After You Try It, You’ll Be Hooked on Linguix!

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We all know that both Grammarly and ProWritingAid have become the default for correcting our grammar in email, on Facebook, and so many other options. At least, those of us who have bought in have. However, what if you want all of the fancy paid features without having to cough up a monthly or yearly fee? Wouldn’t that be nice? Now you can, and at a very large steal with the current deal on Linguix! This new Chrome extension really puts the others out there to shame when it comes to their pricing model.

They’re running a lifetime deal at $59 compared to what would usually cost $360+ and at this discounted price is quite affordable compared to the leading options.

What are the high-level features?
– Works as a plugin for Chrome to fix your grammar on the fly!
– Automatically check grammar, punctuation, and style on your favorite sites with the Linguix browser extension
– Get context-appropriate writing recommendations, and speed up your process by up to 600% with intelligent snippets
– Best for: Marketers, non-native English writers, and anyone who posts looking to improve their writing as they go

We’re talking well beyond a standard spell-check here and the features blow away what you can find in free versions of the competition (and the price will have your savings account smiling that you didn’t spend more than you had to!) There are “over 2,700+ advanced grammar, spelling, and style corrections” which will easily help you find that typo or tense error before you send an e-mail to your publisher or send out a status update to social media. Ducking autocorrect, right?

No more of that as you transition to having everything you write just end up being better.

So if you want to pick it up, be sure to head to head over and order Linguix today!

So what exactly is included? Here is the breakdown:

  • Basic grammar and spelling checks

  • Unlimited grammar checker

  • 2,700 checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure

  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions

  • Personalized language learning

  • Fix 9M typos

  • Essay templates

  • Synonyms suggestions

  • Dictionary

  • Grammar handbook

  • Personalized learning

  • English level interactive tests

  • Content templates

  • Team management

  • Writing insights on a team level

  • Corporate snippets

  • Mobile app (Android and IOS)

As a bonus, we’ve got a super pumped sales video for it to share with you right here:

Level Up Your Team’s Writing with Linguix Business

Don’t forget to order Linguix before this deal comes to an end!

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