Ongoing Submissions: Quatrain.Fish

Payment: $1 (twenty-five cents a line)

Long Guidelines for Short Poetry

Very short poetry is often treated like very long poetry—as if only cocksure geniuses are allowed to present it to the public so don’t you dare waste our time. Bollocks, we say. An excellent short poem is the purest poetic joy. So: we’re on the hunt.

The rules for Quatrain.Fish are simple: All poems are of four lines or fewer.

One is good. Two is good. Three is good. Four is good. Five is right out. Try Cinquain.Fish.

(Please don’t, say, rewrite a seven-line poem to make it three. Poems are at their best in their native shape. Respect your poem’s shape. Form, as you know, means shape.)

Submit your work as a standard document file or as part of your email, but keep in mind two things—we post screenshots of poems. Which means how it appears on our screen is how how it will appear on the site. So make sure it looks how you want it to look. Corollary: If you use a wacky font, we may reject your very good poem. We don’t want Quatrain.Fish to look like a seventh-grader searching for identity.

(If you want to send instead an image file of your poem, we may just use that instead of a screenshot. We’re more agreeable to handwritten text than Curlz, but keep your personality in check regardless.)

We’ve chosen this screenshot format/method in part because we hope your work will be picked up and shared across the web. BECAUSE OF THIS please put your name in a visible location that it may be part of the posted image. You don’t have to of course, and we’re happy to just put your name below the image, but it will eventually disappear should your poem go viral and start appearing all over the place.

Quatrain.Fish is a paying publisher. And for our one measly dollar (twenty-five cents a line!), we’re buying neverending nonexclusive web rights.

Note that in months future we may occasionally repost a poem we’ve published in the past. We do not consider this a second publication and thus do not pay a second time when reposting. Our assumption when you submit is that you have no problem with this, all the Internet being one great round.

We have nothing against previously published work, but please don’t send scans or screenshots of your poem as part of that previous publication. Do alert us of that previous publication upon submission though. And note that if your poem is already easily accessible online, we may well choose an equally good not-on-the-web poem over yours.


Agented submissions are fine but hardly necessary.

Although we don’t have specific guidelines as to how many works you can submit at one time, if you can’t tell what your best work is, we probably don’t care.

As personal as writing poetry is, selecting poetry for publication is just as personal. We make no excuses for making decisions that might seem at times to be petulant or inconsistent.

Similarly, liking or disliking a poem is very much about the poem and not a perception of, for instance, its politics or genre or author’s peccadilloes. Poems are considered on their own merits and no assumption of the editor’s opinions on anything else should be made on the basis of acceptance or rejection.

We are of unimpressed ambivalence regarding the use of so-called bad language, but without sound poetic reasons for fuck, you’re better off without it. Taking the muffler off your Camaro doesn’t make us think you’re cooler. The same can be said of sesquipedalia.

We have no preferences for “form” beyond the four-line limit. Rhyme, meter, neither—all fine. Just make it good.

Remember: short doesn’t equal simple (though simple can be one of its delights) and short isn’t stupid (unless charmingly so).

We’re not opposed to poems that are essentially punchlines but do not anticipate publishing many of them. So yours should be exceptional.

Haiku is a lovely form, and we expect plenty of haiku submissions, but if we’re overwhelmed with haiku we’ll slap a quota on them faster than you can say refrigerator. Besides, the world’s already filled with haiku, both good and badbadbad.

So! Whether your poem occurred in a moment of inspiration or after hours of labor, impress us, surprise us, enlighten us, amaze us, calm us down.

(On titles: poems that require titles should have titles. Poems are neither accepted nor rejected on the basis of a title’s existence or nonexistence. Titles do not count toward line-count, but beware abuse of this fact.)

Look: Even more than other poesy, the challenge of short poetry is the reader either gets it or does not get it. The poem has no extra space to make its defense. So take a breath, submit your work, and surrender to hope.



We only make payments through PayPal. We’ll assume that the email you used to contact us is where you want your $1 sent; if that isn’t the case, tell us so in the original email. (We can’t keep track of multiple items of correspondence.) You may also, should the philanthropic urge strike you, donate your $1 back to the kitty. (Just throw that fact in the ol’ original email.) In order to keep our books clean, if you don’t claim your $1 within six weeks, we reserve the right to cancel the payment.

Isn’t it awful how money complicates things? The important thing, I suppose, is that we all read this page and go along with what it says, even if begrudgingly.



We are open to occasionally publishing scans of simple doodles. We do not, however, pay for art submissions.

It’s too soon to say, but we imagine we will prefer black-and-white work.



All submissions should be sent to our editor at [due to ongoing technical difficulties, send submissions to [email protected]].

Via: Quatrain.Fish.

Ongoing Submissions: Nightlight Podcast

Payment: $75 for fiction, $35 for flash or reprints

Are you Black? It doesn’t matter what part of the world you’re from, or where you are now–as long as you’re Black and you write horror, you are welcome to submit!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Short story submissions should be between 4,000 and 5,000 words.
  • We may occasionally do flash fiction episodes, so feel free to submit shorter stories–it just may be a bit longer before your story airs.
  • We’ll pay you when the story is narrated. This typically happens 2-4 weeks before the episode with your story goes live. You can offer to narrate your own story, but keep in mind we may choose another narrator if we feel sound quality or style doesn’t match our brand.
  • Simultaneous submissions are okay, but we respond pretty quickly (currently 5-7 days). Just let us know if you found another home for your work ASAP.
  • We pay for exclusive audio and electronic publishing rights for 6 months after the air date.
  • We also reserve the right to continue to broadcast, promote, and/or link to your story on our website/podcast, but after six months, you can publish your story in any format elsewhere.
  • We accept reprints that have not been published in audio format previously. Just let us know your story has appeared elsewhere and where so we can credit properly.
  • We do have plans to eventually publish “Best Of” anthologies. Should we decide to include your piece, we’ll ask your permission first and you’ll be paid for inclusion.

If you have any questions, hit us up on Twitter @nightlightpod.


  • If we accept your short story, we’ll pay you $75. We send money via Venmo and the Cash App, but can also do PayPal if you don’t have Venmo or Cash (but we super don’t want to).
  • Flash fiction is paid at $35 per story.
  • Reprints are paid $35 per story.


To submit your story, email tonia [at] with the subject line NIGHTLIGHT: Submission [Story Title].

Please make sure you attach a PDF or Word doc of your story in standard manuscript format, although you can omit your mailing address.

You don’t need to say anything fancy in the email. Just tell me your name, which of your birth parents are Black (we not doing any Rachel Dolezal ish up in here), and anything else you think is interesting about you.

Want to Perform a Story For Us?

If you want to apply to be a narrator for NIGHTLIGHT, email tonia [at] with the subject line NIGHTLIGHT NARRATOR: [Your Name] with a link to a sample of your work. Please let us know if you are a member of another marginalized community (LGBTQIA, Muslim, Disabled, etc) so we can reach out to you for stories which feature characters in your community. Voice actors are paid $25 per episode.

Via: Nightlight Podcast.

Ongoing Submissions: The Future Fire

Payment: $20 for each original story over 1000 words accepted, or $10 per flash piece (up to 1000 words)

The Future Fire welcomes submissions of speculative fiction with progressive, inclusive and socially aware disposition. We are particularly interested in feminist, queer, postcolonial and ecological themes, and we actively seek out submissions by under-represented voices, including but not limited to women, people of color, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities and writers from outside the English-speaking world.

If you are thinking of submitting a piece of writing for consideration by The Future Fire, please read some recent issues to get a feel for the sorts of speculative fiction we are looking for. When submitting, read the following guidelines carefully:

  1. We are reasonably flexible with regard to format and length, but are extremely unlikely to publish any story over 10 000 words. (We have in the past occasionally taken longer stories, up to 20 000 words, to be serialised; this will probably be less likely in the future, and obviously would require a story to be of better than excellent quality and value. We must in any case have the whole story before we make any decision.)
  2. All submissions are read anonymously and judged on their merits and fit to TFF‘s goals. We actively encourage the submission of stories by women, people of colour, LGBTQ+, differently abled/neuroatypical, and other groups under-represented in genre fiction.
  3. Please send your story to the fiction editor ( [ ] ) as an attachment. We prefer .doc, .docx, .rtf or .odt files (query first for any other format). Please use a common, easy-to-read font such as Times New Roman/Palatino and use no other formatting than italics. Do not include your name anywhere in the document. We read and make all decisions based upon anonymised submissions.
  4. Use the email subject line: TFF submission: Surname, ‘Title’ (word count). Give your prefered name or pen name/byline in full in the accompanying email. Please do not send us your full address or other contact details.
  5. No multiple submissions: please only submit one story at a time. No simultaneous submissions: please do not send work that is under consideration elsewhere. If you need to withdraw a story for whatever reason, please do so as early as possible.
  6. We prefer to publish original material. Previously published stories are not out of the question, but you must let us know if a story has appeared elsewhere when you submit. This includes stories posted to blogs, open access writing groups or other public fora, even if they are no longer available there. We are more likely to reprint a story if its previous appearance was in a venue not readily accessible to our main audience, either because of medium, date, genre, or other factors.
  7. A decision is usually made within one month but sometimes life gets in the way of efficiency, for which we apologise. Important: emails sometimes go astray, so please do query if you feel we are taking an unreasonable time to get back to you.
  8. The Future Fire is offering payment of $20 for each original story over 1000 words accepted, or $10 per flash piece (up to 1000 words) (to be paid via Paypal on publication).
  9. Upon acceptance of a story, we shall ask authors to agree to this electronic contract: “You [LEGAL NAME*] of [ADDRESS] grant us, The Future Fire, the non-exclusive right to publish your work [TITLE] by [PEN NAME BYLINE OR PSEUDONYM] on the pages of our website and in the downloadable e-book versions; all other rights to this work belong to you. We shall upon publication make payment of [$20/$10] ([twenty/ten] US dollars) by Paypal to the account [EMAIL ADDRESS]. If we have not published your story within one calendar year of this contract, all rights shall revert to you. You guarantee that this work is your own and that you have the right to grant us the use of it, and that the work contains nothing that breaks copyright or other laws. Any actions breaking such laws will be your sole responsibility. We will print a copyright notice in your name, but we will not register the work with any copyright office on your behalf. You may reprint or adapt the work anywhere in the world, but we would ask as a courtesy that you wait three months after publication and credit us for first appearance.” (*For the contract we shall need a legal name and mailing address, even if you wish your work to be published under a pseudonym. If for safety or other reasons you have a name you are commonly known by that can be used to identify you in official contexts, please feel free to give us this rather than a “dead” name or other sensitive information. We will in any case never ever share this information with anyone else.)

It is the intention of The Future Fire to keep an indefinite archive of stories published in HTML; if an author has a pressing (e.g. legal) need to have a story removed, however, we shall of course help them to comply. We may not be able to remove the story from the copy of the PDF issue that is deposited with national libraries, archived by the Internet Archive, and other places outside of our control (just as a paper periodical archived in a national library would remain available permanently).

Via: The Future Fire.

Ongoing Submissions: Hysterical – Poetry

Payment: $50 per accepted prose piece or group of poems.

Hysterical publishes previously unpublished works of prose, poetry, and hybrid/cross-genre writing. Work is considered previously published if it has appeared in any publication or website, including personal sites and blogs, though exceptions may be considered. Please note in your cover letter if your work has appeared on a personal site/blog.

In general, we are seeking writing that navigates and subverts societal expectations across and between genres. Basically, we want to be surprised.

Hysterical is open to submissions only from writers who are women, femmes or non-binary people.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, as long as they are noted as such at the time of submission, and any work accepted elsewhere is withdrawn from consideration as soon as possible.


Any genre can be funny, of course, and Hysterical will have a humor section in each issue. So, if you think your piece is funny, please label it as humor, plus whatever genre it’s in. Humor will only be part of each issue, so if your piece is otherwise awesome and affecting, send it over too!



Please submit 3-5 poems, unless you’re submitting a single long piece. We accept both .doc and .PDF, but keep in mind that formatting doesn’t always translate well across Mac and PCs, so formatting-dependent pieces are advised to be submitted in PDF form.


We’re seeking all manner of nonfiction–from criticism, reporting, narrative nonfiction, etc. Please submit pieces up to 5,000 words in length. We accept both .doc and PDF formats.


Short stories, prose poems, flash fiction, novel excerpts, whatever. If it’s at least somewhat made up and it’s in prose, it’s fiction. We accept fiction in .doc and PDF form, up to 5,000 words in length.


If your piece is somewhere in between, that’s great. We’re lovers of experimentation and cross-genre pollination. Clarify the mixture in your cover letter if you want, or if you want us to just dive in, we’re game.


We’re dedicated to paying for work, as we value writers and art. At the time of this writing, payment is $50 per accepted prose piece or group of poems.


Hysterical will acquire First Electronic Rights (worldwide English) and non-exclusive print anthology rights. This means that your piece will debut with us and cannot have appeared elsewhere, private websites and social media included and may be published in an annual anthology. All rights will revert to the author 90 days after publication.

Via: Hysterical.

Ongoing Submissions: Erotic Genre Flash Fiction For Circlet Press

Payment: $5

Hello Circlet Enthusiasts!

I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that we are always on the lookout for sexy speculative fiction of the short short (micro) variety.  What is speculative fiction? I’m glad you asked! Examples of it include: science fiction, fantasy, utopias, dystopian, superhero, experimental, and occasionally supernatural though we prefer to keep our horror microfictions to the month of October.

We are looking for short literary erotic works to be featured on our website. We encourage diversity in our fiction. All gender pairings and orientations are welcome so long as everything is clearly consensual. Erotic microfictions should be between 250-1000 words and original works that are not available elsewhere. Please no fan fiction. Authors retain all rights and payment is $5 per story.

Multiple submissions are okay. Send submissions to [email protected] either in the body of the email or as a Word doc. Please include a short bio.

Via: Circlet Press.

Ongoing Submissions: Don’t Flinch Podcast

Payment: $100

Script Submission

We are looking for a few good scripts for the horror anthology podcast “Don’t Flinch”.

The style we are going for is theater play meets podcast. The script should be between 20 and 30 minutes in length. We are not looking for first person narration styles, although we may certainly entertain them if they are extra special.

If it has a twist ending, all the better. Everyone loves a good twist especially if we didn’t see it coming, yet the clues were there all along.

Not A Guarantee

Submitting your script is not a guarantee that we will choose it. This is the first step. We will read all scripts submitted and pick the ones we feel fit the podcast best. At that point we will contact you and get additional information.

Final Say

We know you, as authors,  have spent a lot of time on your work. We want to respect it as best we can; however, we also have to convey the story via audio only. So changes may be made at our discretion should your script be chosen.

You Own Your Script, We Own The Podcast Rights To This Performance

It will all be detailed out in the final contract. Long and short of it is. We want you to keep the ownership of your script, but we will have the rights to use it in this podcast, distribution of this podcast, and any marketing we might do for this podcast and the overriding company “Creative Zombie Studios”.

You Will Be Paid Upon Selection And Contract Signing

We definitely want to take care of you, the author. We are offering $100 per selected script (again submission of this script does not mean selection of this script) to be paid within 30 days of contract signing. We know it isn’t a lot, but we have to watch our costs as putting this together is expensive on our end. This is also why we allow you to hold onto the ownership of your script.

Crowdfunding Participation Does Not Equal Automatic Selection

If you have donated to our crowdfunding campaign, thank you very much. We appreciate all of our donors. This project would not get off the ground if not for the people helping us fund this venture.

Unfortunately we have to draw the line at pay for play. We have a certain style of story we are looking for and accepting scripts based solely on someone supporting us financially is something we are not prepared to do. Again we appareciate the support, but one will not equal the other. If you choose not to support us via our crowdfunding campaign, we completely understand. Your script will still be read and reviewed just as everyone else’s will be.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us using the contact page form (not the script submission form).

Thank you for your interest in this project. Good luck!

Via: Don’t Flinch.

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