Taking Submissions: Palookaville

Deadline: January 1st, 2017
Payment: $50 upon acceptance and an equal share of profits from sales
Note: The deadline was JUST extended so some of the dates below haven’t been updated to reflect that as of yet.

Pine Float Press is pleased to open a solicitation for its latest anthology project, PALOOKAVILLE.

Powell Heights has always kept its distance from the City. The town, half an
hour away from the Federal Penitentiary and the State Hospital and twenty
minutes by train from the City, has made a handy living from crime since Vincenzo “Pretty Vinnie” Buonatesta muscled his way into defacto ownership of the prison during his incarceration and rebuilt the town as a place where his crew and hangers-on could regroup and live out from under the eye of the law.

The locals started to call their town “Palookaville.” The name stuck, changing from a mark of shame to a badge of pride as more Mob soldiers and the freelance muscle that served the growing ranks of supervillains settled in the town and the town grew to accommodate their needs. They left the struggles of their workaday world in the City for the most part, blowing off steam on the Boardwalk or mixing it up in the roving barfight by the docks and
then going home to their families. They felt secure in Palookaville, knowing that they were as close to invisible and untouchable as anyone could be in a world where the gods walked and titans battled in the skies.

Untouchable and invisible until Gaia of the Five Freedoms was found dead in Buonatesta Park.

PALOOKAVILLE, tenatively scheduled for release in Q4 of 2016, is a blue-collar supervillain antholology set in the shadows of the superheroic world. Second-string criminals, masked mooks and clued-in henchmen leave the stresses of the criminal world behind and live “normal lives,” until the outside world muscles its way in.

Fortunately, the citizens of Palookaville know all about muscling in.


  • 5,000 – 7,000 word original stories set in the shared city of Powell Heights
  • Stories are due no later than 12 a.m. August 15
  • Payment: $50 upon acceptance and an equal share of profits from sales. Individual stories will be available for sale in electronic format, with individual authors receiving 80 percent of profit from sale (85 percent if author supplies cover art.)
  • Pine Float Press will retain exclusive electronic and print rights for a period of one year after publication or two years after solicitation

Original solicitation document’s available here. Send submissions and an introductory email to [email protected] with the header SOLICITATION: PALOOKAVILLE.

Show us what you’ve got, tough guy.

Via: Pine Float Press.

Taking Submissions: NonBinary Review #11


Deadline: November 1st, 2016
Payment: 1 cent per word for fiction and nonfiction, and a flat fee of $10 for poetry (singular poems or a suite) and $25 per piece of visual art, payable upon receipt of the signed publication contract and contributor’s copy
Note: They are open to genre mashups, not sure how hard of a sell horror or suspense could be here but they don’t say it isn’t allowed!

NonBinary Review is a quarterly digital literary journal that joins poetry, fiction, essays, and art around each issue’s theme. We invite authors to explore each theme in any way that speaks to them: re-write a familiar story from a new point of view, mash genres together, give us a personal essay about some aspect of our theme that has haunted you all your life. We also invite art that will accompany the literature and be featured on our cover. All submissions must have a clear and obvious relationship to some specific aspect of the source text (a character, episode, or setting). Submissions only related by a vague, general, thematic similarity are unlikely to be accepted.

Please consult the Wikipedia entry on Anne of Green Gables for a plot summarization & cast of characters, & refer to the free text of the novel available through Project Gutenberg. Submissions which do not tie into the plot or make use of characters/settings from the novel cannot be considered–there needs to be a clear connection to the source material. 

We want language that makes us reach for a dictionary or a tissue or both. Words in combinations and patterns that leave the faint of heart a little dizzy.


NonBinary Review accepts fiction and creative non-fiction of up to 5,000 words in length, although shorter is probably better. Fiction should be double spaced, 12-point type, in Times New Roman or similar font in a Word document or text file. Authors may submit up to 5 pieces of flash fiction, no more than 1000 words each, in this category. Please upload each piece as a separate document on this submission. Flash (fiction or CNF) is the ONLY category where multiple pieces related to the same theme may be selected for publication.


NonBinary Review accepts poetry of up to 3 pages in length. Poetry should be single spaced, 12-point type, in Times New Roman or similar font in a Word document or text file. You may submit up to five files with this submission, but each poem must be submitted as a separate document.


We prefer high-resolution images in JPEG, PDF, TIFF, GIF or PNG format. Visual art must be related to each issue’s theme and please attach only one file at a time. Each file must be accompanied by the artist’s bio and an artist’s statement, which should be submitted as a Word document or text file, double spaced, 12-point type, in Times New Roman or similar font.


Your 50-word bio should be included in your cover letter. You may submit more than one piece, but each piece must be submitted as a separate document.

NonBinary Review pays 1 cent per word for fiction and nonfiction, and a flat fee of $10 for poetry (singular poems or a suite)  and $25 per piece of visual art, payable upon receipt of the signed publication contract. In return, we ask for worldwide serial rights and electronic publishing rights. NonBinary Review does not accept previously published work unless specifically solicited by the editors. All contributors will receive a complimentary copy of the issue in which their work appears.

If you are interested in your work appearing online, please indicate on your submission that you would like to be considered for our weekly online feature, Alphanumeric.  Alphanumeric pays a flat fee of $10 per piece regardless of genre or length, and adheres to the same theme and style conventions as the current reading period for NonBinary Review. Alphanumeric pieces will be published online for the 3 active months per each issue, after which, these pieces will be published as a compendium to the issue in which they were published.  All contributors will receive a complimentary copy of the issue in which their work appears.

Authors and artists should state in their cover letters for which issue their submission is intended. Submissions not related to an upcoming issue’s theme will be deleted unread.

Via: NonBinary Review’s Submittable.

Taking Submissions: The Violet Hour Magazine October 2016 Issue


Deadline: October 14th, 2016
Payment: $5 and a contributor’s copy

It’s finally here: October’s issue is now open for submissions! The theme prompts this time around are “macabre” and “Gothic”. Here’s the important part: October’s issue is a flash-submission issue – this means that all non-fiction and fiction submissions are limited to a maximum word-count of 1000 words, and all poems are limited to a maximum of 1 page, up to 5 poems per submission. Art submissions remain unaffected.

Happy writing/arting everyone – we can’t wait to see what you have for us!

Are you a poet? An essayist? A short story writer? An artist? If you have a piece you’d like to submit for the next issue of The Violet Hour, we want to see it!

Send us an email to the address listed below and attach any written work in PDF or Word.doc format, and all artwork in jpeg format to submit it for consideration. With the exception of submissions for the open December anthology, don’t forget to use at least one of the themes chosen for each issue. (For details about issue themes, launch dates and more, see the above “News & Events” posts.)

      [email protected]

Submission Periods

The Violet Hour Magazine is published quarterly, with three themed issues (published at the end of April, August and October) and one anual open-themed anthology (published at the end of December). Submission periods for the issues are as follows:

  1. 1. December 15th to March 31st (for April issue)

  2. 2. April 15th to July 31st (for August/September issue)

  3. 3. Septebmer 7th to October 14th (for October issue – *IMPORTANT:  

    1. October is a flash-submission issue – see News & Events post for details.)

  4. 4. Submissions accepted throughout the year (for December issue)

*Please Note: Submissions made to any of the themed issues that are not selected for publication in their relevant issue will not be automatically considered for the December open-themed anthology. Contributors are asked not to re-submit work already previously submitted to The Violet Hour, unless invited to do so by one of our editorial staff.

Submission Guidelines

Fiction or Non-Fiction: Maximum of five thousand words, double-spaced; one piece per submission (for pieces of 1,000 words or less, you may include three such pieces per submission).

Poetry: Maximum of three pages per poem; up to five pieces per submission.

Art: Submissions may include any form of visual art; up to ten pieces per submission.


Each author or artist selected to appear in an issue of The Violet Hour will receive a royalty of $5 per selected piece, along with a complementary digital or print copy of the issue.

Via: Violet Hour Press.

Taking Submissions: Monsters Among Us

Deadline: November 30th, 2016
Payment: 3c per word

Open to submissions: September 1st, 2016

Closing: November 30th, 2016

The monsters we have come to know and love take a backseat as we delve into the darkest, most hideous depths of a monster that has taken centre stage as of late–HUMANS. I’m looking for ‘psychological horror’, horror that comes from within.

There lies a darkness in us all–what are some of the scariest atrocities humans are capable of doing? What ‘demons’ lurk in their heads, causing them to do the things they do? Humans can also create monsters out of humans…. Tell me “how”–the possibilities are endless. I want to see how ugly the human race can really get.

Poetry and Stories up to 7,000 words will be accepted. Poetry–no word limit. Artwork is most welcome; send up to 5 pieces.

Oscillate Widly Press buys Exclusive Worldwide English Language Rights (no reprints), with 6 month exclusivity after first publication, and pays 3c per word to a maximum for short stories. No simultaneous or multiple submissions please, and no reprints.

CAVEAT: If rape is involved somewhere in your story, it must not be the ‘center focus’. (In other words, no heavily detailed descriptions the act itself.)


Please title your subject line, Submission_Monsters Among Us_YourLastName, and send submissions to:[email protected]

Via: Oscillate Wildly Press.

Taking Submissions: Infinite Dysmorphia

Deadline: January 31st, 2017
Payment: Contributor’s copy, £10, and royalty split

An anthology of science fiction and speculative stories exploring how science and technology could change what it means to be human.
We’re looking for stories that explore ideas including, but not limited to: bio implants, cybernetics, genetic modification, and age reversal and the human experience of undergoing such procedures.
You are encouraged to populate and create your own world with original characters and to set the tale as close or as far away from present time as you wish. We’re after fresh and engaging work that makes us laugh, cry, and think. Show us what the future holds should technology continue to advance at unprecedented speed.

We’re asking that stories are between 6-10k in length and polished to perfection.
Submissions period is open until the end of January 2017.
Please send all stories to us via our submittable link: Kristell Ink SUBMIT NOW!

Via: Kristell Ink.

Ongoing Submissions: Double Feature Magazine


Payment: USD $25 for original fiction up to 6,000 words and USD $40 for fiction over 6,000 words.

Please read this page in full prior to submitting.

Fiction Guidelines: Double Feature Magazine is open to all types of original, unpublished Science Fiction and Horror. We do not accept unsolicited reprints.

Word Count: We are primarily looking for stories in the 1,500 to 6,000-words range (hard limits).

Submissions longer than 6,000-words are welcome, but these stories will only be considered for selection as serialized content exclusive to the ebook and print edition of the magazine. We have limited slots available for stories of this length.

We do not accept multiple submissions or simultaneous submissions. As such, we do our best to not keep your work tied-up on submission for an unreasonable length of time. Our goal is to respond to all fiction submissions within fourteen (14) calendar days. If you have not heard from us after fourteen days, feel free to query, and we will respond promptly.

Formatting: Please follow standard manuscript formatting guidelines, which can be found here. Please submit your work in .doc or .docx format.

Pay Rate: Upon receipt from Author of signed Publishing Agreement, We pay twenty-five dollars (USD $25) for original fiction up to 6,000 words. We pay forty dollars (USD $40) for fiction over 6,000 words.

Rights: We acquire first, exclusive, English-language, worldwide print and electronic text and audio rights for a period of six (6) months from the date we first publish the work, and non-exclusive rights thereafter to archive and/or publish the work in print and electronic text and audio.

Nonfiction Guidelines: We do not regularly purchase nonfiction content; however, if you have a horror-related or science fiction-related non-fiction piece up to 2,000 words (soft limit) that you would like to submit, please query us via email. Please note, we are not interested in reprints, reviews, or interviews. We pay a flat rate of fifteen dollars (USD $15) for nonfiction.

Art Guidelines: We are interested in nonexclusive rights to artwork for the cover of the magazine, as well as small, simple pieces to highlight the individual stories. We would love to have ongoing relationships with artists so that we can feature consistently great artwork to promote the fiction. We realize that, often, a book IS judged by its cover. Please query us and include links to some of your featured work and to your portfolio.


Submission and Query Instructions:

Please email all submissions and queries to [email protected].

The subject line should be formatted as follows:


Example 1: Horror Submission “The Greatest Horror Story” by Amy Author

Example 2: Nonfiction Query “Interview: Nora Novelist” by Johnny Writer

In your email, please include:

  1. The number of words in your piece;
  2. your relevant publishing history, awards, and/or other pertinent information;
  3. a brief (under 100 words) author bio, including website and/or social media links;
  4. an author photograph; and
  5. your name, address, and email.

Attach your submission as a .doc or .docx file attachment. Please do not paste your submission in the body of your transmittal email.

These guidelines are important to us maintaining an efficient submissions process, and following these guidelines helps us respond to you quickly. Help us help you. Thanks in advance-we look forward to reading your story!

Via: Double Feature Magazine.

Taking Submissions: Carnival of Madness


Deadline: October 20th, 2016
Payment: $25usd

Seeking authors with a penchant for the Twilight Zone, X-Files, Dark Mirror, Alfred Hitchcock, Night Gallery, and Something Wicked This Way Comes.

Buy the ticket and step into the last Carnival you will ever attend! Authors, let your darkest ideas and fantasy unite at the Carnival of Madness. Psycho-thrillers invite their audience to be a part of the nightmare that you create! So….Wanna go for a ride?

Participating Authors so far: Bill McCormick, Virginia Carraway Stark, Dutch Walden…

5k up to 7K Word Count per story. $25 contributor payout and a contributor copy of “Carnival of Madness.” Deadline for submission is October 20th with a release date in time for a dark and thankless Thanksgiving!!

Please send submissions to: [email protected]or [email protected]

Via: Azoth Khem Publishing.

Ongoing Submissions: LitMag


Open Window: September 1 to August 15
Payment: LitMag Print: Upon acceptance, we pay $1,000 for fiction or nonfiction; $250 for a poem (or the rare short short) LitMag Online: Upon acceptance, we pay $250

What We Publish


LitMag Print

Short stories, novellas

Creative nonfiction; essays on literature, art, and culture, music; biography, memoir

No restrictions on style or form

LitMag Online

Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry
Up to 4,000 words.

What We Look For 
Work that moves and amazes us.
We are drawn to big minds, large hearts, sharp pens

Word Count Limits
Print: 15,000 words
Online: 4,000 words

What to Send
One story or essay at a time, up to five poems.
Please wait until you have heard back from us before submitting again.

Previously Unpublished
We do not consider work that has previously been published either in print or online (including personal blogs etc.)

What We Pay
LitMag Print: Upon acceptance, we pay $1,000 for fiction or nonfiction; $250 for a poem (or the rare short short)

LitMag Online: Upon acceptance, we pay $250

What We Acquire
LitMag acquires First North American Serial Rights.
Copyright reverts to the author upon publication.

When to Submit
Regular submissions: September 1 to August 15

How to Submit
Online. (Saves trees, prevents paper cuts.) We use Submittable.

Multiple Submissions
Please submit only once in each category and wait until you receive our response before submitting again.

Simultaneous Submissions
Yes, of course. But please withdraw your submission immediately viaSubmittable if another publication beats us to your work.

Response time
We try to respond to submissions as quickly as possible and strive to send a decision within two months, but please understand that the volume of submissions may require us to take longer.


Via: LitMag.

Taking Submissions: Roar 8


Deadline: February 1st, 2017
Payment: 1/2 cent per word and contributor’s copy

We’re looking for excellent general audience furry stories on the theme “paradise.”  If you have an excellent story, but you’re not sure it fits the theme, give it a try.  We can be generous in how we interpret “paradise,” but all stories have to be furry.  That means an anthropomorphic animal figure should be significantly featured in your story — it could be anthropomorphic in body or only intelligence.  We’ll consider any type of furry fiction from secret life of animals to fox in Starbucks — as long as it’s excellent.

Please send submissions as an attached .doc, .docx, or .rtf file in Standard Manuscript Format to ROARanthology(at)gmail.com with a subject line that reads:  SUBMISSION:  “Story Title” – word count.  (For an example of Standard Manuscript Format, see this essay by William Shunn.  For help with writing a cover letter, check out this excellent advice from Strange Horizons.)

  • Length — Between 2,000 and 18,000 words.  Query if longer or shorter.  We tend to prefer stories between 4,000 and 12,000 words.
  • Multiple submissions — Keep it reasonable; two or three stories at a time is probably okay; ten isn’t.
  • Reprints — Yes, but include information about where the story was previously published.  We’re more interested in stories that will be new to the majority of our audience.
  • Simultaneous submissions — No.  If you send a story to us, please don’t send it anywhere else until you hear back from us.
  • Response time — Most final decisions won’t be made until after the deadline, but all stories should receive a response by March 1st.
  • Paymet — 1/2 cent per word and one contributor’s copy on publication.*
  • Deadline — February 1st, 2017
  • Expected release date — July, 2017

Via: Mary Lowd.

Taking Submissions: 2018 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide

Deadline: January 31, 2017
Payment: $0.06/word and 2 contributor’s copies


  • Have a main character that a middle grade reader (ages 8-12) can identify with;
  • Show a diverse set of real characters;
  • Are well written, fun to read and encourage a love of reading science fiction;
  • Tell of adventure, space, science.  Give us rockets, robots and alien encounters, and we’re pretty happy. Steampunk, time travel, weird west and alternate history are all fine.
  • To be super clear – we’re looking science fiction, in all it’s variants. While we love fantasy as well, please don’t submit fantasy stories for this anthology.
  • Are between 3,000 and 6,000 words.

We’re especially looking for stories:

  • Of adventure!  We love a good dystopia as much as the next robot, but remember – this is the young explorer’s adventure guide.
  • Where the main character is of a population that has traditionally been under-represented in science fiction, e.g. girls, people of color, differently abled people;
  • Where the main character has agency, exercises it, and isn’t just along for the ride.

We are strong supporters of both the #weneeddiversebooks and #ownvoices movements.


We’re not interested in:

  • Stories where the female characters primarily exist to be rescued or as a prize for the males;
  • Stories where the primary plot or subplot is romantic in nature;
  • Stories with graphic violence or any form of sexual activity;
  • Stories with any violence towards animals;
  • Stories about the first girl to do X, surprising everyone;
  • Stories that depict any ethnicity or gender as universally bad or stupid.

Please note:  although we’re aware kids have a wide and varied vocabulary, we’d prefer not to have swearing in the stories. If your story has swearing, please rephrase before submitting.

Submission deadline, mechanics and planned schedule

  • Anthology will be open for submissions from September 1, 2016 – January 31, 2017, with a reading period of February and March 2017.
  • While we prefer original stories, if you have something perfect that had a limited run elsewhere, query us and we’ll talk;
  • Acceptance notices will be sent by May 31, 2017;
  • In August we will launch a crowd-funding campaign to help with pre-publication costs. Regardless of results of crowd-funding campaign, we are committed to publishing the anthology. We’ve successfully funded the previous two anthologies this way, chances are favorable.

Rights and Payments

  • Authors will be provided with a complete Anthology Contract for review and consideration with the notice of accepted submissions.
  • In keeping with SWFA’s guidelines, we pay $0.06/word on final edited word count for one-year exclusive worldwide English rights and  nonexclusive right to republish, print, or reprint the complete anthology in any language or format after the first year, print and electronic, and two contributor copies. Payment upon final edit.
  • If the crowd-funding fails, please note that we are still committed to this anthology, and will find other ways to fund the project. However, there may be delays. If authors feel the need to withdraw their submission due to delays, we understand.
  • We will provide professional editing, primarily for issues of grammar and spelling.
  • If authors have other questions about rights or payments, please contact us before submission. We want to make sure all concerns are addressed.

More questions?  Check the full description page for last year’s anthology here. Have more questions? Contact us!

Via: Dreaming Robot Press. (Where you also submit your work at.)

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