September 2023: Tarot Cards for Writing Inspiration

What happens when a mirror world brushes up against another? Perhaps by way of a newly discovered portal, or a magic spell gone awry. What if our world was the shadow world for an innocent world free of strife and conflict? What would happen then? What if you threw in a pair of star-crossed lovers? How would you reinvent that trope?

Deck: The Unicorn Tarot by Suzanne Star and illustrated by Liz Hilton

Characters: Knight of Cups and King of Rods. The Knight of Cups could be interpreted as a younger person, or an innocent soul with idealistic beliefs; one in possession of a pure heart This person is one who is open to love and is in connection with higher elements and the magic of nature and/or of the universe. When they encounter the King of Rods, they are not only enchanted by this person from another world, they may believe divine magic (i.e. not science or chance) brought them together. By contrast, the King of Rods may be more rooted in practicality and logic. For both these individuals, there’s the appeal of someone wholly different from themselves, and this may cause them to fall in love.

Setting: XI Justice. The world the King of Rods now finds themselves in is one of balance, peace, and harmony. There’s no fear, pain, dissension, illness, or want. This society not only lives in peace with the natural world, they live in peace with each other. They have respect for all life forms in this world, and have evolved their society to be free of greed and hate. It’s a place free of exploitation and unchecked consumption of resource; one that doesn’t cause harm to others/other life forms in order to survive. Here, scientific advancement that has made this possible is woven into magic and spirituality. The society has a deep respect for the divine as well as for knowledge.

Theme/Development: Ace of Cups. The King of Rods embraces their new life, and doesn’t want to return to their previous existence, which was full of strife, grueling labour, and competition. The King of Rods may fall in love with the society as much as they have their new romantic partner. Everything is bliss and perfection. Perhaps the couple decides to commit to each other in this world’s version of marriage, and live “happily ever after”.

Conflict/Climax: The Hanged Man (Reversed). Where does dissatisfaction begin to creep into this halcyon existence? Does the King of Rods become restless and bored? Does the Knight of Cups wish to see the world their new soul mate comes from? Do they want a taste of adventure that arises from the stories the King of Rods shares with them? Has the King of Rods kept the portal a secret, and, perhaps, is discovered returning to their own world, say by something as simple as a craving for restaurant takeout, or is driven to return by some other need—an elderly parent they wish to bring to this world? As a result, does the Knight of Cups sees their love interest in a different light, and one that is in unsettling contrast to the harmonious world they have begun to share together? Perhaps people of the King of Rods’ “shadow world” are not so willing to adapt to the utopian world of the Knight of Cups, and they stage an invasion. Or does the Knight of Cups secretly enter the King of Rods’ world by way of the portal, and does something terrible happen to them while in that world?

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