February 2024: Tarot Cards for Writing Inspiration

Perhaps this tarot card reading can inspire some deliciously dark tales of love, loss, and redemption (or revenge) this Valentine’s Day!

Deck: Oracle of the Trees by Francesca Romana Valente https://www.usgamesinc.com/oracle-of-the-trees.html

Character: The Cemetery Cypress. This tree is symbolic of loss as represented by the cemetery in which it grows. It could be the loss of a loved one the main character has never gotten over. This character might also be a widow or a widower, living out their days (and within their grief) in undisturbed solitude.

Setting: The Peridexion Tree. While the main character has fortified their living quarters as well as their heart, they sometimes have to emerge from their fortress to chase off intruders who are curious about the mysterious castle. Rumours also abound in the surrounding towns of great wealth hidden in the catacombs underneath the castle. The main character has added a pack of guard dogs to help protect their place from greedy treasure seekers.

Theme/Development: The Peach Tree. One day, though, the main character is out for a walk through their grounds with their pack of dogs, and the dogs run off on full alert to a corner of the property. The main character discovers their dogs peacefully resting at the feet of a person of the like they’ve never encountered before. It’s less about physical beauty than it is about the intriguing energy emanating from this individual. They have an ageless quality about them, appearing to be both young and ancient at the same time. The main character is reminded of the flowers that once bloomed in their lover’s garden. They decide to break their hermitage and invite the strange interloper in for tea.

Conflict/Climax: The Dry Tree. On the way into the fortress, the main character spots the withered garden that was once the pride and joy of his deceased lover. Their heart breaks all over again, and the wave of anguish that sweeps through them is unbearable. They pick up a shovel leaning against the fence and turn to the gentle stranger with a twisted grin on their face.


Will rage and grief win out over the main character’s sanity? Or will the gentle magic of this angelic creature soothe the pain of heartbreak? Perhaps sacrifice could be the magic needed to restore the main character’s loved one to them, and reawaken the long-dead, dried-out garden.

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