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Taking Submissions: Zathom

January 26, 2018

Deadline: January 26th, 2018
Payment: $10

This time around, we are asking for a wide range of work to celebrate the addition of Poetry and Musings to our ever-evolving platform. Furthermore, unlike our last call, all work will be submitted using the digital canvas that is Zathom.com. You will write your submission(s) on Zathom, so the platform will choose which Fathoms you use. Our goal in this call is to welcome poets, literary nonfiction writers, and philosophers, as well as to introduce Continuations (a feature we are quite excited about).


If you have not played with Continuations on Zathom yet, this feature gives you the option to either continue your 55 word text yourself or allow other writers to continue it from where you left off. In order to begin a Continuation, click on any one of the three Fathoms in a published piece, and Zathom will give you one more Fathom. In addition to this new Fathom, you must use the original Fathom you clicked on in your Continuation (which presents an added challenge of having to reuse a word without it sounding redundant). Click here for an example of continuations

Zathom Stories:

For devotees of the muse, a Story is much more than a simple recounting of events. Story is the way we relate to and interpret our life experience, and also the way we both inhabit and escape from the world around us. Within Zathom, we categorize a piece as Story if it is fiction and clearly includes conflict and/or cause and effect. The best Stories will evoke the deepest emotional truths. Much like a picture tells a thousand words, a well-crafted Story (even at 55 words) can capture entire universes. Click here to submit Stories (with Continuations)

Zathom Poetry:

We see Poetry as an interplay of language, stringing words together (usually using line breaks) to form sound combinations, rhythms, and images which symbolically encompass far larger ideas. While not to say that it does not contain narrative or other aspects of Story, Poetry puts the emphasis on the language being crafted in a form and manner emphasizing the beauty and musicality of the words themselves, while also alluding to abstract notions or concepts often too complex to describe directly in a short amount of words. Click here to submit Poetry

Zathom Musings:

While Musings is a place for intellectual play, a place to muse, to indulge in reverie, and to philosophize, it is also the space for literary micro-nonfiction. The etymology of the word essay reveals the following meaning: “to attempt, to try”—and whether or not the Muser is writing memoir specifically, Musings is the Zathom space for deep thinking, for rhetoric, for word-play that does not specifically fit the Poetry and Story modes. Musings is where the lyric essay lives; it is where the writer attempts to articulate a personal experience. Click here to submit Musings (with Continuations)

The fine print:

Do not submit Poetry, Stories, or Musings generated for this call to any other publications, including your own websites or social media platforms. Once published on the Zathom site, rights will revert back to the author. We will be accepting a total of 50 stories from each category for payment. We will pay $10.00 for each Poetry, Story, or Musing (remember, Stories and Musings must be three Continuations each). Payments will be made upon acceptance of the piece(s) via PayPal.

Please feel free to share this call with any writers in your community. The more the merrier!

Submission period begins December 5th and ends January 26th.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us by email. Thank you for your interest in building the Zathom community.


The Zathom Editorial Team


Francisco Orvañanos, Co-Founder & CEO
Sarah Schantz, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Toni Oswald, Assistant Editor & Creative Consultant
Jade Lascelles, Assistant Editor
Erin Jendras, Assistant Editor
Marybeth Patrick, Social Media Manager
Isabel Geary Phelps, Assistant Editor (Intern)
Swanee Astrid, Digital Publicity (Intern)

Full details for submitting each type can be found here: Zathom.


January 26, 2018