Taking Submissions: Electric Spec February Issue 2020

Deadline: January 15th, 2019
Payment: $20 per story

Please don’t query us about your story submission. We don’t have the manpower to answer such queries. An editor will email you back as soon as possible with the decision about your story. This can take a few days, or, up to three months. We make every effort to get back to authors in a timely manner but we get a lot of submissions so sometimes it’s not possible.

A note on our editorial policy: before publication we may edit the story for length or readability. However, we always remain true to the spirit of the story.

Issues are published at the end of February, May, August, and November. We reserve the right to shift publication date slightly, as necessary.

We have reading periods for each issue, though we never close to submissions.

February closes January 15

May closes April 15

August closes July 15

November closes October 15

Please do not submit the same story more than once, and please submit only one story at a time.

We consider any story between 250 and 7000 words with speculative fiction elements. We prefer science fiction, fantasy, and the macabre, but we’re willing to push the limits of traditional forms of these genres.

We do not consider poetry, stories with over-the-top sex or violence, serials, novels, fan fiction, or non-fiction. We don’t accept multiple submissions; in other words, only submit one story at a time and wait for a response before submitting another. We accept simultaneous submissions as long as you let us know up front and tell us as soon as it’s accepted elsewhere. We do not publish reprints, including anything that has appeared on a website.

We pay $20 for each story we publish. We buy first-printing world exclusive rights for four months. Payment will be made shortly after publication using PayPal. We encourage our authors to establish a PayPal account if they don’t already have one.

We prefer to read submissions in traditional manuscript format. This means indented paragraphs instead of left justification, and Courier or Times New Roman font in 12 pt, double-spaced. Also, please include the title, your name, address, and word length on the first page of your story.

To submit your story to Electric Spec, e-mail it as an attachment in Rich Text Format (RTF) to submissions at electricspec (dot) com. Use the following subject line: SUBMISSION:Story Title by Author’s Name (Word Count). In the body of the e-mail, include writing credits, if any, and the word count of the story. With the proliferation of viruses on the Internet, we do not open attachments unaccompanied by a cover letter.

Because we are a quarterly magazine, it may take us up to three and a half months to make a final decision, but we will let you know if your story is being held for voting. Please note we do not send out messages upon receipt of stories.

If you want to withdraw a story from consideration, please e-mail us at submissions at electricspec (dot) com and include the word WITHDRAW in the subject line. If you have questions or comments, please e-mail us at our submissions address and include the word QUERY in the subject line.

Why Submit to Electric Spec?

At Electric Spec, we encourage authors to do their market research before submitting work. Electric Spec stands out from other markets because:

  • We pay for stories and artwork.
  • We don’t have slush readers. At least one of our editors looks at every story that comes in.
  • We’ve been around for over eleven years – and we’ve never missed an issue, deadline, or author payment.
  • We actually edit the stories we publish. Our experienced editors work with authors to make their stories the best they can possibly be. Many magazines out there don’t do that – and it shows.
  • While we do not acknowledge story receipt, we have a quick turn-around time regarding publication. We do not hold any stories longer than 135 days without contact. If you haven’t received an email with a ‘reject,’ ‘accept,’ or ‘hold-for-voting’ message something may have gone awry ==> you should resubmit.
  • We love authors because we’re authors, too. All of the editors are published speculative fiction authors.

Art Submission Guidelines

We are currently accepting art submissions for our issues.

Please do not submit the same artwork more than once.

Please submit artwork separately from stories.

We will consider any picture with a speculative fiction element for issue cover art. Look at previous covers to ascertain our tastes. We prefer energetic pieces that narrow the boundary between realism and fantastical, both in genre and style. Consider that our readers come to Electric Spec for stories; we want to see story portrayed by your imagery. Art may be re-sized to fit standard browsers; we will not crop or alter the piece without your permission.

No over-the-top sex or violence, or fan fiction characters or settings, please. Though we appreciate the form, we don’t use caricature or graphic novel style art for our covers.

We pay $20 for each piece of artwork we publish. We buy first-printing world exclusive rights for four months and non-exclusive rights thereafter. Please note this means we want art that has not been published elsewhere. Payment will be made shortly after publication using PayPal.

To submit your art to Electric Spec, e-mail it as an attachment to submissions at electricspec (dot) com. Use the following subject line: ART SUBMISSION: Title by Artist’s Name. We prefer standard electronic formats such as jpeg or gif files.

Unless you receive a note indicating otherwise, your work may be considered for any future issue. We have, rarely, commissioned original artwork for the cover; if we ask, please be honest about how fast you can work. We operate under tight deadlines for publication.

We respond to most submissions within a month. We do not send messages upon receipt of submisisons. Because we are a quarterly magazine, it may take us up to three months. For art work sometimes we consider submissions after the three months has passed, i.e. we consider art work for more than one issue. If we do not reject a piece, it is still under consideration. Of course, in the meantime, if you place it elsewhere, please let us know.

If you have questions or comments, please e-mail us at submissions at electricspec (dot) com.

Via: Electric Spec.

Taking Submissions: Cirsova

Deadline: October 25th, 2019
Payment: $0.0125 per word

Look, we know that these guidelines are bit long, but we strongly recommend you read them all the way through.

Submissions are open: Oct 14th-25, 2019.

What are you looking for?

Original short stories between 2000-7500 words.

Cirsova pays $0.0125 per word for first publication/serialization rights and 6 months of exclusivity following publication of the piece.

Submissions should be in finished, final draft form. Please do not send unedited works, excerpts or pitches. Well, you can send me a pitch, and if it sounds awesome, I will tell you “That sounds awesome, now write that story, make sure it’s edited, and submit that to me”, but that’s it.

Please send the file as a .doc or .docx or, if you must, a RTF. Your manuscript should match the standard manuscript format (i.e. double spaced, no hyphen breaks, page numbers somewhere, don’t use tab for indents, etc.) A lot of those things that seem unnecessary or piddly are actually really helpful for folks who are trying to markup your manuscript and get your text into a formatted document.

Please be sure to include your address on your manuscript; this helps us know where to send checks and contributor copies.

Cirsova does not buy reprints at this time.

What we are looking for:

  • Raygun Romance
  • Radium Adventures
  • Sword & Planet
  • Space Cops
  • Raymond Chandler But In Space
  • SFF Heists
  • Weird Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror
  • Lost World
  • South Seas Adventure
  • Pre-Historic/Antiquity
  • Occult Detective/Mystery
  • Mad Science
  • Monstergirls (but keep em classy!) and other dames

Before submitting, we highly recommend reading, or having read at least some of the following authors:

  • Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • Leigh Brackett
  • Jack Vance
  • C.L. Moore
  • Thomas Burnett Swann
  • Otis Adelbert Kline
  • Bassett Morgan
  • Gardner F. Fox
  • Clifford D. Simak
  • Raymond F. Jones
  • Ross Rocklynne
  • Seabury Quinn
  • Basil Wells
  • Edmond Hamilton
  • Robert E. Howard
  • Lord Dunsany
  • H.P. Lovecraft*

*Lovecraft is a special case; having read and understood what makes his stuff work helps, but Lovecraft fanfic gets auto-disqualified as soon as we see a Mythos heavy or MacGuffin get name-dropped. See our Eldritch Earth issue for how we like ’em.

What are you not looking for?

  • Any “Lovecraftian” fiction that name drops Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Arkham, the Necronomicon, etc. We managed to publish an entire Lovecraft issue where none of the stories name dropped Mythos heavies, so it’s not hard as you’d think. We’re also not looking for Call of Cthulhu detective/professor-investigates-cultists stories.
  • Stories with elves; especially not D&D or Tolkien elves. If you think you can do something really freaking special with elves and fae, like Dunsany or Swann, give it a shot, but we don’t publish elf-stories as a general rule.
  • Stories where very little happens or very little is at stake. Sometimes, a setting and characters in them can be superficially weird and exciting, but the story itself may be little more than a conversation; generally, we’re not looking for that sort of thing.
  • LitRPG
  • Tolkienian or Tolkien-esque Epic Fantasy
  • Steampunk, unless you’re a fan of the first two Thief games
  • Modern Vampires/Werewolves
  • Orcs
  • Obviously D&D inspired fiction [certainly no “Drow”]
  • Asimovian sci-fi where thinky men do nothing but sit around and discuss big thinks

My story is longer than 7,500 words, can I still submit it?

Sure!  While 5,000 to 7,500 is kind of the sweet spot, for really good stories, I’d consider anything up to 10,000, maybe a little more.  It’s sort of a case by case thing.  Just be aware that chances are I will only be able to purchase one Novella or Novelette per issue.

I have serial I’d like to publish; can I submit that?

I’ve decided that I’m not a fan of serializations in magazines. I’d rather my readers have complete stories, and since Cirsova is Semi-Annual at present, I wouldn’t want authors or readers either one to suffer from the 6 month delay. Linked stories that tell the continuing adventures of this or that character are another matter entirely. Just try to be sure that the stories are able to stand well enough on their own.

But what about My Name is John Carter? You’re serializing that!

That’s a special case. Also, we’re not looking for unsolicited poetry; again, My Name is John Carter is a special case.

Can I put steamy-hot action in my story?

I’m not looking for explicitly erotic stories, but it’s not a deal-breaker. It probably shouldn’t make up more than a few lines to a paragraph or two in anything this short if you do include it. In terms of how explicit you can get without hurting your chances of being accepted, consider the upper boundary to be Andrew J. Offutt (at least what he published under his own name) or Thomas Burnett Swann. If you have something that looks like Jean Auel wrote it for one of her Earth’s Children sequels, you’ve crossed a line and should probably reconsider more than just your submission.

What rights are you buying?

Global first print and digital publication rights (including audio); you’ll be giving Cirsova the exclusive rights to publish and use the purchased material prior to and for six months following the publication of those materials. After that period, Cirsova will retain the right to publish and sell the purchased materials non-exclusively in the collected format (i.e. the anthology will remain available in print and electronic format as initially offered, however the materials will not be repackaged and resold). Cirsova will have the right to use your name and portion or whole of the material to promote the work. During the period of exclusivity, you agree to refrain from publishing the purchased material in whole or in part without prior consent. The exception to this exclusivity is if a piece is selected for inclusion in a Best of the Year collection or as a part of an awards packet.

Do you take simultaneous submissions?

Unfortunately, we cannot take simultaneous submissions.

Can we take multiple submissions?

We prefer not to, though we will make an exception if you have been published with Cirsova before and/or we have discussed/made special arrangements.

Would I need to copyright the story before submitting it?

No, you would not. The text of your story already belongs to you, and the copyright is given to the respective authors enacted upon publishing.

Who would have rights to it?

You would own and have rights to your story while allowing Cirsova limited rights outlined in our agreement; the rights allowed to Cirsova are what let us publish your work and keep it in print. You retain all rights to the intellectual property [Cirsova does not own the characters, stories, settings, etc.; it only publishes them].

Would the story be “work-for-hire”?

Work-for-hire generally suggests that the paying party would own the work and IP, so no, it would not be considered work-for-hire.

“Cirsova will retain the right to publish and sell the purchased materials non-exclusively in the collected format (i.e. the anthology will remain available in print and electronic format as initially offered, however the materials will not be repackaged and resold). ” what exactly does this mean?

Cirsova Publishing will keep the issue containing your story in print via Print on Demand and available digitally as an eBook on various platforms. Cirsova Publishing will not sell your story individually or as part of a different anthology without prior arrangements with the author. While Cirsova will keep the collection featuring your story in print, after our exclusivity period has ended, you will be able to resell the story to another outlet or publish it independently. Several Cirsova Authors have resold their stories to Starship Sofa [a podcast that produces audio versions of short SFF] and/or released anthologies of their works containing stories previously published in Cirsova.

If my story were to be accepted by your magazine, in what ways would I be allowed to advertise and market/publicize it? Sharing links to it online, adding it to my resume, and things like that.

Yes, absolutely, all of those things. We do not require authors to promote the issue that features their story, but we always appreciate it when they do.

How would payment work? Would I only be paid that one time after it is accepted? Are there royalties?

Payment is made upon acceptance, and the author’s acceptance of payment constitutes agreeing to the terms set forth in the offer we send to authors. Payment is made either by Paypal or by Check. Payments generally range between $30 and $125 based on the length of a work [payment is approximately .0125 per word] Cirsova Publishing does not pay royalties for stories published in its magazine.

Where do I send my story?

Submissions should be sent to cirsova at yahoo dot com with the subject line “SUBMISSION”

Via: Cirsova.

Ongoing Submissions: Terse

Payment: $10.00 USD

We have a rolling and open submissions policy (we accept unsolicited submissions year round). There are no fees associated with submissions. This is a volunteer run, not for profit publication.

Contributor Q & A

What topics/themes are you looking for?

worlding, futures, identity, technology, hyperreality, embodiment, healing, mourning, the tarot/divination, memory, small press culture, captivity/confinement/incarceration, disability

What mediums can I use in this space?

poetry (erasure poetry, found poetry, experimental poetry, all poetry!), collage, critical essays (academic-style essays are considered), reviews, interviews, mixed media, audio recordings, visual art (drawings, paintings, photographs), creative non-fiction, science fiction, flash fiction, letters, mix tapes

How do you accept audio files? Why would I consider submitting in audio format? 

In the past we’ve designed videos to accompany the work of poets. They turned out pretty cool! Here is one you can check out for yourself: Four Poems by Noelia Young. 

We’d like to do this more! Know that it takes time and we cannot do this for every writer, but let us know if it’s something that interests you.

Do I relinquish my rights to my piece once you publish it?

No. We actually don’t mind if you’d like to submit your work for consideration somewhere else after we’ve published it. However, we’d like to receive credit for publishing it first. We also understand people grow and change, so if there’s ever a time when you’d like us to remove a piece just let us know.

Do ya pay?

Yes. We don’t have much in the way of resources, but we feel writers should receive a show of good faith for publishing with us. We also do this to pressure outlets with more resources to pay their writers. We will pay $10.00 USD via PayPal for any work published with us.

What is the length requirement for essays to be considered?

For anything considered an essay we’d expect it to be however long it needs to be in order to do its job. We’re also volunteers, so please: nothing over 7,000 words. If it’s longer than that we’d maybe consider breaking it down into a series. Pitch us if you are toying with sending us a super long piece.

Who can submit?

Creative people who want opportunities in publishing and have an affinity to social justice and activist worlding technologies.

How much can I send at one time?

2-3 finished pieces of any medium.

How long do you usually spend reviewing submissions?

Due to the high volume of submissions coming our way we are unable to respond to each one in kind. When sending a submission you will receive an automated message letting you know your transmission got through to us.

What’s a sure way to be rejected immediately?

You’ll be rejected immediately if there are any racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic, xenophobic, ableist or otherwise abusive issues. Your piece will also be removed without explanation if we find out you are publishing this trash elsewhere and we just didn’t know about it when we published you. This also goes for the email you send along with your submission.

Do you accept simultaneous submissions?

Yes. We think it is unrealistic to assume you only have eyes for us. Yet we’d like you to tell us RIGHT AWAY if your piece is accepted elsewhere. Like RIGHT when you get the email from another pub. This saves us from reviewing something you have no intention of publishing with us. Seems reasonable!

How often do you publish?

Monthly and as pieces are accepted.

Anything else I should add to my submission?

Yes. Please include biographical information along with any social media links or blog info. We like to know more about our contributors before we work with them.

Who are the editors?

Mauve Perle Tahat  {executive editor}

Wes Bishop {assistant editor}

Karissa Lang {poetry editor}

Ben Berman Ghan {prose editor}

Moriah M. Mylod {contributing editor}

How do I submit?

Sample submission:

“Dear [find editors’ names above for submission],

Here is my piece _______. It is [explain what your piece is about and what your intention was in writing it in one or two sentences].

This is my short bio:

Here are my social media links:”

Anything else I should know?

Submit via our email: [email protected]

We’ve been fortunate: over a short time we’ve worked with tremendous contributors who’ve written about art, technology, embodiment, critical theory, and self-discovery (among other topics). Take a look around to see what we’ve published to get a feel for TERSE. 

Via: Terse.

Ongoing Submissions: Every Day Fiction

Payment: $3

Every Day Fiction is looking for very short (flash) fiction, of up to 1000 words. There’s no such thing as too short — if you can do the job in 50 words, have at it! — but our readers prefer pieces that tell or at least hint at a complete story (some sort of action or tension rising to a moment of climax, and at least a clue toward a resolution, though it doesn’t have to be all spelled out).

All fiction genres are acceptable, and stories that don’t fit neatly into any genre are welcome too. While personal experiences and other non-fiction can be great sources of inspiration, please turn them into fiction for us, or send them elsewhere.

Our readership is adult, so children’s stories are unlikely to be accepted unless they are relevant to adults as well. On the other hand, we are not impressed by gratuitous sex and violence, or pointlessly foul language; edgy content should be necessary and appropriate to the plot and characters.

It ought to go without saying that any story submitted to Every Day Fiction must be your own unpublished original creation. If you publish a story on a blog, even your own personal blog, or any website accessible to the general public (i.e., if the story can be found and read online without a password or friend status or other limitation), it is considered published and therefore inappropriate for our market.

Ongoing Submissions: Sirius Science Fiction

Payment: $25

Sirius Science Fiction is an on-line web site dedicated to publishing original speculative fiction – science fiction, fantasy, alternate history and horror. We like stories with a sense of wonder and excitement.

In a time when mainstream speculative fiction has been overrun by political correctness and identity politics, we offer a venue free of pretension and ideological litmus tests. We read the story free of preconceptions, and we do not ask for a biography from an author until and unless their story is accepted.
Sirius Science Fiction publishes one original short story a week, plus occasional reprints. Original stories are posted every Friday.


Stories must be between 1,000 and 4,000 words, original and unpublished. No multiple submissions; simultaneous submissions are fine.

Please submit RTF documents using standard manuscript format.

How to submit

Send your stories as an attachment to the following email address:

Please put your name and story title in the message line, i.e.
Lou Antonelli – A Rocket for the Republic
All emails will be acknowledged. Please allow 90 days before querying.
If your story is accepted, you will be asked to submit a short biography.


$25 for each original story upon publication.

Payment is by PayPal.

Via: Sirius Science Fiction.

Taking Submissions: Vestal Review – Web Edition

Deadline: November 30th, 2019
Payment: $10

Please read the entire guidelines before submitting. No, really. Please do. It will help you, and it will help us.

We accept and publish web edition submissions on a rolling basis. We don’t read new submissions in December, January, June and July.

Vestal Review is a magazine for new flash (short-shorts) fiction, 500 words or fewer. We don’t accept reprints.

We love to hear new voices, especially from immigrants, but we don’t discriminate against anyone.

We love magic realism. High fantasy, science fiction, romance and kids stories? Not so much.

No fees. The honorarium is $10.  All payments will be made only through PayPal.

For Web edition, we consider only one story per author. We accept simultaneous submissions.

We assume that every writer is also a reader, so please read the guidelines before submitting and not the other way around.

Our philosophy: Most stories are not rejected because they are not good, but because other stories are better.

Vestal Review now publishes its print issues twice a year in a perfect-bound edition. All content is available on the Web. We welcome your submissions, but please read our guidelines first.

We don’t read new submissions in December, January, June and July  (except for special calls for submissions). All submissions sent during this time will be deleted. Don’t worry: the categories that we don’t temporarily consider will be hidden from view. Each submission is to be sent separately.

Our reading periods are:

1. February-May
2. August-November

Once in a while, we have special calls for submissions that change the above schedule and payments.

Effective immediately, all submissions should be done using our submission manager. We will not consider any other forms of submissions.


Use this e-mail to inquire about the status of your submission (please wait three months before sending it):


Please start the subject line with the word “Query.” Do not use this e-mail for anything else including submissions.

Vestal Review accepts only original material. No reprints, please. Even if it has been displayed on your own Web page, we consider it published. If the story has been posted and reviewed at a password-protected e-workshop with a controlled list of participants, we consider this a plus.

Vestal Review is a magazine for flash (short-shorts) fiction.   We realize that there are different definitions of what a flash story is and all of them have merit. In our definition, a flash story is no longer than 500 words and it has a plot. If it’s longer than 500 words and/or has no plot, we are not interested. We are also not interested in porn, racial slurs, excessive gore, or obscenity. On the other end of the spectrum, no children’s or preachy stories either, please. Our target audience is people over 18, so R-rated content is OK, but not X-rated. Most genres, other than children’s, syrupy romance or hard science fiction, are accepted, and we love humor.

Don’t forget that the title is an important part of the story. Make it pertinent but don’t tell too much. We generally don’t favor one-word titles.

Via: Vestal Review.

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