Creators Should Really Check Out The Available MasterClass Programs!

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We’ve all heard about the MasterClass program by now which features some of the greatest in each industry teaching a class with a focus on their specific craft. You may not know that this also pertains to the writing community!

One of the most recent editions is “Neil Gaiman Teaches The Art of Storytelling.” If you like Gaiman’s work or not – it is hard to argue that he is a master wordsmith and world builder and now there is a class you can take to get an insight into his creative process and how it can be applied to your own work.

It features 19 lessons and “In his first-ever online class, Neil Gaiman teaches you how he conjures up new ideas, convincing characters, and vivid fictional worlds.”

Gaiman isn’t the only teacher you can take advantage of here as R.L. Stine has a class which teaches how to write for younger audiences which has 28 lessons to enjoy. In it, “The Goosebumps author teaches you how to generate ideas, outline a plot, and hook young readers from the first page.”

You can also pick up courses by Margaret Atwood on creative writing, Dan Brown for writing thrillers, and Malcolm Gladwell teaching writing.

These classes are great for bringing a new level to your own work or is the perfect gift for the author in your life with the MasterClass All-Access Pass coming in at $180 per year! The service is always adding more content creators as well which could make this an appealing option if you plan on continuing to use it down the line!

Have you taken a MasterClass program? If so, which one and what did you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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3 Responses

  1. Willow Croft says:

    Loved R.L. Stine’s MasterClass…James Patterson’s was pretty great, too!

  2. amandancer says:

    I signed up for the all-access pass and I’m in the process of watching the cooking ones now, but I started with the writing, then moved to the music (Hans Zimmer, Herbie Hancock, Deadmaus). What surprised me was how much I actually absorbed about the creative process from the NON-writing classes.

    Steve Martin’s class taught me a lot about editing. Zimmer’s class taught me about having subplots – it sounds weird, but “cross-training” with other classes was really helpful to me as a writer.

  3. That is some fantastic insight, thanks for sharing! Another great way learning from related skills can have crossover into the craft of writing!