Has New Gift Card Options!

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We’ve been subtly bringing up as an alternative to Amazon for a while now. It might be nearly impossible for many to completely shake off the tentacles of the ultimate shopping outlet of this era; Bookshop is at least an option that allows for us to support independent bookshops in our quest to find new books to read. Now, they’ve made it easier for us to order from them or gift people the ability to order from them with more gift card options!

I should probably point out; this is also a useful tool if you get gift cards for yourself to pre-set a budget to pick up books to read or for those of us who ‘suffer’ from Tsundoku (Japanese: 積ん読), which “is acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up in one’s home without reading them” you know that you’ll be wanting to use some of these new options sooner or later!

The site has long offered gift cards in $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, and $1000 denominations. However, those numbers might not be for everyone. For those of you who love snagging smaller gifts, you now have the option to offer $10 and $15 gift card denominations for your book-hungry friends!

So, click here if you’re looking to check out Bookshop’s new gift card options to help your budget or encourage other readers to snag books in a way that doesn’t help out Amazon but smaller shops around the globe!

I do have to stress that Guest checkout customers will not be able to redeem a gift card on our site, and an account is needed on the site in order to use these. However, if you’re looking to support local or independent bookshops instead of Bezos directly, this is absolutely something that should be looked into.

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