Payment: $5.00 for each story accepted, additional $5 if selected as a free preview story on the website.
Reprints Allowed

We are currently accepting Submissions for our near-Monthly ebook series “THE NINE TALES”. We publish Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction and Westerns.


We know one of the biggest grumbles in submitting stories is the long wait for acceptance or rejection. In order to facilitate a fast response time (2 weeks at the latest rather than our old 4 week turnaround) we need your help. READ MORE ON OUR PROCESS BY CLICKING HERE

Please follow all of the submission requirements so that we can expedite the response process. Thank you.


1. SUBJECT LINE:  In the Subject line, include your last name (or psuedonym), title of story, genre, and word count.  EXAMPLE:  ANDERSON-THE CLOWNS-HORROR- 2300

The Genres you may choose from: FANTASY, HORROR, SCI-FI, WESTERN. or SCI-FI/HORROR.  If it is a western with horror or science fiction elements, label it as Horror or Sci-Fi.

If there is a specific release listed below, please use that for your Genre. If you prefer to be considered for multiple release, just use the genre options listed above and we will place your story where it is best suited.

 2. BODY OF EMAIL:  Feel free to provide any additional questions or information here, such as websites, or prior releases. A brief summary is welcome as well. Do not attach pictures of any kind.


1. FORMAT: we accept .doc, .docx, .rtf, & .txt  But you must follow the formatting guidelines below.

 2. FONT: Times New Roman and Arial only.

3. READ THIS:   Do NOT use the ‘spacebar’ to indent the first line of your paragraphs. Do NOT use tab.  In Microsoft Word you can set the paragraph options to indent the first line. This is acceptable. Otherwise DO NOT INDENT THE FIRST LINE OF YOUR PARAGRAPH.   We know this looks ugly but we will take the time to adjust the look of your story prior to reading it.

If you follow all of these guidelines we will receive your story and respond within 2 weeks time. If these steps are not followed we reserve the right to move your story to a slush pile and respond at our leisure which may be anywhere from 4 weeks to twenty-three years or so.


Short stories 1000-15,000 words in length. We accept Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction stories.  We do not publish erotic works or romance.  Use these elements sparingly if at all in your submissions.

We do accept Reprints. Please let us know in the body of your email where it previously appeared.

If your story is accepted you may be asked to accept editorial changes or provide additional information (including author biography).


We have three ongoing series within the 9Tales currently. The release schedule is based upon available stories totaling the magic number 9.

TALES TOLD IN THE DARK – This is our ongoing horror series. Horrify, Grossify or Scarify us.


Currently 9Tales offers $5.00 for each story accepted.  Payment is offered via PayPal only.  We pay an additional $5 if your story is selected to appear on our website as a free preview.


We only ask for the right to publish your story ‘one time’ for the Amazon Kindle (currently our exclusive medium).  This story will remain published indefinitely but we are willing to work with authors who may need a piece removed for any variety of reasons.   We don’t mind previously published work as long as we are told where it was published and you have retained the rights to allow us to publish your story again. But by submitting and being accepted you accept that your work will no longer be considered FIRST TIME for print/digital formats for many other publications, unless they accept reprints. So please ask yourself if you would like to give up the opportunity to make more money for what amounts as a token payment before you submit. It is our goal to provide you with exposure to our readers, but we are currently not in place where we can offer pro-rates.

You may be asked to alter your story before publication, this may include but not be limited to content, grammar,or spelling.

e-mail ALL 9TALES SUBMISSIONS to   [email protected]

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