Taking Submissions: A Coven of Witches

Deadline: June 30th, 2023
Payment: £10
Theme: witches, or a witch

All submissions must include witches, or a witch, as the main theme of the piece.

Each author may submit up to three pieces for consideration. We accept short stories of up to 5,000 words and poetry of any length. Please email your submission as a Word document to [email protected]

Submissions will close at midnight GMT on the 30th of June 2023. The list of successful authors will be published on our website no later than 31st of July 2023, so please do keep an eye out.

Successful writers will receive a one off payment of £10. Writers will retain all copyrights for their submission/s.


Via: West Avenue Publishing.

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1 Response

  1. Tim O'Bryan says:

    I noticed you have a 5,000 word limit on stories for witches. I have exactly what your looking for, but my story is about 40,000 words. could you suggest a place to get it published, since mine is way over the limit. thank you in advance.