A New Feature For The Artists Who Frequent Horror Tree

Artwork donated by <a href="https://www.artstation.com/bcandiotti" target="_blank">Barbara Candiotti</a>.

Artwork donated by Barbara Candiotti.

One of our readers, Barbara Candiotti, made note that some of our calls for writers also have mentions for artwork. Either cover art, interior art, or just to showcase art alongside the stories being submitted. We did not have an easy way to find these features. Now some of you might say that, yes, Horror Tree is a resource primarily for speculative fiction writers and readers. However, we’re all artists. Some of us use words, and some of us use visuals.

Adding a category for the artists out there was an easy addition to the site. We’ve added an “artwork” tag to the site which is linked here. You can also get to this section under the “Non-Anthologies” area in the main menu above. This was, honestly, an extremely easy addition and it took more time to go in and tag pre-existing posts than to add this new feature.

I’ve gone in and added many of our current open calls and some of our older “Ongoing” open calls from the past that take artwork. This is by no means a complete area and we’ll be adding all of the new open calls going forward that take artwork. Existing guidelines may not have what the outlets pay for artwork in the header section of the post, though I will be trying to add that in moving forward and updating older posts as I’m able. (I’m only one man!) 😉

I’d truly appreciate it if you please reach out on our contact page in any of the following scenarios!

  • If you see any open calls that are taking speculative fiction-themed artwork and are paying for it (with either a deadline or that are always open.)
  • You stumble across existing guidelines we have posted that have artwork though don’t display what the pay is in the header section.
  • You stumble across existing guidelines we have posted that pay for artwork and aren’t tagged that they pay for artwork.

Thank you again to Barbara Candiotti for the suggestion, and I hope that the visual artists who frequent the site enjoy this new feature!

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