Can ChatGPT Be Your Developmental Editor?

Editor’s note: Hi all! Your friendly neighborhood editor, Stuart, here. This doesn’t reflect the views of Horror Tree, just one of our staff members. I’m going to take full responsibility for this piece going live. Anyone following our newsletter or TWF updates knows that I’m slammed with my MBA classes at the moment. While I have editorial coverage on our fiction section, I, unfortunately, do not have editorial coverage on our articles, so I have been allowing some of our long-term writers to have their pieces go up without the usual due diligence that they deserve.

This is 110% on me.

It is a mistake I made as I should have done an approval on all topics and not just time slots, and I should have figured out some extra steps in our editing prior to this.

I’ll be writing something a bit longer to take full responsibility and post this to the site within the next week. I cannot do this today as the deadline for a huge paper I’m working on right now is literally tomorrow. I understand anyone who will want to stop reading the site over this and agree with your decision.

This post will be removed soon.  

I apologize that I let this go through; if it had been a clickbaity headline that ended with the answer being no, I would have let it be a valid post. Horror Tree’s views on AI do not agree with this one, and I apologize.

Can ChatGPT Be Your Developmental Editor?

Edited: The short answer is No.

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