Taking Submissions: Colors in Darkness: Forever Vacancy!


Deadline: September 1, 2016
Payment: $10 and a contributor’s copy

Open Submissions: July 1 – September 1, 2016

This horror/dark fantasy anthology will be centered in a nefarious motel established in the 1960s by the devil himself, some say. Each story needs to take place in a room of the motel. Stories can begin in another location and arrive at the motel or bleed out into the parking lot, but the bulk of the tale should be in the room. Writers can get creative with their stories and the design of their rooms, but the main lobby and innkeeper needs to be consistent if referenced.

Name of the Motel and Description:

Located in a poor, decimated, part of Atlanta, the Kretcher Motel is a two story construct, with peeling mauve paint on the outside. Inside, the lobby looks bright from harsh yellow lighting. It has a mini fountain with no water that sits in the middle of the sticky, dirty, tile floor. Only the counter seems immaculate with a polished mahogany counter. The elevators are filled with graffiti, smell and are missing panels on the ceiling. The halls are ominous and dark, with flickering lights, and grimy diamond patterned carpet.

The motel is in the vicinity of several dilapidated buildings, overgrown shrubbery, and a 24 hour gas station sits directly across from the motel. Although it sells little gas, it is frequented by prostitutes, hustlers and drug dealers who make use of its restrooms for their services. Other desperate individuals down on their luck can be seen standing, leaning against or walking by the hotel as they wait for their miracle or enjoying the many snacks to be purchased there.

Name and description of the Innkeeper:

Sybline Kretcher is an ageless Black woman who could be anywhere from 35-70, with warm, cinnamon-colored skin with dark, and pupil-less onyx eyes. Her usual dress consists of jeans, t-shirts bearing the names of funk bands emblazoned across the front and multiple sets of silver hoops in her ears that clink together whenever she moves. She wears elaborate, tall head wraps that suggest thick, long hair, but she never unveils it. Sybline is a tall woman at 6’5” and has a shapely, intimidating form. Other notable aspects are her nicotine-stained, black lips and long, black nails. When she speaks, her voice is low and sultry as the cognac upon her breath, with more than a hint of world weariness. Some believe that Sybline is a witch. Some think she’s crazy as it often appears that she talks to herself, but the truth is far more frightening as Sybline knows that many who come to the Kretcher Motel will never leave!

Submission Guidelines

What We Want
For the first Colors in Darkness anthology, we are seeking, thirteen well-written, diverse tales of horror, paranormal and dark fantasy. Each story should be mainly set within a room of the motel. A reference to the lobby and the innkeeper should appear in each tale. Stories can range from subtle paranormal to terrifying horror.

What We Don’t Want
We will reject any stories that contain rape, bestiality, or the abuse of minors. Stories featuring well-worn tropes (vampires, zombies, werewolves) will need a new exciting twist to be considered. Violence and sex are acceptable but make them integral to the plot. Other than that, use your imagination—horror is nothing without imagination and atmosphere.

▪ Submit your work to ( [email protected] ) with ‘CID Hotel: Story Title_Your Last Name’ in the subject line. Attach your story as a DOC or DOCX file. Submissions sent in the body of the email will not be read.

▪ We prefer to see submissions using something approaching Standard Manuscript Format, which can be found here: http://www.shunn.net/format/story.html. The only exception is that italics MUST appear as they will be used— no underlining.

▪ Include a brief cover letter in the body of your email stating your name, pen name (if using one), story title with word count, a brief summary, address, website or blog, and any professional publication credits you think might interest us.

▪ We are looking for works between 2,500-7,500 words. Please query if you wish to submit outside of these guidelines.

▪ No simultaneous submissions, please. We ask that you don’t submit a story to us and to another market at the same time.

▪ Multiple submissions are okay. If sending more than one story, please send them in separate emails.


We are not accepting reprints for this anthology.

We will pay a flat $10 per story via PayPal only. Payment will be made within 30 days of publication. Authors will also receive one print copy of the anthology.

We are seeking Worldwide English Language rights for 12 months in print and digital formats.

Authors from outside of the United States are welcome.

Submission Deadline and Publication Schedule
We will be accepting submissions from July 1st -September 1st, with an expectation that the announcement of stories selected will be announced at the 2nd Annual Colors in Darkness party. The anthology is expected to be published by January 1st.

Via: Colors In Darkness.

Taking Submissions: Only the Light We Make Vol 3


Deadline: September 30th, 2016
Payment: .025/word and 3 contributor’s copies

Open Submissions for Only the Light We Make; Volume three of Tales from the world of Adrian’s Undead Diary have begun. This anthology set in the world of AUD will be edited and published by Chris Philbrook in print, ebook, and audiobook format. Mark Tufo has agreed to write the foreword for the book, and Chris will be writing between 3 and 5 new stories for the book as well.

This is a paid anthology.

Stories should follow the canonical rules of the AUD setting in terms of the undead, timeline of events and available characters. (silent zombies, no undead animals, no one dreams of the living, etc) Submissions should range in length between 500 and 7,500 words in length. Stories are due September 30th.

You may use existing characters as mentioned above, but the stories must fit in with the core AUD storyline for inclusion. Submissions are open to professionals as well as fans.

If you have a solid story that uses the undead, or the apocalypse as a basis, you may submit it for inclusion, but please be aware that it must be edited to make sense before publishing.

Stories selected will be paid out within 45 days of editing (or as applicable based on release and printing schedules) according to the following;

1.) Each contributor will receive in hand or by mail three print copies of the anthology.  All copies will be signed by Chris Philbrook prior to shipping. The previous anthology contributor copies were sent out with four author’s autographs.

2.) Each contributor will receive a free .pdf copy of the anthology.

3.) Each contributor will receive a free .mobi copy of the anthology.

4.) You will receive two free Audible download codes for the book.

5.) You will be paid .025 cents per word of the edited story.


Stories should be formatted in .doc or .docx, and be in Times New Roman or Calibri 12pt font. Do not use underlines in your manuscript.

You may send your manuscripts and questions to chrisphilbrook at thechrisphilbrook dot com.

Via: Chris Philbrook.

Taking Submissions: Fossil Lake IV: SHARKASAURUS!

Deadline: August 22, 2016
Payment: $5.00 for poetry/flash; $10.00 for short stories and a contributor’s copy
Reprints Allowed

Anticipated Release Date: February 2017 in print and ebook.

Once again, the title should tell you all you need to know for the theme. Sharks and/or dinosaurs! We expect teeth. Lots and lots of teeth. Beyond that, pretty much anything goes. Fighting each other? Chomping teenagers on spring break? Teaming up buddy-cop-movie-style and learning to respect one another’s differences? The doomed romance of star-crossed lovers? Time travel? Monstrous hybrids? Magical musical singing and dancing? Bring it!

Submission Period: July 22, 2016 — August 22, 2016

Word Limit: poetry/flash fiction up to 1000 words; short stories 2000-5000 words.

Compensation: contributor copy, $5.00 for poetry/flash; $10.00 for short stories.

Standard manuscript format; Times New Roman 12-point preferred. Italics for italics and whatnot.  Send submissions attached as a .doc or .rtf to: [email protected] “Fossil Lake IV” in the subject line, please.

What we look for: the dark, the transgressive, the controversial, the surreal. Horror, humor, bizarro, erotica, suspense, fantasy, historical, Lovecraftian … pretty much anything goes genre-wise and content-wise as long as it’s well-written and entertaining to read. Bonus points for somehow involving thematic elements of fossils and/or lakes.

What we’re NOT looking for: Crap writing (hey, let’s be honest).  Some editorial pet peeves and tough sells include adverbs, non-“said” dialogue tags, passive voice, “was (verb)ing” and “could (sense)” phrasing, excessive blocking or stage direction.

What we’re hoping for: close communication with authors who are willing to work with an editor, can handle criticism, and are just generally personable and fun.

What we’re asking: One-time non-exclusive anthology rights. Reprints are welcome; just let us know where and when the piece has appeared before.

Via: Fossil Lake.

Taking Submissions: Eye to the Telescope #22


Deadline: September 15, 2016
Payment: Accepted poems will be paid for at the following rate: US 3¢/word rounded to nearest dollar; minimum US $3, maximum $25. Payment is on publication.

Eye to the Telescope 22, the Ghosts issue, will be edited by Shannon Connor Winward.

Existence is a circle, and we err
when we assign to it for measurement
the limits of the cradle and the grave.

—Manuel Acuña, “Before a Corpse”

For this issue of Eye to the Telescope, I am looking for more than thumps in the attic and pretty dead girls on a moonlit road. I want the unexpected, the unmeasured—I want poems that belie the limits of life and afterlife and what we think a ghost story should be. Give me phantoms and poltergeists, yes, bean-sidhe and È Guǐ, pathos or parody, space ship specters or transmigrating alien souls—I want any and all of it, as long the poem has meat on its bones. No restrictions on genre or form, though graphic violence or gore will be a hard sell. More than anything, I want to be moved.

Submission Guidelines


  • Please send submissions to [email protected] with the subject line “ETTT sub:” followed by the poet’s name.
  • Please submit 1–5 poems in English (in body of email or attached as .rtf).
  • Include a short bio.
  • Deadline: September 15, 2016. The issue will appear on October 15, 2016.

Payment and rights

  • Accepted poems will be paid for at the following rate: US 3¢/word rounded to nearest dollar; minimum US $3, maximum $25. Payment is on publication.
  • Payment can be made to either the translator or the poet or split between the translator and the poet, as agreed upon in each individual case.
  • The Science Fiction Poetry Association normally uses PayPal to pay poets, but can also send checks.
  • Eye to the Telescope is an online publication. Therefore, First Electronic Rights (for original translations of poems) or reprint electronic rights are being sought.

Who can submit?

Anyone writing speculative poetry.

What is Speculative Poetry?

Speculative poetry is poetry which falls within the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural horror, plus some related genres such as magic realism, metafiction, and fabulation. It is not easy to give precise definitions, partly because many of these genres are framed in term of fiction rather than poetry.

A good starting point is “About Science Fiction Poetry” by Suzette Haden Elgin, the founder of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. Despite its title, this article is applicable all forms of speculative poetry.

Tim Jones, editor of Issue 2, had a go at defining science fiction poetry on his blog, in two parts (These blog posts date from 2009, and the Voyagersanthology has since been published. These posts do refer specifically to science fiction poetry, rather than the broader field of speculative poetry.):



What Is the Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA)?

As the SFPA says on its website at sfpoetry.com, “The Science Fiction Poetry Association was founded in 1978 to bring together poets and readers interested in science fiction poetry. What is sf poetry? You know what they say about definitions—everybody has one. To be sure, it is poetry (we’ll leave that definition to you), but it’s poetry with some element of speculation—usually science fiction, fantasy, or horror. Some folks include surrealism, some straight science.”

See the SFPA site for lots more information—and please consider joining.

* * *

Interested in editing an issue of Eye to the Telescope? See the Editors’ Guidelines for information and requirements.

Via: Eye to the Telescope.

Taking Submissions: Freakshow


Deadline: October, 31, 2016
Payment: $50/story plus a contributor’s copy
Note: Read guidelines, not really a horror market but I felt it was right up many of your alleys!

Copper Pen Press is currently seeking submissions of high-quality fiction for Freakshow: Freakishly Fascinating Tales of Mystery and Suspense, a forthcoming short story anthology set within the world of the traveling freak show. Writers can spin their yarns in the past, present, or future.

We are looking for dark, twisted and unusual mysteries with dark, twisted and unusual characters. We want that “holy shit!” factor.

No splatterpunk. No erotica. No fantasy.

No horror – that is, not yet. We will be launching our horror imprint soon. Mmmmwwwwwahahahahaha.

Payment: $50/story plus a contributor’s copy for non-exclusive rights.

Submission Guidelines

Submit only finished, non-published, original stories, between 2K and 7K words.

We do not accept snail-mail submissions. Your submission package must be e-mailed to[email protected]. This e-mail address should be used for no other purpose. Include the title of the story and author name in the Subject box.

The manuscript should be attached, formatted as a .doc or .docx (Microsoft Word) on 8-1/2 x 11-inch paper, double spaced with one-inch margins. Use Times New Roman 12-point font.

Number all pages, beginning to end, in the header. The header should also include the author’s name and title of the story. Do not type this information on each page. Use the header function of your software.

Attach a second file with a short bio, your legal name, all pen names in use, your complete publishing history, and contact information including complete mailing address, e-mail, telephone and social media info.

We will not take phone calls or emails regarding the status of your manuscript. We will respond to your submission once it has been read, whether we are interested in publishing it or not.

Simultaneous submissions are permitted. If you have accepted a contract with another publisher, or wish to remove your manuscript from submission, you may contact us by email at[email protected].

Submissions usually take 4 to 8 weeks for a response. We will not send critiques.

Deadline – October, 31, 2016

Via: Copper Pen Press.

Taking Submissions: Dark Designs


Deadline: September 30th, 2016
Payment: Contributor’s copy

We all love stories about great intellects whose work frequently crosses moral and ethical boundaries. From Cronenberg’s The Fly, where Dr. Seth Brundle drunkenly splices his DNA with an insect’s while trying to perfect teleportation, to medical student Herbert West’s fanatical quest to re-animate the dead; from Dr. Moreau and his macabre island of genetically manipulated half-human beasts, to Walter Bishop manipulating and altering reality in FOX’s Fringe—or the granddaddy of all “mad scientists,” Dr. Frankenstein, and his creation of Life, assembling a creature from the body parts of the deceased.

These are the kinds of stories we’re looking to include in the inaugural charity anthology from Shadow Work Publishing, DARK DESIGNS. If you have a story of the fantastic, about a “mad scientist” character who is somewhat scatterbrained or altogether insane, whose practices are questionable (at best), and whose works frequently meet some sort of insidious end… then please, send us YOUR story!

Length: 3000-7,500 words. For longer stories, please query first, but be aware, they have to be pretty damn good to get our attention!

Considerations: Please do not submit nonfiction, fanfiction, poetry, or children’s stories, as these are not the types of submissions we are looking for. What exactly are we looking for? This is a “mad scientist” anthology—so think dark fiction, twisted thrillers, and bizarre, horrifying tales of ambiguous ethics.

 Selection: We will choose up to 20 (but not limited to) stories for inclusion—the best of the best—through a finely tuned selection process. Please, once you submit your story, give us to the deadline date before asking if you were selected. If you submitted a story near the deadline date (better late than never, right?), please give us two weeks before asking if you were selected.

 Pay: This is a charity anthology, all proceeds benefiting Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières. Each author selected will receive a digital copy and a paperback contributor’s copy.


DARK DESIGNS: Tales of Mad Science

Benefiting Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières

Deadline: Sept. 30th, 2016

Expected Publication Date: December 2016

Format: Times New Roman, 12 point font, single spacing, no space between paragraphs, indentation .35. Do not use manual tabs or five individual spaces to indent the first line of paragraphs.

Note: Shadow Work Publishing does not require exclusive rights, however we do ask that you not submit your story (should it be selected) to another publisher for a period of six months. No reprints. If we discover that your story was previously published and submitted to us without permission from the original publisher, we will automatically remove it. However, if your story is self-published, we will consider it.

Once all stories have been collected and selections have been made, you will receive an invitation to join the DARK DESIGNS: Tales of Mad Science Facebook group. In this group we will distribute promotional items, reveal release date, and other bits of information.

No multiple submissions. If this is a simultaneous submission, please let us know if your story is accepted elsewhere.

 How to submit: Please email your story as a .docx file to [email protected]. Please include a short bio (about 200 words or so) that includes links to your other works or social media pages in the email space. Also, include a 100 words or less brief description of your story. If accepted, this bio will be included in the book so those who enjoyed your work may find you. We do our utmost to promote every author we work with.

 FINALLY, though SWP reads all submissions as they come in, do not inquire about a decision before the deadline date. It might take us longer to read through all of them, but we will keep you updated via Facebook or Twitter. If you e-mail asking about an update, we will try to get back to you, but please know everyone will get a response one way or another. If you haven’t heard from us, it likely means our decision hasn’t been made.

Via: Shadow Work Publishing.

Taking Submissions: Behind the Mask


Deadline: September 15th, 2016
Payment: 02 to .08 per word

Behind the Mask (working title) is our next themed anthology and it’s all about superheroes! But not how they saved the world this time. We’re more interested in the ordinary day-to-day challenges facing these extraordinary individuals: growing up, growing old, relationships, career struggles, parenting. How they cope with that age-old desire to fit in when, let’s face it, they don’t.

We want superhero stories with originality, diversity, and strong character development that celebrate the genre but manage to push its boundaries as well. Fun, quirky, serious, happy, sad: any tone will do, and we plan to have a nice variety. But bring us something fresh and relevant to this crazy world we live in today.

So without further ado, here are the details!

Short Fiction (3K to 6K words) for  Behind the Mask: A Superhero Anthology

  • We are currently seeking short stories for our next short fiction superhero themed anthology, Behind the Mask.
  • Submission Deadline 9/15/16
  • Submission Guidelines:
    • Include a cover email containing genre, word count, brief bio, and contact information
    • Please confirm that your story has not been published before
    • Attach your complete story using  Proper Short Story Manuscript Format in .doc, .docx, .txt or .rtf format.
    • We do not accept reprints
    • We do accept simultaneous submissions for short stories (but ask that you contact us immediately if your story is accepted elsewhere)
    • Send to [email protected] with subject line: Superhero – Genre – Title – Author
  • Payment: We pay .02 to .08 per word for short fiction

Via: Meerkat Press.

Taking Submissions: Horror Library Volume 6


Deadline: September 15, 2016
Payment: Three cents per word and one contributor copy

Title: +Horror Library+ Volume 6

Editor: Eric J. Guignard

Imprint: Cutting Block Books

Submissions Accepted: July 15, 2016 – September 15, 2016

Projected Release Date: April 2017 (both print and e-format)

Payment: Three cents per word and one contributor copy (no royalties)

Reprints?: NO

Multiple and/or Simultaneous Submissions: YES

Response Time: Three weeks or less

Send submissions and queries to: Horror.Library.Submissions (AT) gmail.com


The Horror Library has arisen anew! That is, new volume, new editor, but with the same passion to advance dark, smart horror short fiction.

The Horror Library series has been publishing cutting-edge horror for more than ten years, with new volumes released about every two years. Past contributors include such notables as: Bentley Little, Gary Braunbeck, Kealan Patrick Burke, Jeff Strand, Ray Garton, Lisa Morton, Tim Waggoner, et al. We’d love to add your name to this list!

The short of it:

We’re looking for non-themed horror short stories.

The long of it:

The tastes of this anthology series run toward light horror or psychological horror rather than anything brutal (think along the lines of: The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Darkside, Tales from the Crypt,Black Mirror, etc.). Stories about demons, serial killers, or any traditional monster trope (zombies, vampires, etc.) will be a very tough sell.

Ideal qualities to make your story a success include:

+Emotional Resonance (e.g. Fear, Relief, Joy, etc.)+

+Action (Plot Movement)+

+Unique and Thoughtful Ideas+

+Literary Courage (Push Boundaries)+

+Extraordinarily Memorable ‘Voice’ in Characters+

The audience for this anthology are mature, literary readers (i.e. “R” rating). Profanity and sexually-related material is acceptable, provided it is not gratuitous and not excessive. What is not acceptable is anything relating to torture or sexual abuse of children, or graphic sex/ “erotica.”

If you’re unsure what we’re looking for, simply review former volumes of +Horror Library+ for additional insight. If you’re still unsure, just send it!

+Suggested word count is 2,000 – 6,000 words.+

+Please attach submissions to email as a Microsoft Word file (doc type doesn’t matter).+

+Formatting isn’t important (though good form is to follow Shunn guidelines at:http://www.shunn.net/format/story.html).+

Please send submissions, queries, and all else via e-mail to: Horror.Library.Submissions (AT) gmail.com

Good luck and have fun!

Via: Farolight Publishing.

My Personal Peeves as an Editor, Part Two

You can read part 1 right here!

Thanks again, Stuart Conover, for giving me an opportunity to actually WRITE instead of EDIT for a change.


At the risk of providing enough Author PSAs to eliminate myself from the editing process, I am expanding on my personal peeves.

The only words in any of my lists are ones that I see over and over again, and which now make me cringe when I see them, particularly when they are repeated throughout a manuscript.

Actually: This word actually has a place, just don’t actually overdo it.

Almost: Almost as annoying as “just” and “as”, “almost” is one of those words that is almost never necessary, especially when you use it almost to death.

Continued/Continuing/Continues:  When you continue to use this word, you continue to sound like you don’t know what to say. Another word that DOES have its place, when you continually continue to overuse it, you continue to ignore the other possible words you could use instead.

Felt/Heard/Saw:  Passive, passive, passive.  “He felt his face flush.”  “She heard herself say she was sorry.”  (What the what??)  “He saw she was following him.”

Nearly: See “almost”.  Nearly the same thing.

Small: This is a recent addition.  Not quite sure why it has surged in popularity/invisible usage so much, but it is annoying.  Search your WIP.  Delete most of them.

Watch/Watched:  You want to make me hurl?  Write “He/She watched as….”  That uses watch AND as, another peeve.  Guaranteed head explosion.

Open your WIPs, search for the words, rewrite, delete, or replace as many usages as you can.

Carry on, y’all.  Carry on.  Write your books. I call editor.  🙂

Taking Submissions: The Anatomy Of Monsters


Deadline: July 31st, 2016
Payment: $25 and contributor’s copy

(For Lycan Valley)
collected by Robert Teun
(Twitter: @RDTEUN)

$25.00 PLUS COPY

CONTACT EMAIL: [email protected]


What is the biography of Frankenstein’s (monster) body parts?
What unholy pact did the very first vampire make to become what they are now?
How did Werewolves become slaves of the moon?
Who was the first Ghost in the world and how did they react?
The Mummy, The Hunchback, The Phantom Of The Opera, The Invisible Man, and even The Creature From The Black Lagoon…
How did they come to be?
How do they deal with their new nature?
And who suffers because of it?

This is will NOT be your usual submission call.

Submissions will be in rounds.
This is so you don’t have to wait for ages for a response.

will be the FIRST 200 words of the story, you have this to grab my attention. If you do, you’ll go through to the second round.

will be the first 1,500 words of the story. If you’re still engaging me, you get through the last round.

The decider. The final yay or nay.

ALL SUBMISSIONS will be blind.
That is to say, all details will have all the details stripped from them in the interest of equality.
I won’t know if you’re male, female, or giraffe.
I won’t know where you’re from.
I won’t know your race.
You’ll be as featureless as the wind.
Okay, GET WRITING – You’ll get the jump on everyone else!
P.S. It’s much easier to gain my attention on Twitter (@RDTEUN)

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