Taking Submissions: Summer of Speculation 2023 Edition

Deadline: March 15th, 2023
Payment: $15 or a contributors copy
Theme: Sidekicks in a science fiction or fantasy story

“Summer of Speculation” will be a themed anthology containing stories from Fantasy and Science Fiction. All Sub genres are welcome (with a few exceptions noted in the submissions guidelines). We are seeking fresh faces as well as seasoned scifi/fantasy pros for this yearly anthology to be released in the summer every year.

Our 2023 theme will be “Sidekicks”. What we want are stories from the perspective of the superhero(or villians) top henchman/helper. For copyright purposes it would be best if we didn’t use real superheroes currently in production. Other than that, go crazy and wow us with your unique Sidekick.

All submitted stories will be reviewed by a small committee here at Cloaked Press.

What we are seeking for this collection:

  • Original, short stories created by the author submitting the story. We do not want reprints as part of our goal is to bring fresh stories to readers. We are asking for first, exclusive rights to both print and digital publishing of this work in the world. This is for a period of six months from date of publication. During this time we ask that the author not republish or sell any secondary rights to another publisher. All other rights are retained by author.
  • Story ranges from 3500-10,000 words.
  • All sub genres of SciFi/Fantasy are acceptable, please include the sub genre you feel the story falls into. This is more for informational purposes as we would like to include this information for the readers.
  • All voices are encouraged and acceptable, diversity is a wonderful thing. This extends to the characters in the stories as well. Delight and entertain us with your unique characters and the worlds they live in.
  • Please submit your story in .DOC or .DOCX format. This will make it easier to compile the accepted submissions. We prefer Times New Roman, 12pt, 1.5 spaced for ease of reading.

What we would like to avoid:

  • Novels or Novellas. These are too long for this collection.
  • No multiple submissions. We are looking for the ONE story you want in this collection.
  • No simultaneous submissions. If you have submitted this story to another anthology/publishing company, please make sure that the story is no longer in consideration BEFORE submitting for a Cloaked Press collection.
  • We would like to avoid excessive gore/violence/sexual content.
  • Please no stories including abuse of a child or animal. If the character’s past includes some sort of abuse, please keep flashbacks subtle, and only if they are integral to the plot of your story. We want to delight readers, not horrify them.

What we give you, the author:
Selected authors will be contacted for a long bio that will be listed on their page on this website, as well as a short bio for in the book.  Authors chosen for the collection will receive $15.00 US, or an author copy of the book free of charge. Additional copies, if desired, will be made available at a reduced price, plus shipping and handling depending on your location.

Submissions are open from Feb 1st, 2023, until March 15th, 2023. Submissions should be sent to [email protected]

Via: Cloaked Press.

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