March 2022: Tarot Cards for Writing Inspiration

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Protect yourself from the Ides of March writer’s block by checking out this month’s tarot card reading!


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Setting: Ten of Pentacles. It’s a matriarchal world dominated by a collective of women warriors, as led by their fierce leader (Queen of Swords). The vast lands they protect and control are prosperous and have developed into an egalitarian society where all wealth and resources are shared equally amongst all the lands’ inhabitants. The shrewd advisors to the collective help maintain this level of prosperity for all with measures such as ensuring the population doesn’t outstrip the lands’ resources. While war is a necessity outside the collective’s landholdings, inside, everyone only knows peace, harmony, and has the freedom to pursue a wide range of creative and other leisurely pastimes.


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 Theme/Development: Ace of Cups. On this particular day, it’s a day of even more celebration and mirth—a high-ranking member of the Warrior Queen’s household staff is marrying his true love, as they have both come of age. As the warrior collective has just defeated an invading force, and taken control of the city-state’s wealth and lands, no expense is spared on the festive event, or on the week-long feast after the ceremony. It’s a fairy-tale wedding for a fairy-tale couple, and the couple’s wedding attire is even more luxurious and lovely than their usual customary garments.


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Character(s): Queen of Swords, Knight of Cups, Knight of Pentacles. The Queen of Swords is, of course, the military leader of the warrior collective. Her trusted house manager (Knight of Cups) is elegant, poised, and not only patiently oversees the internal affairs of her household, he is well-versed in social graces, and often fulfills a double role as a diplomat, when the occasion calls for it. The house manager’s soon-to-be-betrothed is the head caretaker of the warrior collective’s stable of military steeds. While he lacks his partner’s grace and delicacy, he is no less a valued member of the Queen’s household, and, since a recent change of laws will both permit them to continue under the Queen’s employ, they have been granted a small cottage of their own within, and permission to have a child of their own.


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Conflict/Climax: Seven of Swords. However, not even the house manager or the Warrior Queen’s heads of households knows what the Warrior Queen and her collective has kept secret for many years—their knowledge of a curse that was laid upon them many years ago during a particularly bloody battle. Although it was a darker time, when the queen had just organized her warrior collective, superstition and blind adherence to a now-archaic religion ruled over world. The practitioners of this old religion placed a curse upon the Queen and all of her warriors. But as they racked up success after success on the battlefield, and delivered on their promises of prosperity for all, the curse was forgotten, especially when scientific advancement was fostered alongside creative expression. Until the day of the wedding, when word came by messenger of an unusual storm gathering at the edges of the Warrior Queen’s realm. Nevertheless, the planning continued, despite continued reports of a strangely hued fog creeping towards the Queen’s estate, followed by lightning storms that hadn’t been seen for many a decade. It didn’t take long for superstitious beliefs to spring up under the downpours of foul-smelling rain, which seemed to be washing away the atmosphere of rationale and knowledge the queen and her collective had invested their spoils of war in. Soon, the Queen and her collective will face an enemy the likes they have never seen before—one which may even challenge the warrior collective’s highly successful, yet bloodshed-free, approach to combat.


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