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Before you scroll down through the books however, please could you consider checking out the ‘Creatives in Crisis’ section. This has been added to help those who need additional support at this time. Thank you!


Bill still needs help to reach his target! I’ve checked the amount raised and it has begun to move again – so close – but still any help from anyone appreciated!- Steph, 20/12/2023

‘Bill and Joyce Spangler managed to avoid being hit by the pieces of the Chinese booster rocket that fell to Earth in late 2022. So far, though, that’s all they’ve managed to avoid.

Over the past 18 months, the couple has been pummeled by a string of emergencies too preposterous for fiction. They could only happen in real life.
Bill is a comic book author, science fiction writer and a journalist. He’s perhaps best known for his work on various Robotech comic series, but he has written so much more, including a recent publication in the legendary magazine Weird Tales. Sadly, a genetic disorder, caused by a defect in the gene called PTEN, has caught up to him. PTEN has already claimed the life of his sister Mary. But no one is giving up on Bill. We want him to be around as long as possible.
Bill is facing many serious health problems that are overwhelming his ability to manage day-to-day tasks. He struggles to walk. He’s had many falls and injuries. Joyce does everything she can to help, but she has her own health challenges, such as fibromyalgia and arthritis, which limit what she can do. She works as a school psychologist, but the school year is about to end and she will have to go on unemployment. And these problems were aggravated when they had to replace the dishwasher, the home computer and the boiler that heats their home. (Yes, we’re serious.) She’s overwhelmed. He’s overwhelmed.
They won’t be able to afford the medical tests and procedures, as well as the associated costs to obtain the everyday home health care that Bill now needs. Friends and family have been generous with their help, but he needs someone who can be physically present every day. That requires money to hire professional help.
We’ve set a goal of $10,000 for the drive. According to GoFundMe rules, no raffles, sweepstakes, giveaways, or promotions can be offered in exchange for any donations made. If you can’t afford to give, or even if you can, please share this post. As the British say, every little helps.’

Click on the image to read. If you have had a charity publication out this year or coming out before the end of December, let me know and I’ll include it in this pamphlet.

Zombie Santa Claus: Chainsaw Edition is the third instalment in the Zombie Santa Claus charity short story series.

First, we had Zombie Santa Claus: Axe Murderer Edition, then came Zombie Santa Claus: Santa Jaws Edition.

2023 is the year of Zombie Santa Claus: Chainsaw Edition and he’s so much more than just your average chainsaw wielding psycho with a Santa suit fetish!

Oh no, Zombie Santa Claus: Chainsaw Edition is a genuine, jolly, gift giver… if you’ve been good, of course. If not, well…

Part man, part chainsaw and 100% Santa Claus, he will be coming for you. Never mind coal, if you’ve been bad this year your gift could be that you’ll never have to worry about anything, ever again…

So if you want to stay in one whole piece, you’d better be kind and generous, especially to the less fortunate. And buying this story is a good place to start!

All proceeds from Zombie Santa Clause: Chainsaw Edition will be donated to Bacchus Residents Rescue, which rehomes small and exotic animals in the UK. It also cares for animals that require long term specialist care and cannot be rehomed.

You have been warned!

Not an anthology but a variety of things offered in order to support the Pixel Project in its campaign against violence against women. This particular spot is via the ever-wonderful and supportive, Angela Yuriko Smith. Check out what she is offering for a donation.

‘Please share if you can. Read For Pixels is getting hit hard in the moneys. There are all levels of awards, but $250 gets someone a talk show spot, written interview, audio podcast and a BONUS full page ad in Space and Time (magazine). Transferrable.’ – Angela Yuriko Smith.

Click the image for more info!

*All Horror Tree sponsors are able to claim a free spot at the top of our listing during the donation of their sponsorship. The book blurb/synopsis can also be displayed. Please use our contact form for more advertising pricing. This section is also available to supporters of Horror Tree, ie patrons and staff, as a thank you!

Dive into the churning vortex of the imagination in the sixth edition of’s Trembling with Fear anthology. This spellbinding collection presents the pinnacle of speculative fiction, printed throughout the year 2022 in our online ‘Trembling With Fear’ magazine.

Our journey across the speculative cosmos spans the vast spectrum of the genre, touching down on the grim shadowlands of horror, the sparkling expanses of science fiction, the enigmatic realms of fantasy, and territories yet uncharted.

The tales in this anthology, handpicked from the digital quill of a diverse array of global voices, embody the electrifying thrill and bone-chilling dread that is the heart of speculative fiction. Their words weave realities that unsettle and intrigue, leaving the mind trembling on the precipice of the unknown.

As you traverse the surreal landscapes within these pages, brace yourself for narratives that gnaw at your nerves, spark wonder, and incite contemplation. The works within this anthology are not merely stories—they are portals to the myriad worlds that dance on the edge of possibility.

In this extraordinary Year 6 collection, you are not just an observer—you are an explorer. And every page turned is a new frontier. We hope you relish this odyssey into the strange and spectacular as much as we have cherished curating it. Enjoy the tremor.

‘Exploring both the natural and the supernatural, the alien and the ghostly, the chilling and the horrific, these fourteen diversions first root themselves in the mundanity of everyday life before extending their branches into the very things and ideas that terrify us all. In At Home with the Horrors, Scott brings the nightmares to the one place where we should all feel the safest, and when it comes to horror, he proves that grief, loss, and guilt can be just as terrifying as ghosts and goblins.’

“Sammy Scott cements his status as a rising voice in horror fiction, and an author to watch—and to fear—in the genre.” — Ronald Malfi, bestselling author of Come with Me


Whilst Sammy’s ‘gofundme‘ is no longer receiving donations, please continue to support him by buying his work!





Blood and Verse      

Short Story Collections

Root Rot & Other Grim Tales by [Sarah Read]

Anthologies (including non-fiction)

Remains to be Told: Dark Tales of Aotearoa edited by Lee Murray In the Cold, Cold Ground, edited by Ed Kurtz
Morbidologies by [John F.D. Taff and Shane D. Keene, John F.D. Taff, Shane D. Keene]

Novels and Novellas

Image The Wolf and the Favour by [Catherine McCarthy, Tony Evans, Carrie Allison-Rolling, Stephanie Ellis] Hollow (A Linkville Horror Series Book 4) by [Mike Salt, DarkLit Press]
Twelve Gauge (Paperback) Frost Bite
Foxfire by [Rowan Hill] Silent Key by [Laurel Hightower] ltwkob cover Image
House of Bad Memories by [Michael David Wilson] The Wretched Bones (A Ben Shivers Mystery Book 1) by [C.M. Saunders]
Through a Glass, Darkly, by W. H. Hussey Clay Boy by [Craig E. Sawyer, Elizabeth Leggett, Alyson Faye, Stephanie Ellis]
Green Fuse Burning cover art by Chief Lady Bird. Featuring a black-haired woman in front of a bright green halo-like circle, with vining flowers emerging from her open mouth.
Quick Read

Quick Read






Short Story Collections


Anthologies (including non-fiction)

Quartet of short stories

Novels and Novellas

Winter Harvest by [Ioanna Papadopoulou]
Short Read The Cartoon Life and Loves of a Stupid Man by [Marc Joan]
Smoke, in Crimson, by Greg F. Gifune The Bleed
Quick Read    




Short Story Collections

5th 7th 12th 13th 16th
May be an image of text that says "The SECRET ofthe POINTED TOWER #1 PIERRE VÉRY"
17th 19th      

Anthologies (including non-fiction)

1st       11th
Book Cover Strange Tales of Terror, edited by Eugene Johnson

Novels and Novellas

But A Dream by [Caitlin Marceau]
Quick Read
The Plastic Priest, by Nicole Cushing
Colouring book – might need a new shelf!      




Anthologies (including non-fiction)

26th TBA      


Short Story Collections (and non-fiction)


Novels and Novellas

9th 12th 15th   16th
Book Cover

This Wretched Valley - Kiefer, Jenny
19th  23rd TBA    

Short Story Collections


Anthologies (including non-fiction)


Novels and Novellas

1st 13th   TBA  
I Can See Your Lies

Novels and Novellas


Anthologies (including non-fiction)


Novels and Novellas


Novels and Novellas


Novels and Novellas

23rd 25th      
Invaginies cover hi res.jpg      

Note: These shelves are very much ‘reminders’ of the magazines that are out there, so the covers might not change too often! Please let me know if there are magazines, journals, periodicals we are not aware of.

My name is David Antrobus, my collective editing services fall under the business name of Be Write There, and I’m a freelance editor (and writer). I work with most genres, especially speculative and crime fiction, and I’m experienced in a range of editing levels, from developmental editing to stylistic/substantive editing to copyediting to proofreading. I also do manuscript evaluations. As a dual citizen of Canada and the UK who works largely with American writers, I am proficient at editing US, UK, and Canadian English. My email is [email protected] and my website is:

Rich Handley has had an extensive background in the industry (see below AND visit his website). After recent redundancy, he is turning freelance. If you have any editing needs, please contact him via his website. Alternatively, he can be found on Rich Handley | LinkedIn, Facebook

Rich Handley has written, co-written, co-edited, or contributed to dozens of books, both fiction and non-fiction, about Planet of the Apes, Watchmen, Back to the Future, Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Hellblazer, Swamp Thing, Stargate, Dark Shadows, The X-Files, Twin Peaks, Red Dwarf, Blade Runner, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Batman, the Joker, classic monsters, and more. He has also been a magazine writer and editor for nearly three decades. Rich edited Eaglemoss’s Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection, and he currently writes articles for Titan’s Star Trek Explorer magazine, as well as books for an as-yet-unannounced role-playing game. Learn more about Rich and his work at

‘Edit Without Mercy assists you with all your editing needs – at an affordable price! Whether you require simple proof-reading for a short story or article, or more comprehensive proof-reading and editing for articles, essays, blogs, academic work, or junior fiction, Edit Without Mercy has the resources you need to ensure readable, error-free content. This also includes promotional material and marketing campaigns. As mentioned on the services page, while Claire will edit short fiction, she is only editing junior novel-length fiction at this time.

Edit Without Mercy is operated by Claire Fitzpatrick, a communications specialist, award-winning speculative fiction and non-fiction author, freelance journalist, and editor. She currently works alongside IFWG Publishing editing their middle grade fiction. Click the image for further information.

Happy reading.


 on behalf of Stuart and the Horror Tree Team


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