Closed Market: Flapperhouse


Payment: One US cent per word for prose, or 2.5 US cents per word of poetry, a digital copy of the publication and if physical copies are produced, a physical as well

FLAPPERHOUSE wants to publish lit that’s surreal, shadowy, sensual, and/or satirical. For examples, you can browse our archives for a spell. You can also read this interview that our managing editor did with Six Questions For…, or read our interview with Duotrope, or read this interview we did with ourselves.


Please send all submissions to FLAPPERHOUSE at gmail dot com

FLASH / SHORT FICTION: Up to 5,000 words. We’ll consider excerpts from longer works if they’re fairly self-contained; we’re not looking to cliff-hang readers or publish novellas on the installment plan. But any excerpts from longer works still must be 5000 words or less. And please don’t send us something longer than 5000 words and tell us we can edit it down to 5000; while we love chopping out unnecessary words, we’d rather you do that part for us before submitting.

POETRY: Up to 1,000 words.

NON-FICTION / ESSAYS / REVIEWS: Up to 2,500 words. Keep in mind that FLAPPERHOUSE will be published once per season, so we’re not interested in non-fiction that’ll feel dated in three months.

COMICS / ARTWORK: We’re not currently taking unsolicited artwork, but we’d be open to black & white comics submissions. For more info, query us at FLAPPERHOUSE at gmail dot com

FLAPPERHOUSE will only sacrifice virgin literature upon our fiery altar. That is, previously unpublished work only. If an earlier draft of your submission was posted in some private, password-protected, unlisted online forum to be squished through the meat-grinder of constructive critique, then that’s all right– just as long as your piece isn’t visible online or somewhere in print at the time you send it to us.

One submission at a time, please. Actually, submitting multiple flash fictions and poems would be OK, as long as the total word count doesn’t exceed 5000 for fiction and 1000 for poetry. Also, we’d prefer everything to be submitted in a single attachment, if it’s not too inconvenient.

Simultaneous submissions are OK, because we think that refusing simultaneous submissions is like demanding monogamy before the first date. We get why some people need to roll like that, but that’s not our trip. We’re FLAPPERS, baby. All we ask is that if your submission’s out playing the field, be cool and let us know if it’s picked up elsewhere.

PAYMENT: If we accept your work we’d like to pay you (via PayPal or check) upon publication. One US cent per word for prose, or 2.5 US cents per word of poetry. (Not because we think poets work harder choosing their words, or that they choose better words. It’s simply a matter of proof: We prefer our prose like wine and our poetry like absinthe.) As a contributor you’d also be entitled to 1 complimentary print copy and 1 digital (PDF) copy of the issue your work appears in.

RIGHTS: We don’t like getting all lawyerly if we can help it, so here’s what we’re asking for in return for our payment to you: We’d like to be the first publication to publish your accepted work, we’d like to keep your work available in our website archives forever, and also publish it in print anthologies.  We won’t ask you to sign any contracts, but we will ask you to promise, while looking us in our big brown eyes and firmly shaking our soft furry hands, that your work won’t appear anywhere else before we publish it, and if it’s reprinted somewhere else later on, that you’ll kindly mention there that FLAPPERHOUSE had it first. If you break these promises, we won’t sue you or anything, but we might tell everyone we know how lame you were that time you broke your promise to us. We also know of several extremely icky hexes, and we’re not afraid to try and see if they actually work.

FORMATTING: We don’t need standard manuscript format, as long as you don’t go all House Of Leaves on us. (We love House Of Leaves, but we don’t need any House Of Leaves emulators screwing with our dimensions right now.) We prefer .doc files, but as long as it’s readable by Microsoft Word 2010, we won’t be mad at it. If you want to just paste the text into an email, that’s OK too.

COVER LETTERS: We’d love to see a brief note including your name, plus the title & genre (i.e. fiction/poetry/essay) of your submission, so we’ll know you’re a human being, or at least a highly-intelligent cyborg. We won’t ask for a bio until we’re sure we’d like to publish your work, but feel free to include a bio with your submission anyway.

RESPONSE TIME: We hope to respond within 42 days, but of course, life is full of nutty surprises. If we take longer than 77 days, feel free to jab us under the ribs with a follow-up email.

We reply to each submission with an initial confirmation email, which should arrive anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours after the submission is sent. If you don’t receive confirmation from us within 24 hours, we may just be off the grid for a few days. If you don’t receive confirmation after two weeks (which is probably as long as we could bear to stay off the grid), that probably means we never received your submission, or we misplaced it, so feel free to send it again.  If you still don’t get confirmation from us after that, double-check to make sure you didn’t email your submission to Fapperhouse, or Lapperhouse, or Flapperhose.  

Once again, please send all submissions and/or queries to:
FLAPPERHOUSE at gmail dot com


Via: Flapperhouse.

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3 Responses

  1. Ange E says:

    Hi Stuart.
    Just letting you know this magazine is closed forever now. No more submissions will be accepted.You can remove this listing from your site. From their website: “***We are now CLOSED to submissions, FOREVER and FOR REAL. Our FINAL ISSUE will fly on December 21, 2018.***”

  2. Thanks for the heads up! Sorry to see you go!