Taking Submissions: Division By Zero 2016


Deadline: March 31st, 2016
Payment: 1¢/word up to $50

Upheaval. Unrest. Turmoil. Radicalism. These are the ideas that come to mind when we think of revolution. But buried within that word is another. Evolution. The slow, inexorable march of the old giving way to the new. The new, giving way to the newer. And the newer, perhaps forgetting its past, giving way to something come around again.

Change. Circumstances change. Climates change. Regimes change. And in each instance, those ideas best adapted for survival are usually those rewarded. This is evolution. But let’s not forget that circumstances can be changed. Climates can be changed. Regimes can be changed. This is revolution.

Which brings us to you.

Write a story that deals with change, with all the consequences, intended and unintended, that follow. Juxtapose revolution and evolution. Offer us the ascendant avant-garde, or the resurgent old guard. Entertain us. Enlighten us. Give us that moment of exhilaration that comes from the realization of the fantastic.

The change starts with you. The change ends with you. The change is you.

(Accepting speculative fiction stories between 2,000 and 12,000 words. See Submissions page for more details.)

So you want to submit a story? Fantastic! Here are a couple of things you should know: while we have opened our doors to stories originating beyond the Michigan borders, we do still remain committed to showcasing great Michigan writers. Because of that, we will maintain a minimum 60/40 ratio of Michigan-to-non-Michigan authors.

We accept story submissions for upcoming projects only in the stated window for each, as listed on the project’s page. Find our open projects at the left.

Make sure your story is well-written and edited, and generally free of copy errors. Format your pages with 1″ margins, ragged right, and double-spaced. We prefer a sans serif font (like Arial, Verdana, Tahoma or similar), 11 or 12pt, as we’ll be reviewing the stories on a computer screen. The body of your email is your cover letter. Writers are encouraged to purchase a copy of one of our previous editions to find out what sort of stories we have accepted in the past.

Story Submission Guidelines


2,000 – 12,000 words (pref. 8,000)


Any speculative fiction sub-genre intended for an adult or YA reader, including (but not limited to) science fiction, fantasy, horror, urban fantasy, real-world magic, etc. If it has a speculative element, we’ll read it.


MS Word, Open Office, RTF, or Plain Text


Email your MS as an attachment to: submissions@mifiwriters.org


1¢/word up to $50


We retain first publication rights, exclusive publication rights for 1 year, and the option to include your story in a “best of” anthology at some point in the future.




No. We’d prefer you submit one story, wait for our response, and then send another.


No. If you’re going to submit to us, please don’t submit your story elsewhere at the same time. We’ll do our best to give you a timely response.

Via: Mifi Writers.

Taking Submissions: Swords of Darkness

Deadline: November 30, 2015
Payment: $20 and a digital copy

Do you love to write fantasy stories?

Do you dream of princesses and dragons?

Do the dragons sometimes win?

Come write for me! I’m putting together my first anthology, called Swords of DarknessSelected stories will be fantasy tales featuring a sword, though what you do beyond that is up to you. Previously published authors and newbies are both welcome to submit.

What I’m looking for: Fantasy stories featuring a sword of some kind. Ideal length is 3,000-6,000 words, but stories up to 10,000 words will be considered. I’m more concerned that you tell a story to completion, rather than write to a specific word count. If you’re worried about length, just email me. I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Previously published works are fine, but please let me know at the time of submission. I’ll be selecting 10 stories for publication.

Pay: I’ll be buying one-time digital publication rights. Pay is $20 per story + a digital copy when the book is completed. (You can do whatever you want with your story, including self-publish it or submit it to other publishers. You retain all of your rights.)

Submission deadline: November 30, 2015

Publication date: January 1st, 2016

Edited by: L.C. Mortimer, author of The Dead of Night. When I’m not busy penning zombie novels, I’m a full-time non-fiction writer and editor.

Where to Submit: Email submissions to lucycordeliamortimer@gmail.com. Please don’t stress or worry about formatting. I will be reformatting everything once I select the stories, so don’t waste your time worrying. As long as I can open the story in Word, I’m happy. You will hear back from me with a yay or nay by December 15th.

What to Send: Email me your story as an attachment. Please include a brief author bio. If you have social media links, a website, or books up on Amazon, please include those links.

Via: L.C. Mortimer.

Taking Submissions: Specter Spectacular III: 13 Uncanny Tales

Deadline: January 31, 2016
Payment: $10
Reprints Allowed

Anthologists: Laura Harvey and Sarena Ulibarri

With Specter Spectacular III, we hope to expand on the previous volumes of “ghostly” tales and “deathly” tales by delving into the realm of “uncanny” tales. Many of these will be similar to what you’ve seen in previous volumes: ghosts, poltergeists, psychopomps, psychic mediums. But the idea of the uncanny opens up additional possibilities: creepy doppelgängers, too-close-to-human robots, changeling intruders, cryptid animals, jarring juxtapositions. Leave your clichés at the door and show us fresh and fascinating new tales.

The essence of the uncanny is an unsettled feeling, a sense that something isn’t quite right, often coupled with an inability to articulate exactly why. Our tastes lean more toward the psychological than toward gore, especially for this volume. We’re looking for a wide range of interpretations and a balance of styles and tones (serious, humorous, modern, historical, futuristic, mythological, gothic, etc.). We aim for the same high quality of stories that appeared in Specter Spectacular I and II.

Rights and compensation: Payment: $10 + paperback copy of the anthology. We will consider new and reprinted works in English. For previously unpublished works: Seeking first world rights in English and exclusive right to publish in print and electronic format for six months after publication date, after which publisher retains nonexclusive right to continue to publish for life of the anthology. For reprints: Seeking non-exclusive right to publish in print and electronic formats for life of anthology. Preference for stories which have not been anthologized previously.

Open submission period: October 1, 2015 – January 31, 2016.

Length: Under 10,000 words.

Submission method: Paste the story into the body of the e-mail message. Include the approximate word count. Subject line: SSIII– [Story Title]. Send submission to: submissions[at]worldweaverpress[dot]com.

Simultaneous submissions = okay. Sending us many submissions at once = no.

Previous anthologies in the Specter Spectacular series

Via: World Weaver Press.

Taking Submissions: Wax & Wane: A Coven of Witch Tales


Deadline: $13 plus a contributor’s copy
Payment: November 30, 2015

Witches have long captivated mankind throughout recorded history, and remain influential as one of the most iconic of folkloric images. Nosetouch Press wants your very best witch stories, featuring magical, powerful women who use witchcraft for good or evil, in classic as well as new takes on witches–we welcome vintage witches, good witches, wicked witches, futuristic witches, high fantasy witches, techno-witches, boundary-breaking witches–bring them all! Wax & Wane is an anthology of 13 fantastic witch stories to entrance and enchant readers and fans of witches everywhere.

Submissions are open from October 1 through November 30, 2015. Please email Nosetouch Press at submissions [AT] nosetouchpress.com and include all submissions as an attachment (.doc or .rtf). Please list the anthology title in your subject line. No simultaneous or multiple submissions, please.

Submission Schedule

Submissions Accepted: October 1 through November 30, 2015
Length: 2,000 to 10,000 words
Payment: $13 plus a contributor’s copy
Release: May, 2016

Via: Nose Touch Press.

Ongoing Submissions: Sub-saharan Magazine

Payment: 1¢ per word for up to 1000 words, $10 flat for stories above that, and $5 for any piece below 500 words.
Reprints Allowed at a lower pay (read below)

Before you submit to us, endeavour to follow our website, like our Facebook page, and follow us on twitter. We make this a criterion, for now, because we are a new market and we hope our network mushrooms with your support.


Although we have a soft spot for submissions by Africans, we welcome stories from the rest of the world if they present Africa in a Fantasy, science fiction, or horror setting or with speculative elements. The characters in such stories mustn’t be blacks. In fact, if making your characters black is the only African attribute in your story, then it is probably not for us. We want you to dive into rare African cultures and traditions, tweak them to your taste and sprinkle magic and futuristic science over them. Then serve them to us in a platter made of an unusual and fluid voice, a well-defined plot, characters that are larger than life, dry humour, and imageries that leave their imprints in our minds long after we finish devouring them.

We consider stories up to 2000 words, but we prefer to see ones between 100 and 1000 words. Anything above 2000 words will be rejected.

For Nigerian authors, we pay N2 per word for up to 1000 words, N2000 flat for stories above that, and N1000 for anything below 500 words.

For authors from the rest of the world, we pay 1¢ per word for up to 1000 words, $10 flat for stories above that, and $5 for any piece below 500 words.

We pay on publication via PayPal or with Amazon Gift Cards for foreign authors. For Nigerian authors, we pay via bank transfer or MTN/Airtel/Etisalat recharge vouchers.

We buy the right to exclusively publish your piece on our website and in our quarterly Anthology. Most rights revert back to the author after six month of the piece appearing on our website. However, we will retain nonexclusive rights to continue selling the issue of our Anthology in which your piece appeared and to keep the piece in our archive.

Submit your work as a DOC, DOCX, or RTF attachment to magazinesubsaharan@gmail.com with “Story Submission: Your Story Title” as the subject of the email. Please, the attached manuscript must be in standard manuscript format. Any story that isn’t properly formatted will be rejected. The same goes for stories that don’t follow the guidelines.

We want your poems of up to forty lines. Anything above that will be rejected. We prefer our poems dark, speculative, and humorous. Please no romantic poems, unless it’s about a date with a murderous alien on a poisonous planet where you end up dying by either throttling or sheer asphyxiation before you could write the poem.

Please use “Poetry Submission: You Poem Title” as the subject of your email.

We pay $5 flat for each accepted poem.

We occasionally accept story reprints. Therefore, if you are submitting a story for reprint, you must include “reprint” in the subject of your email in this format: “Reprint Submission: Story Title”. Also include where and when the story was first published in the body of the email.

We do not accept poetry reprints.

We pay $5 flat for accepted reprints between 500 and 5000 words.

We accept unsolicited artwork. Your artwork must be attached in JPEG or PGN format, and the file size should be no more than 5mb. Use “Artwork Submission: Your artwork title” as the subject of your email.

We pay between $5 and $10 for artwork, depending on the quality and how much we love it.

Please no multiple submissions. We, however, don’t mind simultaneous submissions, provided that you alert us if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

We try to respond to all submissions in two weeks. However, if you haven’t heard from us in a month, do query via the email magazinesubsaharan@gmail.com with “Query: Your Piece Title” as the subject. In the body of your email, include the date and type of submission.

Via: Sub-saharan Magazine.

Taking Submissions: See The Elephant 2016 Issues


Deadline: October 31st, 2015
Payment: 6c per word for original content, max $200. 2c per word for reprints published in the magazine, maximum $100. 1c per word for web only reprints, max $50.
Reprints Allowed but unlikely

See the Elephant is a new semi-pro e-zine published by Metaphysical CircusPress. To learn about the kind of fiction we publish, please see MCP Style & What We’re Seeking.

  • Our open submissions period for the 2016 issues will be Sept 1-Oct 31, 2015 through our Submittable Account (see link below).
  • If you were personally invited to submit, please include a note that mentions which editor invited you.
  • You must be signed up for our mailing list in order to be considered for publication, unless you were personally invited to submit by one of our editors (even then, we hope you will). This is because we are building a community of writers. We need your support to make this a success.
  • Length: 500-6000 words. Longer may be considered if it is suitable for serialization. We are interested in original work only.
  • Pay: 6c per word for original content, max $200. 2c per word for reprints published in the magazine, maximum $100. 1c per word for web only reprints, max $50.
  • Simultaneous Submissions: This year we prefer that you not submit elsewhere at the same time. We will try to reply to all work within one month of submission with a decline or notice that the work has moved to the next round of selection.
  • Multiple Submissions: No, unless the submission is flash fiction (under 1000 words) in which case you may send up to three.
  • Reprints:  Yes, provided the story is not currently available for free elsewhere on the web. Don’t let those great stories languish! If you have a new book out, having reprints on the web can serve as a great promotional tool for you.
  • Response Times:  We hope to get back to everyone within 1 month of submission. If it’s been longer, feel free to query and we will let you know where things stand.
  • To Submit:
    • Work must be professionally formatted. For an example see William Shun’s guide. Please be sure that your work is polished, as typos and grammatical errors will make our eyes cross and render us unable to continue reading your submission.


Via: Metaphysical Circus.

Taking Submissions: Bumps in the Road


Deadline: December 1st, 2015
Payment: An equal share between contributors of 20% royalties and contributor’s copies (1 physical and digital

With the blessing of Black Bed Sheet Books, I’ve been given the opportunity to compile, design, and edit an anthology that will be published under the BBS name.  This isn’t just an announcement, this is an open call to all horror writers.  Below are the submission guidelines.  If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

First, a little about BBS:  Black Bed Sheet Books was founded in 2008 by one, Nicholas Grabowsky.  Nicholas has been a published author since the 1980s, including the novelization ofHalloween IV.  His Wikipedia entry is extensive and worth checking out, giving some very interesting information.  His work has received positive acknowledgements from both Clive Barker and Wes Craven.

To learn more about BBS check them out here, where you can also find their brand new 2015/2016 catalog.

Also, do note, the picture to the left is not the working cover of the book.  It’s a tentative mockup.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES for “Bumps in the Road”

How long can my story be?  Between 1,000 and 7,000 words.

What’s the theme?  Road trips.  Long stretches of road with an exciting destination ahead of you, whether alone or with a group of friends and/or family, can be a great time.  We don’t want to hear about those good times.  We want to hear about the regrettable ones.  The unfortunate things that happened along the way.  Whatever it is, you must include a road trip of some sort; be it car, bicycle, motorcycle, hitchhiking, one of those sweet custom 70s vans. You get the idea.  This should leave you with a wide avenue (see what I did there?) to work with.  I’m not even going to give you examples.  Give us your best, most unique situations, leaving our readers wanting….no….needing to know what happens next.  We want your best fresh material.  Originality is key here.  We want this to be a quality book that tells uncomfortable tales that haven’t been done before.  You don’t need to necessarily scare us, but make the ride entertaining.  If you insist on bringing some Sci-Fi to the table please present it with at least a dash of creepy.

Will you accept my poem?  Most likely no…unless you can wow us with something that would otherwise change our minds.

What can’t I write about?  We want nothing to do with torture porn, stuff with kids like molestation, rape, etc….No gratuitous sex.  Sometimes less is more, folks!  I’d rather be shocked because you tell an awesome story than shocked because you’re sick in the head.

Will you take reprints?  No.  Give us some fresh goods.  We know you’ve got it in you!

Is there payment?  You’ll get a free print copy to put on that special place on the shelf and equal share between contributors of 20% royalties (payment courtesy of Black Bed Sheet Books).  You’ll also get an ebook copy in just about any variety you like:  Kindle, Nook, PDF, PDB, and even Microsoft Reader.  What’s even more valuable is the exposure you’ll be getting and all the chaffy elbows you’ll be rubbing!

Anything special about the format?  Yes, please send your polished document in .doc format with Times New Roman (size 12) font.  Also make sure to include a bio, links, contact information and any other pertinent info at the top of the document.  This makes it easier on us and makes you look like you know how to follow directions.

What’s the deadline?  The deadline is set for December 1st, 2015, or until full.  Don’t procrastinate.  Get to pounding away on that beautiful prose you do so well!

When will I know if I made the cut?  Most likely within two weeks of you clicking “send”.  We know what it’s like to obsessively check our inbox for that special letter so we’ll try and get back to you as soon as possible.  If something happens and you don’t hear back from us after that two-week time frame, bug us about it.  If you’ve made the cut you’ll also be invited to a private Facebook group filled with the authors who have made it (yes, our own clubhouse).

How long after the deadline will the book be published?  Unless the zombies come, the first week in January all your hard work will finally pay off and you’ll be able to share the link to Amazon.

What about my rights?  How’s First Serial and 1-year Exclusive Rights starting on date of publication sound?  Then you can take that beauty of yours and show it around some more elsewhere if you like.

Where do I send my awesome story?  Send it to Chad7Lutzke@gmail.com with the subject line:  “BUMPS IN THE ROAD – NAME OF STORY – YOUR NAME”.  Yes, all caps please.

Anything else you need to say?  Yes, bring us your best.  As stated above, originality really is key here.  If all you’ve got is a boogeyman or monster that cuts everyone up at the first rest stop they see then you may want to re-work it.  Unless of course you present it from a completely unique angle.  Looking forward to seeing what you can come up with!


Taking Submissions: Last Outpost


Deadline: December 15th, 2015
Payment: $0.01/word and a contributor’s copy

Anthologist: Bascomb James

Third volume in the Far Orbit anthology series edited by Bascomb James. Series includes Far Orbit (volume one) and Far Orbit Apogee (volume two); Far Orbit Perigee (volume four, accepting submissions starting January 1, 2016.)

To protect from all enemies… World Weaver Press is expanding the Far Orbit anthology series with a new a new military science fiction anthology, Last Outpost. Last Outpost will be published in 2016. As the name implies, we’re looking for military adventure stories, page-turners that keep us on the edge of our seats. We’re not looking for mindless mayhem; we want compelling science fiction stories with a military theme.

Send us stories about grunts, space fleets, espionage, alien invasion (even if we are the aliens), hostage recovery, battle bots, drones and droids, cyber wars, special ops, inciting rebellions, or quelling them. Anything in the military action adventure genera is fair game. We’ll entertain biopunk, cyberpunk, solarpunk, and other punkish motifs but the story has to be a rip-roaring adventure. Please stay away from fantasy elements (wizards, magic, gods, etc.). Fan fiction is a definite no-no. Fantasy-like adventures (John Carter of Mars) have to be really special to be included in the anthology. Gore is OK but it has to advance the plot.

Please remember that this is a science fiction anthology. The action can take place on far off worlds or on Earth, in the far future or the day after tomorrow; so long as it’s a military themed science fiction adventure. If you can write a military space opera in under 10,000 words, go for it. We’ll be happy to read it.

Here are some submission tips from Bascomb James, the series anthologist.

  • I’m not a fan of the “everyone dies horribly” ending unless you can really move me.
  • I’m looking for subject diversity in the anthology. If you’ve written something different in this genera, I want to read it.
  • I love escapist adventures, mind candy, and thoughtful integration of technologies and aliens.

<span “font-size:11.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:”calibri”,sans-serif;=”” mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin;mso-fareast-font-family:calibri;mso-fareast-theme-font:=”” minor-latin;mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin;mso-bidi-font-family:”times=”” roman”;=”” mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi;mso-ansi-language:en-us;mso-fareast-language:=”” en-us;mso-bidi-language:ar-sa”=””>Previously published stories are acceptable but we will not publish stories that have been previously anthologized.

Rights and compensation: Payment: $0.01/word. All contributors will receive a paperback copy of the anthology. For previously unpublished works: Seeking first world rights in English and exclusive rights to publish in print and electronic format for twelve months after publication date after which publisher retains nonexclusive right to continue to publish for a term. For reprints: Seeking non-exclusive right to publish in print and electronic formats for a term. Previously unpublished stories preferred; reprints will be considered. No previously anthologized stories.

Open submission period: September 15 – December 15, 2015.

Length: Under 10,000 words

Submission method: Paste the story into the body of the e-mail message. Include the approximate word count. Subject line: Outpost – [Story Title]. Send submission to: farorbit[at]worldweaverpress[dot]com.

Simultaneous submissions = okay. Sending us many submissions at once = no.

Via: World Weaver Press.

Ongoing Submissions: Anthology Builder


Payment: Each time an anthology containing the Work is purchased through the AnthologyBuilder web site, the Author will receive a pro rata share of royalties based on word count. The total royalty amount to be shared between all authors will be at least $1.50 per anthology.

As an example, if the Work was included in a 70,000-word anthology, and the Work contained 7,000 words, the Author would receive $1.50 x 7000 / 70000 = $0.15 in royalties.

Payments will be issued twice per year as long as the amount due the Author is at least $20.00. If the amount due the Author is less than $20.00, payment will be delayed until the total amount due reaches $20.00.

Note: Reprints Only 
Note: This is an interesting concept but I can’t find any proof of actual sales that will benefit you.

The goal of AnthologyBuilder is to become a printable library of sorts, a place where readers can easily find reprints by their favorite authors and have them delivered as a professionally bound book with beautiful cover art.

Submissions: AnthologyBuilder is seeking fiction, non-fiction, and poetry of up to 50,000 words in a variety of languages. We buy non-exclusive reprint rights and request that unsolicited submissions be previously published in a paying market.

Authors should be aware that AnthologyBuilder does not have the resources of a large publishing house and does not copy-edit manuscripts. In order to preserve your professional dignity, please proofread submissions carefully.

Fiction: AnthologyBuilder is seeking fiction in a variety of genres including, but not limited to, mainstream, thriller, mystery, romance, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. We regret that we do not accept erotica, nor stories with excessive violence or sexuality.

Non-Fiction: We are seeking non-fiction articles, brief memoirs, and personal essays on a wide variety of topics. We regret that our automatic conversion system cannot currently process charts, images, complex mathematical equations, or other unusual formatting.

Poetry: The submission system for poetry is still undergoing testing. Please hold submissions until the testing process is completed. If you would like to participate in the testing process, please contact us.

Languages: We currently accept submissions written in English, French, German, Ilokano, Italian, and Spanish.

If your submission was originally written in English and then translated into a foreign language, please verify that you have all necessary rights to submit it to us. Often, the translator retains partial rights to the foreign language version.

Payment: We pay a pro rata royalty each time a manuscript is purchased as part of an anthology. Specifics can be read in our author contract.

Submission Process: Manuscripts may be submitted through our onlinesubmission form. (You will need to create an account before submitting.)

We evaluate submissions partially based on the market in which they originally appeared. If you suspect that we may not be familiar with your story’s market, please include some brief information about it and a link to its guidelines in the “comments” field.

Once your story is submitted, it may take up to ten days for us to determine whether your submission is a good fit for AnthologyBuilder and to format it for use in our database. We will send you an email once we have made a decision on your story.

Manuscript Format: Please use standard manuscript format, using italics rather than underlined text to signify emphasis. Scene breaks should be denoted with a single number sign (#) rather than with asterisks.

Via: Anthology Builder.

Taking Submissions: Alternate Hilarities 5: One Star Reviews of the Afterlife

Deadline: December 31st, 2015
Payment Breakdown:
Reprint Flash Fiction – one E-book.
Reprint Short Fiction – one E-book and 1 share of royalties.
New Flash Fiction – a half cent a word paid on publication as well as one E-book and 1 share of royalties.
New Short Fiction – one cent a word paid on publication as well as one E-book and 2 shares of royalties.
Note: Reprints Accepted

Strange Musings Press is looking for short funny paranormal stories of life after death for our new anthology, Alternate Hilarities 5: One Star Reviews of the Afterlife.

I don’t want to lock anyone down as to what I am looking for, but you need to have two things for sure. It needs to deal with the afterlife and it needs to be funny. I’m looking for administrative mistakes in heaven, weird deals with the devil, strange stories of hauntings and odd interpretations of eternity. I will consider Fantasy, Science Fiction or Horror if you make some connection to the afterlife.

Remember, your story needs to be funny all the way through. If it is just a lead up to a punch line, make it short (500 words).

We will consider reprints if your story has been out of print for more than two years.

We are looking for:

Flash Fiction between 500 and 1500 words.

Short Fiction between 1501 and 6000 words.

We are paying:

Reprint Flash Fiction – one E-book.

Reprint Short Fiction – one E-book and 1 share of royalties.

New Flash Fiction – a half cent a word paid on publication as well as one E-book and 1 share of royalties.

New Short Fiction – one cent a word paid on publication as well as one E-book and 2 shares of royalties.

We will be running a Kickstarter to fund a print edition and our first set of stretch goals will be to increase payments for the contributors. Between 2 and 8 cents, depending on backers support. All contributors will get a copy of the print edition upon successful funding of the Kickstarter.

Alternate Hilarities 5 is slated for release in the second quarter of 2015.

Please review the submission Guidelines

The official deadline for this anthology is December 31st.

Check here for the status of your submission.

Via: Strange Musings Press

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