Ongoing Submissions: Slink Chunk Press

Payment: $5 per published submission

How to Submit to Slink Chunk Press

We use Submittable as our submission’s manager, so please submit via hereand not via email. All general queries can be directed [email protected]

When submitting, please include a short bio, just a few sentences about yourself, which we will use if your story is accepted! No cover letter is required, although you can include any places other work has previously been accepted in your bio if you would like (this is not mandatory.)

Things we think are really cool (in no particular order):

– magical realism
– urban fantasy and science fiction
– alternative depictions of women and men in these settings
– alternative depictions of women and men in general
– non-binary MCs
– diversity in race and ability of protagonists
– steam punk
– made up words
– unicorns
– not being homophobic, transphobic, ableist, racist,  or a misogynist

If you can tick at least two of those boxes (the last one is pretty much mandatory), please, send us your art for consideration!

What we accept:

Written Word

Flash Fiction: min 500 – max 1,000
Short Fiction: min: 1,000- max 3,000
Poetry: 1-5 poems
Creative Non Fiction: max 3000

We’re not sticklers for length,but please try to keep within a couple of hundred words of the suggested limit (just remember that this is an online platform).

Visual Art

Paintings and or Photographs: There’s no real restriction on numbers here, you can submit one piece, or a whole series of pieces. Just don’t send us your entire iPhone camera roll!

Videos: We’re talking readings, performances, songs, rants, animations, you name it! We prefer videos to be submitted via Submittable in mp4 format.

However, if you’re video is already hosted and you would like us to feature it, please email the link to [email protected] If your video is yet to be filmed, and you would like to pitch it to us before creating it, please email us at the same address.

Comics: We are so keen to have web-comics on board! Ideally we’d like something short, say 6 pages max, but this is certainly up for negotiation; perhaps we could publish a longer comic over a series of issues, or if we really, REALLY like it, serialization could also be an option.

AND FINALLY: If your creation is cross-medium (eg. text and photos, collage etc.) and doesn’t fit into any of these categories, but you still think it would be a good fit for Slink Chunk Press, pitch it to us at [email protected]

Slink Chunk Story Time:

Slink Chunk Press will be inviting some of the writers published in the launching issue to read their stories via Google Hangout. Everyone will get a chance to read, we will talk about why we liked the story/why it was chosen for the issue/other general fun things. Readers of Slink Chunk Press will be able to watch via YouTube (this will be moderated by the EIC because the internet can be a scary place). Think of it as a magical, writer-ly slumber party. And if you have a character that has, say, a very distinct appearance, or expresses themselves in an aesthetically interesting way, you could perhaps channel that during your reading. In other words, dressing up as your character is certainly an option because dressing up is AWESOME and highly encouraged. FUN!

And a few other important things…

– We are currently interested in unpublished work.  If you are published in an issue of Slink Chunk Press, and then wish to publish it elsewhere afterwards, please feel free to do so! Just be sure to acknowledge Slink Chunk Press as the original site of publication.

– Simultaneous submissions are accepted, just please let us know if your piece has been accepted elsewhere.

– If you have hosted the piece on a personal blog, art sharing site such as deviantART, or YouTube, please let us know in the body of your submission. We will still consider it for publication, but may request that you give us a shout out on these platforms and through your other social media networks. We’ll ask nicely, promise!

– Slink Chunk Press is not for profit, with all funds being channeled into paying our contributors. Currently, we offer a flat rate of $5 per published submission (if you are submitting multiple poems as a collection, they will be counted as one submission). We know it’s not much, we wish we could pay you what your stories are worth.

– All Publishing Rights are returned to the author on the event of their piece’s submission.

Via: Slink Chunk Press.

Ongoing Submissions: Craft Literary

Payment: $100 for flash fiction and $0.10/word up to $200 for original short fiction

Time for some great stories.

CRAFT is an online publication celebrating both emerging and established writers. Our focus is on the craft of writing and how those elements make a good story great. We are interested in strong fiction that shines because of its exploration of craft. We feature new and republished fiction; critical pieces on craft; craft exercises; interviews on craft with established writers; book reviews and summaries; and much more.

STORIES by Michael McGriff, Clare Beams, Melissa Yancy, Megan Cummins are forthcoming.


CRAFT Fiction Guidelines

Our CRAFT Fiction categories are open year-round to any emerging or established author. We accept submissions from international writers. We accept simultaneous submissions but ask that you inform us immediately and withdraw your work if your story is accepted elsewhere. We pay our authors a flat rate of $100 for flash fiction and $0.10/word up to $200 for original short fiction. We do not charge submission fees, but are highly selective in what we choose to publish.

We will also consider previously published fiction, as long as the writer retains the rights or second-publication rights can be obtained. We do not pay for reprints.

Each published story will include an editor’s introduction as well as a craft note from the author. To read previously published stories, please see our CRAFT Fiction page.

If you have any questions about submissions or would like to query a current submission, please send an email to: contact (at) craftliterary (dot) com

CRAFT Fiction Submission Categories:

Flash Fiction, for work under 1,000 words

Short Fiction, for work under 7,000 words

We are planning to provide opportunities for Novellas and Novel Chapters. Keep checking back to see the latest!

To submit a story or learn more about our guidelines, click the submit button.

Want to Write For CRAFT?

We accept high quality book reviews, interviews, and critical pieces on craft to publish on our site. For a look at the type of content we publish, please visit our CRAFT drop-down menu.  Submissions and more information on each category can be found at Submittable.

Our book reviews focus on authors with forthcoming titles, and we like to review titles from writers who are explicitly exploring craft in their work. Reviews are typically between 700 – 1000 words.

For interviews, we are interested in conversations with writers focusing on the craft of writing.

Critical pieces on craft can range from 500 to 1000 words and should consist of a careful examination of an element of craft.

Submission questions, concerns, and inquiries can be sent to a staff member at: contact (at) craftliterary (dot) com

Author’s Rights

CRAFT holds first publication rights for three months after publication. Authors agree not to publish, nor authorize or permit the publication of, any part of the material for three months following CRAFT’s first publication. For reprints we ask for acknowledgement of its publication in CRAFT first.

Via: Craft Literary.

Ongoing Submissions: Twenty-two Twenty-eight

Payment: $30

Want to build your writers’ resumé? Want to promote your blog, website, book, or business? Are you a visual artist or musician that wants to share and promote your work? Or, do you have a Youtube channel that you want to broadcast? Please submit!

Submission Guidelines:


We are very open-minded! Nonfiction, fiction, and poetry are all welcome. For poetry, please submit 5-7 poems unless very long, then 1-2 (you be the judge). Word Count: 500—1000 words. Note: please NO graphic violence, graphic sex, or political pieces.




     Visual Art:


Please submit 4-6 images. They can be drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography, craft, or digital art. Include a brief biography of yourself and a brief statement regarding your work. Also include info for each piece such as size, medium, etc. Photo of artist is optional. Note: please NO graphic violence, graphic sex, or political pieces.




Please submit video or music via Youtube link. Also, include a brief bio and brief statement regarding video/music submitted. Music from all genres is welcome. Note: video can be a vlog, lecture, dance, or movie. We’re very open-minded. Please keep length for video/music to 20 minutes or under. Note: please NO graphic violence, graphic sex, or political pieces.


     Additional Notes:


With all submissions, please include any links regarding (but not limited to) a blog, business, book, Youtube channel, Etsy, or eBay page, as Exhibit A is a great way to promote your work and ideas. Also, it’s optional but encouraged: please include a photo and/or a very brief bio. Note: Visual Art and Video/Music submissions must include a brief bio. Photo is optional. Please include contact information, including phone number and mailing address (so we can mail you your check if your piece has been accepted. We promise no spam and that all of your contact information will never be shared).


We pay $30.00 for all accepted submissions.


If you would like us to review your book, please send us a quick synopsis of your book. If we decide to review your book, we will ask you to send us a copy. While print is preferred, we do accept digital copies (most preferably in .epub or .mobi format). If you are sending a print copy, please send it to our PO Box at:


Twenty-two Twenty-eight

PO Box 308

20 Forest St.

Medford, MA 02155

     Submit work here:


Email instructions: Please put in email body name, phone number, mailing address, and a brief description of your submission plus any other information you would like to include. Also, please include all desired links you would like us to publish along with your work (if your submission is accepted).


For Writing submissions: please submit your work in an attachment in a .docx or .pages file.


For Visual Art submissions: please submit your images in a .jpg, .jpeg, or .png file.


For Video/Music submissions: please put the URL link in the main body of the email.

[email protected]

Via: Twenty-two Twenty-eight.

Ongoing Submissions:

Payment: $0.10 per word
Note: A good focus for shorter fantasy fiction which might be a hard sell elsewhere. is looking for interesting, fun, edgy, unexpected, or funny articles on all things fantasy related. We are interested in the following:

  • Book/Film/TV Reviews, critiques or commentary – particularly from a unique angle (feminist/lgbtq… so on)
  • Fiction – Flash fiction of roughly 500 words, or longer short stories, they must fit within the fantasy genre (all sub genres welcome)
  • Comics/Graphic novels – Original or reviews/critiques/commentary
  • Artwork relating to the fantasy genre
  • Products or product reviews relating to fantasy
  • Pop culture articles as long as they are related to fantasy
  • Really, anything readers and lovers of fantasy might find of interest

We aim to entertain, and to that end we don’t want any fluff or clickbait. Profanity and other mature content is fine if it’s relevant to the article. We are LGBTQ friendly and seek out diversity in our contributions.

Get creative! Let your edges show, I’m looking for character!

  • Articles generally should be between 500 – 1,000 words in length, should be keyword optimized (I can work with you if this is not something you are familiar with), and should be of substance (no fluff!). Longer/shorter articles will be considered if they are sufficiently compelling
  • All submissions must be original and unpublished elsewhere on the web
  • You must own the rights to the article, plagiarism will not be tolerated

We pay $0.10 per word for all fiction or non fiction articles. Artwork or poetry compensation will be discussed and agreed upon up front. Please reach out to discuss the idea and the rate.

Please submit the article in it’s entirety for consideration at submissions<at>

Via: K. Ferrin.

Ongoing Submissions: Fictional Pairings

Payment: Works between 200-600 words = $ 0.75 total for the piece, Works between 601-1000 words = $1.25 total for the piece

What do we publish?

  • Fiction stories between 200–1000 words. We are especially interested in science fiction, mystery and fantasy narratives
  • Poetry is accepted if it is narrative in nature.
  • We do not publish erotica. Adult themes are acceptable, but keep it within the PG-13 and light R realm.
  • We do not publish works with trademarked or public figures. Passing references to public figures are acceptable but we will not publish fan fiction using copyrighted characters.
  • Your work can appear on your personal website but we do not publish works owned or published by another site or magazine.
  • We may edit your work for grammar and spelling. We will contact you if larger changes need to be made.

How is my work paired?

We publish pieces of fiction paired with independent music made by musicians published on Bandcamp. Much like fine wine and cheese, we aim to put two compatible pieces of art together and expose them to a wider audience.

Who owns the rights to my fiction?

  • You retain the rights to your work and characters. We simply publish it here to share with the world. We will link to your website/media accounts in the published narrative.
  • By submitting your work, you agree to have it hosted at Fictional Pairings and shared via our social media accounts.

What do we pay?

We are a new digital publisher and funds are limited. However, we do believe you should be compensated (even if nominally) for your work. We will pay the total amount for any piece posted to Fictional Pairings.

  • Works between 200-600 words = $ 0.75 total for the piece
  • Works between 601-1000 words = $1.25 total for the piece

If we decide to publish your work, we will send the funds to your Paypal account.

To submit, head over here: Fictional Pairings.

Ongoing Submissions:

Payment: Varies

Fiction: looks for high quality horror fiction. We look for creativity and an original voice. The whole spectrum from monsters to serial killers to quiet psychological horror is welcome. Please state in your cover letter if your work features extreme violence, as your work will be routed to a first reader who is most likely to enjoy and want to buy your piece. Splatterpunk is fine, but torture porn is of no interest. If you don’t know the difference, is not the right market for you. We look for work between 2,000 and 10,000 words. Payment is net 60 on on-sale date and we generally purchase first worldwide rights (exclusive from acceptance to one year after publication) along with nonexclusive reprint rights. Payment rates and rights purchased are negotiable with higher rates and free bonus promotion for other projects available for established authors. If you have rights to a large back catalog of this type of work, we may be interested in acquiring anthologies and collections in this vein. Please query with info and samples or completed manuscript.
Nonfiction: seeks horror writer and filmmaker interviews and horror and movie reviews. Writers who successfully work with may also be invited to participate in content packaging projects, including a variety of top quality and cutting edge web sites, magazines, and anthologies. Although it is helpful if prospective writers provide general bio information including information on past experience and areas of expertise, the best way to get published on is to submit either a completed piece or a specific pitch for a specific feature or regular column you would like to write. News features must include a minimum of one photo or graphic, although the photo or illustration may be supplied by the subject of the article e.g. a record label providing a promo photo of a band. Paid gigs and free bonus promotion for other projects are available for regular contributors working for hire, but not for one-offs or nonexclusive work.

Via: Gothic.Net.

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