the same issue and number. You are giving CHEAPJACK PULP first electronic publication rights, so we are the first to publish your story. CHEAPJACK PULP will also hold anthology rights, both electronic and paper, so your work which was included in our quarterly issues can be included in a yearly anthology each consecutive new year which will be priced at a price higher than the quarterly issues to be determined by CHEAPJACK PULP. We will also release individual issues as print versions at our discretion. Your work will never appear in anything but the issue you were published in and a year end anthology without further payment, but we may exercise our right to do both electronic and print as budget allows.

After that we do not own your story: after it appears on CHEAPJACK PULP, you can sell it without our approval as long as you inform potential buyers that it has been published elsewhere and maybe included in our anthology if not already done so.

Unless it is already stated, we will only accept work which you have not previously sold or whose rights you haven’t given away. Your work must not have been published elsewhere, either in print or on the web, unless we agree to promote it in eBook or paperback format.

Please avoid simultaneous submissions. Also, please be patient when waiting for a response. We aim to reply within a one month, but sometimes this isn’t possible. However, if we don’t get back to you after 30 days, feel free to query us so we can offer you the release to submit your work elsewhere if you desire it. More than likely we will ask you to stay though and give you an update on our progress.

Once accepted, stories will not be removed from the site or the schedule without good reason, i.e. copyright violation or similar legal issues.

By submitting to CHEAPJACK PULP you are upon acceptance accepting all conditions listed above and agree to release CHEAPJACK PULP and all its agents and connected parties from any responsibility to pay any further fees or commissions beyond those initially contracted by this page agreement for any accepted work now and forever.

You can submit by Clicking Here!.

Via: Cheapjack Pulp.


November 1, 2015