Taking Submissions: FORESHADOW: A Serial YA Anthology

Deadline: February 1st, 2019
Payment: Unclear but has potential and looks to be an interesting market

FORESHADOW: A Serial YA Anthology will be published monthly on this site for a single year starting in January 2019 and ending December 2019, and will feature stellar YA stories from established and emerging authors. Each issue will feature three stories, one of which will be from a new voice specially selected by a beloved author.




We are seeking original YA short stories. Please see our FAQ for what we mean by YA or young adult; stories that are not YA will not be passed along to our team of readers for consideration.

Stories should be between 2,000 and 7,000 words.

We accept submissions from both previously published authors and New Voices (see guidelines below). We especially encourage submissions from underrepresented voices, including people of color and Indigenous writers; LGBTQIA+ and gender diverse writers; writers with disabilities; and religious, ethnic, and cultural minorities.


Every issue of FORESHADOW will feature a short story from a “new voice”—a writer who is very early in their career, and this story will be selected and introduced by a beloved, established author.

New voices guidelines:

  • Writers being considered as a new voice in our serial anthology cannot have a previously published:
    • A young-adult, middle-grade, or adult book-length work of fiction.
    • A full-length poetry collection.
    • More than a few short stories, whether in print or online—we will look closely at the markets where they’ve been published to decide (e.g., someone with three stories in the New Yorker would not count as a “new voice”).
  • Writers also, at the time of submission, cannot have a YA, middle-grade, or adult book of fiction under contract that will be published before January 2020.
  • Writers who have written picture books or poetry chapbooks can be considered a new voice for our serial anthology, so long as they have published only one of such a book by summer 2018.
  • To be considered for a new voice slot, please include “NEW VOICE” next to your name in the subject line of the email and please mention it in your cover note. Directions on how to submit a story can be found below.


To foreshadow in storytelling is to leave hints and drop clues, so each story in FORESHADOW will be introduced by a single-word title that offers a suggestion of what to expect. To find that title, you might ask yourself this question: If you could distill your story into one word, what would it be? This title will act as a clue to what may be discovered in your story—and the issue. Perhaps the clues in our first issue might be Magic, Invention, and Heartbreak. Or Thrillride, Starstruck, and Canary. It’s your choice—and we’re open to most anything!

When you submit your story, please include your one-word clue. Ideally this will be the title of the story, but if not please still include the clue.


Your story cannot be previously published. This also means we won’t consider stories published on your personal blog, website, Patreon, or elsewhere.

Excerpts from longer works are okay, so long as they can stand alone and work effectively as short stories without any context for the reader. And so long as the book the excerpt is from will not be published before your story appears on our site in 2019.

If we accept your story for publication, we will connect you with one of our editors to help you make your story shine even brighter before it appears in FORESHADOW.

Yes, we do accept simultaneous submissions. If your work is accepted elsewhere, please reach out to us at [email protected] to withdraw your submission as soon as possible.


The next deadline is February 1, 2019.


It is our goal to pay all short story contributors the same amount, emerging and established alike. To do so, we have launched an Indiegogo campaign as well as an early debut issue, Issue Zero, to give a taste of what’s to come. Our currently running Indiegogo campaign offers some exciting rewards and opportunities to be a part of this project—please consider supporting our fundraising effort to help us pay artists for their work!

After the fundraising campaign is complete, we will clearly state how much we can pay all contributors and will notify any accepted writers of the amount before publication in Issues #1-12. You are welcome to withdraw your submission if you are not happy with the potential payment (submissions can be withdrawn by emailing [email protected]). If you prefer to know exactly how much you would potentially be paid for a story, please wait for our fundraiser to be complete and submit for our next deadline. Payment will be a nominal amount per story—the same amount for all stories we feature—not per word. Please note that we are not a SFWA qualifying market.


When you agree to let us publish your work in FORESHADOW: A Serial YA Anthology:

  • You grant us first serial rights. Once we have published your piece, the rights immediately revert back to you.
  • Your work will live on our website permanently.
  • You grant us the non-exclusive right to pull quotations from your work to promote the anthology.
  • After your work appears on our site, you’re free to republish it, or to give others permission to republish it. If you do so, please credit it as first appearing in FORESHADOW: A Serial YA Anthology and email us at [email protected] to notify us of the publication.
  • You grant us the non-exclusive right to include your work in a future possible print version of the anthology, unless you fill out the opt-out form in the contract or withdraw your story from consideration from us in writing by emailing [email protected]. We are not currently planning to collect stories in book form, but may decide to do so at a future date and would work to provide further payment for such a project.
  • If your work is an excerpt from a longer work that will be published in book form, in exact or adapted version, your story must appear exclusively on our site for six (6) months before your book is published. These works are disqualified from appearing in a future printed version of our anthology.


Stories submitted for the November 1 deadline will be responded to in the first few months of 2019. When your work is being held for further consideration, we often contact you to let you know.


  • Email [email protected]com with your name in the subject line. Please note this is a dedicated submission-only email address. Submissions sent to the other email address will be returned unread asking you to submit to the correct email.
  • To be considered for a new voice slot, please include “NEW VOICE” next to your name in the subject line.
  • Attach your story as a .PDF or .DOC file. Please don’t paste your story into the body of the email.
  • Please title your file with your one-word story and last name.
  • Documents must be DOUBLE-SPACED with the writer’s name appearing on all pages. Please use standard manuscript formatting and do not send single-spaced manuscripts.
  • Copy and paste this form into the body of your email, and fill it out with your details:
    Name: ___________
    Are you a New Voice? (See definition in our submission guidelines.) __________
    Single-word story title: __________
    Word count: __________
    Genre: _______________
    Author bio: ____________________________________________________
    (If you’re from a marginalized identity and are comfortable doing so, we invite you to mention your background in your bio. Not required, but it helps us as we sort through submissions.)
    Writer’s intention (optional): We invite you to tell us why it was important for you to write this story. _________________________________________________
    Previous publication credits: ____________________________________
  • REMINDER: If you’re a New Voice, please write that in the subject line to help us label it in our inbox.

Staff members are disqualified from submitting their work for publication.


For any submission-related questions, feel free to email the editors at [email protected].

Via: Foreshadow.

Taking Submissions: Sub-Q Game Jam Flash Fiction “Love”

Deadline: December 15th, 2018
Payment: Original: $0.06 USD/word for prose; $0.03 USD/word for interactivity ($0.09 USD/word for both) Reprints: $0.03 USD/word for prose; $0.015 USD/word for interactivity (0.045 USD/word)

As we announced last month, from November 15 to December 15, we’ll be hosting a game jam open to very short pieces of interactive fiction or sequential art on the theme of love. We’ll also be accepting submissions for interactive fiction proposals through our Submittable portal for authors new to the idea of interactive fiction.

The catch? All those submissions must be limited to 1000 words of prose, or 9 panels, put before the player. (Full rules and conditions can be found at either of the links above.)

Altogether, we’ll choose four pieces from four different author/artist/developers to run in our February 2019 issue at our standard rates.

Since today is November 15th, that game jam and the submission window for proposals are officially open! Both will close for entries at the end of the day (Pacific Time) on December 15th, and we hope to be able to make our final selections by early January.

Links for both the game jam and the proposal submission window are above, or you can click through below!

Game Jam: https://itch.io/jam/subqjam

Proposal Submissions: https://tinyurl.com/subQjam18

Our February issue will also feature a 1000-word-or-less game on the theme of “love” from two invited authors, to complement the entries we accept from the game jam and the proposal submission window. Those authors will be announced soon!

Excited yet? We know we are! We can’t wait to dive in to all the submitted games and proposals.

Got questions? Let us know on TwitterFacebookitch.io, or by e-mailing [email protected]

Via: Sub-Q.

Ongoing Submissions: Asymmetry Fiction

Payment: $5

To submit to Asymmetry Fiction, please email your story to: editor at asymmetryfiction dot com


We currently accept stories up to 3,000 words of length.

We are primarily interested in speculative fiction, but creative non-fiction (preferably with a weird angle) is also considered.

Please send your work in standard manuscript format. We accept .doc, .docx,.rtf, and .pages.

Multiple submissions are not accepted.

We retain First English Language serial rights, as well as the right to archive stories at our website.

We do not accept reprints.

Response time is typically 2-4 weeks.


We pay $5 per story. While this is a token payment, it’s important to us to pay writers for their work on principle, and we hope to be able to increase this in the future.

Via: Asymmetry Fiction.

Taking Submissions: The Writer’s Thread Showcase

Payment: $20.00

For each submission that I accept, I’m offering $20.00 for first serial rights of your piece.  Payment will be made upon publication via Paypal. 

I know, it’s not much, but it’s a start, right?

I’m looking for great fiction and/or non-fiction to feature on my Writer’s Thread Showcase Channel.  I want material that grabs your attention, leaves you thinking, and make you want to tell stories around the campfire again.  I’ll take a look at stories from all walks of life, including those featuring LGBTQIA themes and characters.  If the story is that good, that memorable, I want to see it.

If you don’t hear back from me within 30 days of submission, please assume that the story simply isn’t what I’m looking for.

So without further ado, here are the rules of submission.

  1. All entries must be between 50 and 5,000 words in length.  No exceptions.
  2. All entries must be made via.  No regular submissions will be accepted at this time.  Please send your submission to info(at)writersthread.com with the subject line of “Submission — Title–Your Name”
  3. Please send an edited copy.  If accepted, the story will appear as is, except for editing for grammar, typos, etc.
  4. Simultaneous submissions and translated stories are fine, provided that the author
    a) let me know if it is accepted elsewhere,
    b) provides information on the original author, including the author’s expressed permission to publish, and his/her/their information in order to provide credit.
  5. Except in the cases of translations, absolutely everything must be your own work.
  6. If you wish to provide original artwork or photography to go with your story, I will accept  JPEG files that have a height of 455 pixels and a width of 525 pixels.
  7. The subject matter is up to you, but keep it rated PG-13 or below.
  8. Please make sure to include a valid email address with your submission
  9. Submissions are always open, but only one submission per month will be read per author.

Via: The Writer’s Thread.

Taking Submissions: Page & Spine

Deadline: June 1st, 2019
Payment: all prose 501 to 3,000 words = $0.01/word with a $20 minimum, microflash (up to 150 words) = $5, flash (up to 500 words) = $10 – Longer work will be considered. Regardless of length, all payments are capped at $30. – 1 poem = $7 – Quips, limericks and other short poems = $5 each

Page & Spine is a paying site.  Because of the large number of submissions, we will no longer accept submissions that do not comply with our submissions requirements.  Emails containing attachments will be deleted unopened.

Requirements and rates:
Short Stories up to 3,000 words. Flash Fiction to 1,000 words.  Format:  Single space.  Indent paragraphs. Do not skip a line between paragraphs. Considered between October 1st and June 1st only.
Up to 3 Poems of not more than a total of three typewritten pages.  Considered between October 1st and June 1st only.
The Writers’ Table writing-related essays, book reviews, favorite author profiles of not more than 2,000 words.
The Reading Lamp  topical essays, non-fiction, fiction to 3,000 words, poems  
Crumbs short, witty PoetryQuips and thought-provoking Flash Fiction (to 150 words)
End Notes essays, poems, book reviews on any subject

Payscale:  all prose 501 to 3,000 words = $0.01/word with a $20 minimum,  microflash (up to 150 words) = $5, flash (up to 500 words) = $10
                    Longer work will be considered.  Regardless of length, all payments are capped at $30.
1 poem = $7
quips, limericks and other short poems = $5 each


Because we have bulging pending files in our short storyreading lamp and poems categories, submissions will be accepted only between October 1 and June 1 in these categories.  Please plan your submissions accordingly.

Due to a happy surfeit of unpublished submissions, reprints will not be accepted until further notice.

“Published” is defined as any piece that has been on public view anytime, anywhere.  Members only critique sites where work is viewed only by paying members is not a publication venue.

Author generated photography will not be paid, but may be published at the editorial board’s discretion with the understanding that Page & Spine can neither control dissemination nor protect copyrights and will not be held responsible for theft or misuse.
Due to a welcome flood of submissions, our usually short turn-around time has increased to six months, more or less. Simultaneous submissions will not be considered, so please take our delayed response into consideration when you submit.

For additional information or to share your writing with us, please send your submissions in the body of an e-mail to [email protected] .  Please mark the subject line: “Submission” or “Inquiry” as appropriate.  To avoid spreading viruses, attachments will not be opened and attachment-bearing e-mails will be deleted unopened.

Via: Page & Spine.

Ongoing Submissions: The Copperfield Review

Payment: Book reviews: $15, Poetry: $15 per poem, Short stories: $20, Interviews with historical novelists: $20
Note: Historical Fiction Market

We publish new pieces throughout each month. Authors should expect to hear from us within 12-16 weeks of sending their submissions.

The Copperfield Review is a paying market. Our rates are as follows:

Book reviews: $15

Poetry: $15 per poem

Short stories: $20

Interviews with historical novelists: $20

Nonfiction about tips for writing historical fiction or personal essays about writing historical fiction: $25

All payments are in U.S. dollars. Authors selected for publication after June 1, 2017 who wish to be paid must have a PayPal account. PayPal is our only method of payment at this time, so if your work is accepted and you wish to be paid by The Copperfield Review you will need to have a valid PayPal account.

* * * * *

Authors, agents, publishers, and publicists should carefully read and follow all guidelines prior to submitting. We’re sorry, but questions that can be answered by reading our guidelines are not likely to receive a response.

Please keep track of your submissions. We are unable to respond to queries asking when or if you submitted your work to us.

* * * * *

To contact us, please email us at copperfieldreview(at)gmail(dot)com.

We accept submissions 365 days a year. We accept previously published submissions. We do not charge reading fees. We reserve the right to edit the work we publish for length, content, and clarity. We reserve the right to remove an author’s work from our website at any time.

Authors must notify us immediately if they need to remove their submission or if their work is accepted elsewhere while it is under consideration at The Copperfield Review. We are unable to consider future submissions from authors who do not respect this request.

Authors, do not submit a new version of your story or a new bio after we have accepted your work. Proofread your work prior to sending it in and send the correct bio with your submission. Whatever you send as your submission is what will be published if we accept your work. No exceptions.

Authors who have been published in The Copperfield Review who need to have their work removed from our website should contact us at copperfieldreview(at)gmail(dot)com.

Do not contact editors at their personal email addresses or social media accounts with questions or comments regarding The Copperfield Review. All Copperfield business should be sent to The Copperfield Review.

Keep in mind that The Copperfield Review is a journal of historical fiction. Submissions that are not historical in nature will not be considered for publication.

While we have many contributors we have published numerous times over the years, please don’t be greedy and send frequent submissions. We like to make room for new authors we have not yet published in Copperfield, which means that we don’t necessarily accept pieces from previous contributors.


  • Short story submissions may be no longer than 3000 words in length. We also accept short shorts of 500-1000 words.
  • We will consider novel excerpts if the excerpt can stand on its own as a short story. The novel excerpt may be no longer than 3000 words.
  • Authors submitting short stories may submit one story per month.
  • We accept submissions of history-based poetry. Please note that we are now only accepting one poem per poet per submission each month.
  • Include a third person bio with your submission.
  • Send in the complete manuscript. Do not query first.


  • We accept submissions of nonfiction articles with tips for writing historical fiction or personal essays about writing historical fiction.
  • We also accept author interviews with authors of historical fiction.
  • There is a 3000 word limit for nonfiction submissions.
  • Nonfiction authors may submit one submission per month.
  • Include a third person bio with your submission.
  • Send in the complete manuscript. Do not query first.

Stories, articles, or poems that do not meet our guidelines will not be considered for publication.

To Submit Your Work:

Paste your submission and third person bio into an email and send it to copperfieldreview(at)gmail(dot)com. We do not accept file attachments as submissions. Submissions sent as file attachments will be deleted unread. We do not accept submissions sent as Google Docs. Submissions sent as a Google Doc file will be deleted unread.

If you’d like to keep up with the latest news and information from Copperfield, join us on Facebook.


If you have written a review of an historical novel or a nonfiction book about history or writing, we welcome the submission of your review. Reviewers may send in one submission per month. Send in the complete manuscript. Do not query first. Book reviews must be submitted with book review information:

  1. title of novel
  2. author of novel
  3. publisher
  4. how many quills awarded (on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being best)
  5. Include a third person bio with your submission.

Via: The Copperfield Review.

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