Ongoing Submissions: Scout

Payment: 8 cents per word

Scout delights in spreading original ideas about the social implications of technology. We accept submissions of original science and technology reporting, speculative and science fiction on a rolling basis. We also make periodic calls for content on specific topics.

In a world of rapidly evolving science and technology, imagination and moral foresight are our greatest human advantage. combines science fiction and journalism to publish online dispatches on the future of technology. We’re building a platform that gives you the power to create your own model of the future and to play through possibility with a community of brilliant thinkers., an online community that combines science fiction and journalism, is seeking speculative and science fiction vignettes that illustrate the social impacts of emerging technologies.

We pay 8 cents per word for vignettes and short stories, most often between 250 and 2,000 words. We seldom buy stories longer than 3,000 words, and we don’t serialize novels. 

Story Content

We’re especially interested in character-driven vignettes that explore the near-term impacts of artificial intelligence, automation, genetic augmentation, and space travel, and the impacts of technology on governance, climate, and social structures. We also enjoy being surprised by original or unexpected topics.

Thoughtful but accessible fiction will constitute the majority of our purchases, but there’s always room for humor. Also, a note that when we say near-term, we’re looking for vignettes that portray what you think will be viable or probable in the next 1-7 years. We realize there’s plenty of variability in that range based on human optimism and pessimism and we’re OK with that.

We often pair fiction with existing Scout reporting, but we’ve also been known to build Scout’s journalistic product around particularly compelling speculative or science fiction vignettes.


We buy First English Language serial rights plus certain non-exclusive rights explained in our contract. We sometimes publish, but do not typically purchase, excerpts and reprints.

Scout will consider material submitted by any writer, previously published or not. We are especially interested in writers who bring perspectives or voices to their work that contribute to diversity in science and speculative fiction.

Reply Time

We publish online content on a regular, rolling basis. Our average response time is three weeks. If you have not heard from us in two months, you can query us about the submission at [email protected] Thanks for your interest in Scout and good luck!

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Ongoing Submissions: Pinball

Payment: $25 story/essay, $15 flash or micro story or essay. Please query for comics.


PINBALL publishes non-fiction prose, comics, and short fiction; please note that we are not seeking poetry.

We’ve been around. Read a few issues of PINBALL to figure out what we’re about. That’s the best way to decide if your work is right for us.


We accept electronic submissions only, and we accept submissions only through Submittable. There is no charge for regular submissions. No e-mail submissions, please. We accept simultaneous submissions, but let us know if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

We do not accept previously published work, including work published on blogs or forums. Send only one piece at a time, and please wait one month to submit more work. Multiple submissions beyond the first will be rejected. By submitting, you also will be placed on our mailing list. We won’t sell or abuse your contact information.

If we decline your story, please do not send a revised version unless asked to do so by the editors.


Payment: $25 story/essay, $15 flash or micro story or essay. Please query for comics. We ask for first printing rights in online, ebook, and/or print venues, as well as promotional rights upon publication. Upon first publication, rights revert back to the author. If you have questions, please write us at [email protected]


We offer an expedited review for five dollars, payable through Submittable. We provide a short holistic response regarding the work submitted and we do so within ten days. Using the expedited review supports PINBALL’s mission of bringing great writing and comic art to the masses.

We do have free submissions every other month. Check our Submittable page for details.


  • 12-point serif font, such as Times New Roman.
  • Double-spaced.
  • One-inch margins.
  • Page numbers.

Ongoing Submissions: LitMag

Open Window: September 1 to August 15
Payment: LitMag Print: Upon acceptance, we pay $1,000 for fiction or nonfiction; $250 for a poem (or the rare short short) LitMag Online: Upon acceptance, we pay $250

What We Publish


LitMag Print

Short stories, novellas

Creative nonfiction; essays on literature, art, and culture, music; biography, memoir

No restrictions on style or form

LitMag Online

Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry
Up to 4,000 words.

What We Look For 
Work that moves and amazes us.
We are drawn to big minds, large hearts, sharp pens

Word Count Limits
Print: 15,000 words
Online: 4,000 words

What to Send
One story or essay at a time, up to five poems.
Please wait until you have heard back from us before submitting again.

Previously Unpublished
We do not consider work that has previously been published either in print or online (including personal blogs etc.)

What We Pay
LitMag Print: Upon acceptance, we pay $1,000 for fiction or nonfiction; $250 for a poem (or the rare short short)

LitMag Online: Upon acceptance, we pay $250

What We Acquire
LitMag acquires First North American Serial Rights.
Copyright reverts to the author upon publication.

When to Submit
Regular submissions: September 1 to August 15

How to Submit
Online. (Saves trees, prevents paper cuts.) We use Submittable.

Multiple Submissions
Please submit only once in each category and wait until you receive our response before submitting again.

Simultaneous Submissions
Yes, of course. But please withdraw your submission immediately viaSubmittable if another publication beats us to your work.

Response time
We try to respond to submissions as quickly as possible and strive to send a decision within two months, but please understand that the volume of submissions may require us to take longer.


Via: LitMag.

Ongoing Submissions: Daily Science Fiction

Payment: 8 cents per word
Note: Will print dark fiction but not pure horror

ALERT: Please don’t submit stories longer than 1,500 words. Daily Science Fiction (DSF) is a market accepting speculative fiction stories from 100 to 1,500 words in length. By this we mean science fiction, fantasy, slipstream, etc. We will consider flash series–three or more flash tales built around a common theme. If you are submitting a flash series, please note that it is a series in your cover letter and at the top of the submitted text in the submission box. Each story does need to stand on its own.

We do not accept reprints. Unfortunately, if you have placed a story on your website, where it is open and available to the multiple billion people who have access to the internet, that constitutes publication. We’re sorry. No, we don’t accept self-published works.

Please don’t submit the same story to us and any other venue at the same time. Please don’t send us more than one story. Don’t send us another until we send you a response.

We pay 8 cents per word for first worldwide rights and for nonexclusive reprint rights. Additionally, we reserve the right to pay you more money for additional reprinting in themed Daily Science Fiction anthologies.

First publication sounds simple, but in today’s fractured fiction market it is anything but. Here’s what we mean by first worldwide rights: Your story will be distributed by email to our (free) subscription list, it will then be available on the website, via RSS, eventually through kindle and iphone/ipad (the “issue” consisting of all stories published during its calendar month), and as archived on the website. The nonexclusive reprint rights are anticipated to apply to the omnibus volume of DSF’s stories for one year. Themed anthologies are anticipated to consist of 50-100% material originally published on, plus additional materials as contracted. For these anthologies, payment will be determined if and when they occur.

Not So Helpful Hints

  • We need short short fiction, especially flash fiction. Among our featured stories, a shorter tale will get an extra nudge on the scale when weighed against a longer one. This is both for financial reasons and because it matches the preferences of a plurality of our readership. Not fair? Perhaps. Consider yourself forewarned.
  • Of course, we want your stories to ooze originality, but a well-written story is a must. We are fond of character-driven fiction, though readers point out that not every story we publish fits that rubric. Our goal is to publish the best stories we can that will be interesting, worthwhile reads. Some stories, especially in the short short fiction, will succeed despite lack of plot, character, punctuation, what-have-you.
  • We may purchase dark fantasy, but try not to publish pure horror. We don’t mind feeling the flush of arousal, but will not publish erotica. Guns a-blazing might make our day, but we don’t suspect most military SF will win us over. Humor? We take it, It often works especially for short short fiction, but do keep in mind that one alien’s funny bone is located near another species’ sac of indifference. We’re likely not your best market for longer funny tales.
  • We don’t accept multiple or simultaneous submissions, but we promise to be as prompt as possible with our responses. Query if you haven’t heard back in four weeks. Or better yet, check your story’s status on this website. There is now a “check status” option on the sidebar.
  • PS We’d like to emphasize that guidelines aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on (which in this case is no paper at all). Splurge for a free email subscription, or if you can’t afford free, browse the archives here on the website. Read, and get a feel for what Daily Science Fiction publishes. We always want new and different work, of course, but you can get a real tactile sense of this or any other publication only by reading it.

Via: Daily Science Fiction.

Ongoing Submissions: The Sockdolager

Payment: 2¢ per word for new stories, and a flat $15 for reprints.
Reprints allowed

Who we are

The Sockdolager is a quarterly internet magazine for original short fiction.

What we want

We’re looking for short genre stories in which Things Happen—stories about lives saved, discoveries made, worlds changed, days seized, and hearts broken or mended. We want tight plots, snappy dialogue, and smart, engrossing prose—pieces that you can’t help but devour in one sitting, but which reward coming back for a second look. We like to be challenged and we love clever stories that make us think, but above all else it has to be fun to read. Please note well the bold typeface in the previous clause. We strongly prefer science fiction and fantasy, but will consider just about anything that you think we might enjoy.

We are particularly interested in hearing from a diversity of voices and perspectives. We also encourage unpublished writers — or writers who have previously worked in other mediums — to send in their work.

Stories should be at least 1000 words, and absolutely no more than 5000 words. Unless we have specifically solicited a longer piece from you, submissions above the 5000-word threshold will not be read.

We will consider reprints, particularly if they didn’t receive a wide audience in their original venue, but we prefer stories that have not been previously published.

What we pay

Payment is 2¢ per word for new stories, and a flat $15 for reprints.

How to submit

Submissions can be sent as .rtf or .doc attachments (in standard manuscript format), or as Markdown-formatted plain text files, to [email protected] If your story is a reprint, please tell us where it has been previously published.

In your submission email, please use the following convention for the subject line:

SUBMISSION: Story Title/Approximate Word Count

We do not accept simultaneous submissions—do not send us a story you have sent to another market. Please wait for us to reply to your submission before sending another—we’ll only consider one of your stories at a time.

How long to wait

If you haven’t received confirmation of your submission within a couple of days, please do query — sometimes emails go astray!

We try to respond to submissions within two weeks. You are encouraged, nay, exhorted to query if you haven’t heard from us within four weeks — include the word “QUERY” in your subject line, along with the title of your story.

What not to submit

We would much rather see your work than discourage you with a litany of things not to write. Also, execution trumps originality. So: If you love it, send it in.

What exactly we’re buying

For new stories, we are purchasing the right to be the first market to publish your story in English in three formats — here on our websites as part of an upcoming issue, as a part of an ebook edition of that issue, and as part of a small-run print “zine” edition of that issue. For reprints, we’re asking for the right to include your story in an upcoming issue, and we’d prefer that it not debut in another English language online market at the same time.

Via: The Sockdolager.

Ongoing Submissions: New Zenith Magazine

Payment: All works 250 or less words will receive $5.00. Works of 251 words or more will receive $0.02 per word

New Zenith Magazine is launching its first issue in July 2016. Our print edition will run quarterly, while the web-only supplement will be updated on a monthly basis.

What we accept:

New Zenith accepts any fiction up to roughly 3000 words in any genre except erotica. We accept cartoons, illustrations/illustrated stories and photography/photo storytelling. We publish authors of any age.

We do not accept non-fiction of any type. However, non-fiction on the topic of writing may be submitted to our bloglivewritelovelearn.

Our magazine will have a feature called “The Prompt.” For this prompt, please write one piece of flash fiction 400 words or less. Somewhere in the work should be the line, “I woke up and found myself …” It doesn’t matter where it appears, but it must be included. Prompts should be submitted with the subject line “Prompt.”

For magazine submissions email David Connell [email protected]

For blog submissions email Michelle Irby [email protected]

Fiction should have the subject “New Zenith Submission.”

Cover Art should have the subject “Cover Art.”

Photography/photo stories should have the subject “Photo Submission.”

Cartoons: We are looking for an illustrator who will provide a regular cartoon strip if possible. We also accept standalone cartoons, email with the subject “Cartoon Submission.”

Deadlines for July 30th issue: Works must be submitted by Noon Eastern Daylight Time, June 30, 2016 to be considered for inclusion in the July issue. Anything received after that deadline will be considered for the September issue, and for inclusion on the web site for August and September.

You may submit up to 3 works of prose, 5 works of poetry and 5 works of art/photography unless requested otherwise. Please submit each work in the body of the email, one per message.


All rights will return to the author upon publication. The magazine will retain the right to archive and reprint the story in its original form. This is solely for the purpose of providing reprints and an online archive to our subscribers. We will notify you if we wish to add your work to a “Best of” edition. Authors may choose if they wish to participate in that edition.


Prose/poetry: All works 250 or less words will receive $5.00. Works of 251 words or more will receive $0.02 per word.

Photography/Photo stories: $7.00 per submission.

Art/Cartoons: $15.00 per submission.

Via: New Zenith Magazine.

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