Ongoing Submissions: Big Bearded Bookseller

Payment: £0.02 per word up to a maximum of £20
Theme: All forms of speculative fiction

Big Bearded Bookseller is looking for previously unpublished short stories (up to 7500 words), flash fiction (up to 500 words), and drabbles (100 word short fictions) of speculative fiction. Sci-fi, fantasy, horror and all their sub groupings are welcome.


All writing will be paid at £0.02 per word up to a maximum of £20, all payments will be made by PayPal, this will be paid on the date of publication. I’m looking to increase this rate as soon as I can, but that will be dependent on subscriptions and donations through Ko-Fi and Patreon.

I aim to have a response time of 6 days, if you don’t hear from me within 6 days of submitting please contact me at the email below.

I’ll publish any works as soon as I’ve accepted, edited, and formatted them for the website. Therefore there is no deadline or closed submissions.

I do accept simultaneous submission but do appreciate it if you let me know if it is accepted at another publication as soon as possible.

I accept up to three pieces submitted at one time, but please keep within all other guidelines.

The author must agree that the work is previously unpublished and once accepted agree not to allow publication in another periodical or anthology from acceptance until 6 months after the publication of the work on Big Bearded Bookseller.

Big Bearded Bookseller requires First Print and Electronic Publishing rights. Copyright is retained by the author who grants permission for Big Bearded Bookseller to publish the story world-wide on electronic media and in a print-on-demand edition.

This permission covers publishing on the Big Bearded Bookseller website, the Big Bearded Bookseller Substack newsletter, and the Big Bearded Bookseller Patreon in perpetuity. Any re-publication in another issue or other form will be re-negotiated between Big Bearded Bookseller and the author.

It is requested that reprints in other print or electronic magazines or anthologies be delayed for six months after the Big Bearded Bookseller publication date.

To submit by email please send your story as an attached RTF or Word document to [email protected] and include your name, social media links, contact details, short biography, and if you want a photo that will be included on the website (your contact details will only be included if you wish them to).

Via: Big Bearded Bookseller.

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