If Buffy Had Married Riley and Had Three Kids, She’d Be Jess Friedman, or Why I Narrated My Own Audiobook

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This post could just as easily be called, “It’s all KM Herkes’ Fault,” because she is the one who told me I should do my own audiobook for my Monster Hunter Mom, Season One collection.

Jess Friedman is a Jewish, suburban mom of three who hunts monsters for the Vatican. She is a part of John Hartness’ Bubba The Monster Hunter world, but she’s the only one who has to get kindergarten snack to school on time and still save the world.

And I, lowly pen monkey that I am, decided not only to tell her story, but to act it out. Gurrrl, what was you thinkin’?

Bubba has a Desert Eagle named Bertha and his bulk to bring the baddies down. Other monster hunters in the series rely on weapons of mass destruction, firepower, and hoard bullets like fast food wrappers, but poor Jess only uses things she can find in the back of her Toyota Sienna mini-van, like baseball bats, and Spray n’ Wash. She does get a really cool magic tomahawk, she’s got that going for her.

But were-gorillas, kitsune, and the odd dark elf don’t really care that she’s chaperoning her son’s field trip. They’re out to get her just the same.

You can order a copy of ‘The Devil’s Been Busy: Monster Hunter M’ from Amazon and you can also read the full article below:


JD Blackrose

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