March 2021: Tarot Cards for Writing Inspiration


This month’s reading almost seems to pick up where the other left off and is almost similar, even though I used a completely different deck of Tarot Cards. Still, I hope you find this literary-style reading helpful as writing inspiration prompts!


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Character: King of Wands. A ruler who is trying to protect their kingdom from an invading force. Fire and destruction follows, and the ruler must decide whether to continue to fight a losing battle against the invaders or flee to safety. The enemy behind the attacks reveals itself to be more powerful and menacing then they can hope to defeat, and the ruler escapes with the kingdom’s remaining survivors by means of the kingdom’s fleet of ships.

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Setting: Four of Coins. The kingdom had long been a place of prosperity and peace, and the ruler and the other royal officials had gotten complacent. The castle stronghold was rarely secured against any hostile forces. The wealth of the royal family and the kingdom had come from trade, as it controlled a deep-water port, and from agricultural goods and the kingdom’s local fishing industry. Thanks to the trade coming in and out of the port, the city had become a center of culture and knowledge, and the kingdom’s first university was in the stages of being built. These factors made this idyllic kingdom a prime target for invasion.

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Conflict/Climax: Nine of Swords/Death. The ruler is plagued with guilt over the destruction of the kingdom. Many of the kingdom’s inhabitants faced torture and death at the hands of the invading party, who sought mainly to plunder the kingdom’s riches. The king falls into a state of depression and becomes ill on the voyage to a religious/spiritual sanctuary where the royal court hopes to take refuge. When they arrive, the ailing ruler is carried into the refuge. The sanctuary’s healer is summoned to treat the ruler, but the ruler dies shortly after their arrival.

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Theme/Development: The Chariot. The ruler’s consort sends out a scouting party on a ship to report on the presence of the invaders. When the scouting party returns, they reveal the identity of the invaders and the state of the pillaged kingdom. The royal consort vows revenge, and swears an oath to rebuild the kingdom. When the royal officials object, the consort seizes the opportunity to rise to power, and claims the title of ruler and military leader. The consort begins to enlist the support of the kingdom’s allies to reclaim the kingdom, and prepares to go to war.

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