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Alsina Publishing is changing the way short stories are published. We believe in creating a global platform for authors with a transparent model that makes sense.

Publishing these days is about more than just the story: it is about the profile of the author, the marketing, and building an audience that knows about you. Alsina builds this into the model.

About our Product

Alsina builds LingoBites, an app for learning languages through story-telling. It delivers quality content to people all over the world that want to read and listen to interesting stories in order to help them solidify their language. Users can read or listen to your stories in their native language and the language they are trying to learn. If they like what you write, they can follow you and receive updates whenever you publish something new.

What we Offer Authors

Royalties. Every time someone finishes a story through the app, you get paid.

Your work is immediately translated into multiple languages, so you receive exposure to a global and multi-lingual readership that might not otherwise find you.

The built-in marketing tools mean that:

  • Readers can easily find out more about you and the other works you write, directly from the app
  • We link to your website, so within 2-3 clicks, readers can find more of your work

Playing with a couple of novel ideas? Submit 2-3 as short stories and see what users think of each one! Users can rate the stories that they read, so you get real feedback from real readers before you spend the time developing the novel.

About the Team

Alsina was founded by a team with expertise in publishing and in software development, so we bring you the best of both worlds in order to make something unique to the short story world.

Via: Alsina.

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