Paying Markets For Authors For The Third Week of January, 2023!

Hello to all of our author and writer friends!

Love was in the air this week, and if you need some speculative takes on love, lust, hate, and obsession, best sure to head over to our special Valentine’s Day release of Trembling With Fear for some fun fiction to fill your day!

Welcome back to another thrilling round-up of the best-paying markets for speculative fiction! Belinda Brady is here to bring you the latest and greatest opportunities to get your work out there.

So, get your pens and keyboards ready, and let’s discover some amazing markets together!

Remember, finding the perfect home for your stories takes determination and patience, but the rewards are worth it. Keep on writing and submitting!

Let’s explore the open calls that Belinda has personally selected for you from February 13th-17th. Check out all the details below:

Paying Markets For #Authors For The Third Week of Feb, 2023!

Cloaked Press’s – Summer of Speculation

Ghoulish Books – Bury your Gays: An Anthology of Tragic Queer Horror

Jay Henge Publishing – The Nameless Songs of Zadok Allen and Other Things That Should Not Be

Tower Magazine – Tower Magazine Vol 1: End

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– Belinda and the Horror Tree Staff

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