I’m Thrilled To Announce A New Feature For Those Who Use Our Calendar View!

While it isn’t used by everyone, I know that those of you who love our calendar view swear by it. Sometimes, seeing the deadlines are just the way to go for being visual or needing that impending feeling of doom constantly there to get the words out. Whatever the reason, I’m thrilled that we’ve now been able to make it even better! Our last change 3 months ago allowed you to export it to Outlook, and now we’ve added a feature to subscribe to the calendar! (Note: This feature is currently available only to

(If this is a feature you’d love to thank us for, think about thanking us by becoming a Patreon or buying some ‘Trembling With Fear‘ releases and leaving reviews!

To use this feature, you’ll need to head over to our calendar view and scroll to the bottom. Under the daily listings of deadlines, there is a new “Subscribe To Calendar” button and when you click it there will be three choices to choose from. These will allow you to subscribe to the calendar and have new events automatically added to yours!

Once you click on Google Calendar or iCalendar, you’ll be redirected to your calendar application of choice and can add the calendar with one simple click.

If you just want to add a single event as was previously the option, that hasn’t changed:

On the single event page, the Google Calendar link will add the event directly to your Google Calendar. The iCal Export link downloads an .ics file for you to import to iCalendar or another calendar source. With the outlook option still being there as well. 



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