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Guest Post: Accuracy In Fictional Novels

| December 20, 2014 | 0 Comments


Editor’s Note: I not only consider James Jackson a friend but have worked with him first hand and can attest to the quality of knowledge on the subject of military and technical issues that he can provide.

Can there really be accuracy in novels that live in the fictional world? They are fiction for a reason. Fiction novels can range from a murder mystery to a techno-thriller and everything in between. Why would accuracy even be considered in a novel of that genre?

Realistically, there are several genres and sub genres within the realm of fictional work. That being said, why should there be any kind of correct or accurate information? Let’s look at an author known for his techno-thrillers, Tom Clancy. In the last few years prior to his death, there was a glut of books that hit the market that were allegedly written by Clancy. I say allegedly because there was another author’s name on the front cover along with his. While that may not mean a whole lot to some readers, those that have read his early works know that there is a distinct difference in his later works. This addition of another author led to a series of problems. What that means is here was an author who prided himself on his accurate depiction of weapons, vehicles, locations, etc., in his earlier books and as soon as another author’s name appeared on the cover with his, just about all that accuracy disappeared.

Not to pick on just Mr. Clancy, there have been other authors that fall short in the detail and accuracy arena. One novel that stands out, for me anyway, is the novel Juggernaut. This novel is set in the last days of Saddam Hussein’s rule of Iraq and features a small Private Military Company (PMC) that gets entangled with the CIA in a search for the legendary Saddam’s Gold. While this is an interesting read, it is fraught with problems. The opening sequence is straight out of something that Hollywood would throw into theaters and the hits just keep coming. The overall storyline is not bad but for those of us who have been in the military, it was a literal comedy of errors.

While that author of Juggernaut wrote a good tale, it was lacking serious accuracy and details that would have fleshed out the story and made it all the more enjoyable.

What he needed was his own Military Technical Advisor. Hollywood has hundreds if not thousands of MTAs available to them yet none of those companies provide any service to authors. That’s the people who write books not the screen writers that work for or at studios. You read that right. There are no Military Technical Advisors that specialize in assisting authors.

Have no fear. There is one site out there that provides that service. That one single site’s primary focus is to assist authors. Who can this be? Why, its The Ward Room.

The Ward Room specializes in assisting authors with military and technical issues. Everything from rank structures to vehicles to the proper handling and use of a specific weapon system. Need to know the difference between a clip and a magazine? We can help. Want to know the difference between a silencer and a suppressor? Got you covered.

If you’re working on a novel that has firearms and the military in the mix, wander on over and see what we can do for you. Some of our services are absolutely free.

jjJames Jackson is a former US Navy Chief Petty Officer. He has spent almost two decades in military service with a large portion of that as a tactical instructor.

During his years in service, he has been part of fielding teams, mobile training teams and interacted with other branches of the US Military as well as foreign military units.

Since leaving the Navy, he has served as an adviser for diplomatic security and as a private military contractor.
He is an author, an outdoor survival instructor, serves as a disaster mitigation consultant, and is a Military Technical Adviser for several published authors.

You can follow James on both The Crossroads and The Wardroom.

Taking Submissions: Those Who Live Long Forgotten II

| December 19, 2014 | 1 Comment


Deadline: June 15th, 2015
Payment: 5% of the net profit will be paid for each accepted story. These payments will be issued to you at quarterly intervals. Stories under 3,000 words will only receive 4% of the net profit.

Myths never die. King Arthur cannot be killed with a pike through the chest, or centuries of lies; instead he lays dreaming but not dead in wait for England’s fatal hour. The Ice Queen, in all her frozen fractal forms, does not waste away under summer suns. The Green Man, though a being of leaf and twig and human eyes, cannot be killed with so simple a stroke as leveling his forests and building cities on the cinders (even now, he watches us from his statues and reliefs embedded deep in our buildings).

These beliefs predate written language. Something other than the ability to record them has kept these stories alive. Myths never die, but surely they don’t actually live, do they…?

18thWall Productions wants myths alive with life. We want heroes and monsters out of time, legendary characters in unfamiliar settings. We want mash-ups of magic and history, legends that live literally as well was figuratively. We want sirens on the Caribbean shores calling to men of ill-repute for yet another night of sin, we want to doings of the Pickwick Club extended into our dreary age, we want the Strigoi at the Petrograd Soviet…Let your imagination run riot. We want your myths and monsters to feel real, with voices feelings, and rich back-stories interwoven with the familiar tales. Why are they there? Where have they been all this time?

We’re open to any style of fiction you care to give us. And please be aware that our guidelines are deliberately vague.  As with our previous anthology, this is a free playground. Indulge yourselves.

You may use characters featured in the previous volume of Those Who Live Long Forgotten (Carmilla, Prometheus, Snow White, Bloody Mary, Sherlock Holmes, Scylla, Charybdis, Shaytan, and Arabian ghouls), but keep in mind that our previous authors set the bar monumentally high. Beware, to use these characters forces comparisons with some of the most talented writers in the field. If you’re willing to take this chance, however, you’re most welcome to submit stories working in the same rich veins of gold.

Anthology curated by: Ro McNulty

Payment: 5% of the net profit will be paid for each accepted story. These payments will be issued to you at quarterly intervals. Stories under 3,000 words will only receive 4% of the net profit.

Rights: First World Digital and Print.

Deadline: June 15th, 2015

Word Count: 2,500-10,000

How to Submit your Story:

  • All stories should be sent, as an attachment, to
  • The file must be formatted in .doc or .docx.
  • The interior of the document must be in double spaced Times New Roman (12 point font).
  • At the top of your document, please include William Shunn’s submission header.
  • Tell us a bit about yourself in the body of your email. Don’t stress this, it won’t make or break your submission.
  • Place the anthology title, your name, and story title in the subject line of your email. For example, “Those Who Live Long Forgotten / William Hope Hodgson / The Hog.”

via:18th Wall.

Taking Submissions: NYX (# 8)

| December 17, 2014 | 2 Comments


Deadline: April 30th 2015
Payment: 1 cent per word and electronic copy

NYX, also known as Nux, Nox or simply Night is a primordial Greek goddess who personifies the essence of night and darkness. She is the ancient goddess of Night-hence the meaning of her name. She is considered to be one of the most powerful divine beings who was born of the giant cosmic being, Chaos. She is often depicted as a great black winged spirit or riding in a chariot, trailing stars and bringing the night.

Submissions open December 1st 2014 and close April 30st 2015.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please include a note as to how your story is inspired or relates to the theme/prompt you are submitting to. If you do not do this, we cannot guarantee your story will be read. A single sentence is sufficient. This is not necessary for our annual, genre specific anthologies (Gaia and Typhon).


Fiction: Pantheon Magazine pays 1 cent per word for unpublished fiction starting with June 1st submissions. However, at the moment, we pay nada (<-this means nothing) for unsolicited reprints.

In addition, each contributor will receive electronic copies (Mobi, Epub, PDF) of the issue their work will appear in, as well as discounts off the print issue.

Unfortunately, we can only pay via Paypal.

Payment upon publication will be the norm, but can be much sooner.

RIGHTS: We are asking for print and electronic rights, which revert back to you three months after publication. We also ask for the right to archive your work on our website.

You can submit via: Submittable.

Via: Pantheon Magazine and their Submission Guidelines.

Taking Submissions: Stories from the World of Tomorrow – the way the future was!

| December 16, 2014 | 4 Comments

Deadline: February 14th, 2015
Payment: equally fifty percent of royalties received

Darkhouse Books is seeking stories for an anthology of science fiction stories that take place in the future envisioned by the World’s Fair of 1939, known also as “The World of Tomorrow”.

The submission period is now open and will remain open through 11:59pm (PST), February 14th, 2015.

We are seeking stories in the 2500 to 7500 word range, though if it’s knockout material, we’ll consider any length.

The anthology will contain between twelve and twenty stories, depending on the overall length. Authors will share equally fifty percent of royalties received.

We accept MS Word .doc and .docx files. Submissions must be in standard manuscript format. Links to formatting guides are available here.

Previously published work will be considered, provided the author has the power to grant us the right to publish in ebook, audio, and print versions, and that it has not been published elsewhere more recently than April 1st, 2014.

Submissions may be sent to

Please leave “Submission-“ in the subject line and add the name of your story.

Via: Dark House Books.

Taking Submissions: Lighthouses

| December 15, 2014 | 3 Comments


Deadline: December 31st, 2014
Payment: $20 per story regardless of length plus a print and ebook copy of the final product.

“BLACK BEACON’S LIGHTHOUSES” GUIDELINES Open from October 3 to December 31, 2014

We want your tales about or strongly featuring lighthouses and beacons. Any genre is acceptable.

Original and unpublished tales preferred, but previously published also considered. No simultaneous submissions.

3,000 to 25,000 words

$20 per story regardless of length plus a print and ebook copy of the final product.

Inclusion in the anthology means that you give BBB Exclusive Worldwide English Language rights (this covers both electronic and print) and that you assure that your work has not been previously published and that you will not publish it elsewhere until 12 months after the official release of the anthology. Beyond that, BBB will no longer retain any rights to your work and will not publish it in any other publication without your permission.

31st of December, 2014

Expected release date:
TBA – probably late 2015


How we sell:
Each title is released, distributed, and sold differently. Most are released as both print and ebooks but some may be released as one or the other. Here at Black Beacon Books, we are particularly interested in promoting the traditional print format. Our print titles are often sold at independent bookshops and markets stall holders around Australia as well as online for a global readership. Our ebooks our generally sold via Smashwords.

Editor contributions:
Our editors and artists reserve the right to have their work included in the anthologies we publish. Some people do not like this practice, and we respect that point of view, however, we do not consider it a problem. There are very few Australian publishers releasing mystery and suspense anthologies, so if we don’t publish our own work, it will go unread. Please do not submit a story for a Black Beacon Books anthology if you are not pleased to have it included alongside an editor or artist contribution.

What we expect from authors who are selected:
As an independent publisher, we need authors who are motivated and proactive. Please submit quality writing and be prepared to work with the team to make your story the very best it can be. Also, help promote the book (through word-of-mouth and online networking) pre and post release.

How to submit:
Please note that we are based in Australia and use British English spelling. Submissions are encouraged from all over the world but be aware that the editor may wish to make changes to those containing North American usages.

Also, the editor prefers:
– Quotation marks to be single for general dialogue.
– Only one space at the end of sentences.
– The use of italics. Do not replace them with an underline.

Once you’ve finished your tale and edited it… and edited again, and asked your mum and dog to proof-read it, send it as a .doc (NO .docx) or .rtf file to ctrost (at) hotmail (dot) com
Be sure to include your contact details in your email AND in the file. In the subject of your email, write: “BBB Submission”.

Via: Black Beacon Books.

Taking Submissions: Augmentation Anthology (Title TBC)

| December 15, 2014 | 0 Comments


Deadline: February 1st, 2015
Payment: two complimentary copies

Edited by Alex Davis and Brian Marshall

Boo Books is looking for submission for a new anthology on the theme of augmentation, to be released in summer 2015 and launched at Edge-Lit 4. The theme is open to interpretation, and all genres are welcome as long as they feature an element of augmentation – stories do not have to be science-fiction.

  1. Stories must be 1000-5000 words in English. No poetry or non-fiction.

  2. Stories will be accepted from all corners of the globe.

  3. Stories must respond to the theme of ‘augmentation’ in some way. Stories that are not related to the theme in any way will be rejected out of hand.

  4. Stories may be in any genre, provided they meet the theme.

  5. Sexual content, violence and swearing is acceptable provided it fits the context of the story. Use of these for gratuity or shock value will lead to rejection.

  6. Stories must be submitted by Friday 1st Feb 2015. Any work submitted after this date will not be considered.

  7. Reprints will be considered, provided author states where the work has been previously published. No simultaneous or multiple submissions – send us your best work!

  8. Boo Books acquires First English Publication Rights on new stories. In all cases copyright remains with author. Author may reprint or reuse the story as they see fit.

  9. Authors accepted into the anthology will receive two complimentary copies. No fees or royalties will be paid.

  10. Submissions should be sent to with the subject line ‘AUGMENTATION SUBMISSION’. Please attach stories to your email as a .doc file. While there are no guidelines as per layout, please ensure stories are neat and readable.

  11. Please address any queries to Brian or Alex at

Via: Boo Books.

Ongoing Submissions: Theme of Absence

| December 12, 2014 | 0 Comments


Payment: $3.00 for flash fiction or $5.00 for longer pieces

I’m looking for speculative flash or serial fiction. I’m not too picky on the style of the story, as long as it includes elements of horror, science fiction, or fantasy. Spine-tingling ghost stories are just as welcome as robots and spaceships. Mixing up the genres is welcome and encouraged. I don’t see nearly enough horror or humor though, so keep that in mind if you’d like to increase your chances at an acceptance.

There is no minimum word count, but I do have a firm maximum of 1000 words for flash fiction and 3000 words for short stories.

We’re now a token paying market, offering $3.00 for flash fiction or $5.00 for longer pieces. The token pay can either by paid through Paypal or you can waive the payment and consider it a donation to the cost of the site. As a contributor, you’ll get an author bio at the end of your story and up to two links you’d like to share. I also offer interview posts to all of our published authors.

I won’t seek any rights, other than to archive the story here as long as the site is live. But if your story is reprinted elsewhere at a later date, be nice and give us mention. All copyright is retained by the author.

I’m not currently accepting reprints, multiple, or simultaneous submissions.

I’ll read the story over for spelling and grammar, but if it needs any extensive editing, it’ll be rejected. If I really enjoy the story, though, I might send a rewrite request instead.

If you agree with these terms, please submit your story in the following way:

For flash fiction: Email the story to In the subject, list your story title and word count. Include the story in the body of the email with no tabs or indents and a space between paragraphs. Include an author bio with up to two links you’d like to appear at the end of the story.

For short stories: Fiction longer than 1000 words will be split up into two or three separate posts. To increase your chances at an acceptance, specify where you’d like me to put a “to be continued” in the story and try to make it a bit of a cliff-hanger. Since the focus of this site is still flash fiction, try to keep each part under 1000 words. Send the story as an attachment, either Word or RTF. Single space, no tabs or indents, and double space between paragraphs. Email the story to In the subject, list your story title and word count. In your cover letter, include an author bio with up to two links you’d like to appear at the end of the story.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to email them to

I’ll try to respond quickly and I’ll look forward to reading your work.

Via: Themes of Absence.

Taking Submissions: Shinigami Stories: Reaping the Harvest of Souls Contest Issue

| December 12, 2014 | 2 Comments


Deadline: December 20th, 2014
Prizes: One lucky author will win a prize for best story ($15). Two-runners up will receive $10 and $5, respectively for second and third place.
Note: This is a contest issue so while winners can receive payouts, not everyone will

Shinigami Stories: Reaping the Harvest of Souls—CONTEST ISSUE. Stories about the Grim Reaper. Stories can be any genre, though horror might be the most common one concerning the God of Death. If you could craft me a shinigami story that has sci-fi or fantasy elements, that would make my inner genre-blender lover boogie. Also, consider making the reaper a woman. Neil Gaiman did and it worked wonders for him. But don’t copy his version of Death. Make it your own. Also, no “Bleach” fan-fic or fan-fic of any other previous works featuring shinigami or a death god. As this is going to be a contest issue, I won’t be accepting Poetry, Drabbles, or Microfiction for this one. I will be accepting Flash and Short Stories ONLY. I will accept reprints, as usual, if the rights have reverted back to the author. One lucky author will win a prize for best story ($15). Two-runners up will receive $10 and $5, respectively for second and third place. I’m a broke-ass college student, but I’m also an author, and I know what it’s like to not get paid for your hard work. It’s been awhile since I could afford to do a contest issue, so I’m glad I’m able to do one again. Unlike the last issue, which was a reader’s poll, I may want to have judges for this one.Also, I would like 3-6 judges for this one. You can not be a judge if you are submitting a story. I will not be judging but will be available to the judges to help in the process. I also will not submit a story for this one as that would hardly be fair. I can’t pay judges, I’m sorry, but I’m willing to help you out. Judges will be featured on a page of their own in the issue, where they’ll have a chance to advertise their wares…weblinks, links to purchase books, etc. Email me if you are interested in being a judge for this issue or if you have any other questions. Award payments will be made via Paypal, so you need a Paypal account to receive your award. Deadline December 20th, 2014.

Via: The Were Traveler.

Taking Submissions: NonBinary Review Issue #5: Robert W. Chambers’ The King in Yellow

| December 11, 2014 | 3 Comments


Deadline: April 30th, 2015
Payment: NonBinary Review pays 1 cent per word for fiction and nonfiction, and a flat fee of $10 per poem

NonBinary Review is a quarterly interactive literary journal that uses the Lithomobilus platform to join many stories around each issue’s theme. We invite authors to explore each theme in any way that speaks to them: re-write a familiar story from a new point of view, mash genres together, give us a personal essay about some aspect of our theme that has haunted you all your life. We also invite art that will accompany the literature and be featured on our cover.

We realize that The King in Yellow is a bit more esoteric than our previous themes, so we’ve compiled a list of resources to help you!

We want language that makes us reach for a dictionary or a tissue or both. Words in combinations and patterns that leave the faint of heart a little dizzy.


NonBinary Review accepts fiction and creative non-fiction of up to 5,000 words in length, although shorter is probably better. Fiction should be double spaced, 12-point type, in Times New Roman or similar font in a Word document or text file. Authors may submit up to 5 pieces of flash fiction, no more than 1000 words each, in this category. Please upload each piece as a separate document on this submission. Flash (fiction or CNF) is the ONLY category where multiple pieces related to the same theme may be selected for publication.


NonBinary Review accepts poetry of up to 3 pages in length. Poetry should be single spaced, 12-point type, in Times New Roman or similar font in a Word document or text file. You may submit up to five files with this submission, but each poem must be submitted as a separate document.

Please be aware that due to the nature of our publishing model (which uses only mobile devices), poetry with long lines may wrap in unintended ways. There is no way, other than inserting hard returns, for us to correct this. If your poetry contains lines longer than the width of the screen of an iPhone (the smallest device we account for) it will wrap.


We prefer high-resolution images in JPEG, PDF, TIFF, GIF or PNG format. Visual art must be related to each issue’s theme and please attach only one file at a time. Each file must be accompanied by the artist’s bio and an artist’s statement, which should be submitted as a Word document or text file, double spaced, 12-point type, in Times New Roman or similar font.


Your 50-word bio should be included in your cover letter. You may submit more than one piece, but each piece must be submitted separately.

NonBinary Review pays 1 cent per word for fiction and nonfiction, and a flat fee of $10 per poem and $25 per piece of visual art, payable upon receipt of the signed publication contract. In return, we ask for North American serial rights and electronic publishing rights. NonBinary Review does not accept previously published work unless specifically solicited by the editors.

If you are interested in your work appearing online, please indicate on your submission that you would like to be considered for our weekly online feature, Alphanumeric. Alphanumeric pays a flat fee of $10 per piece regardless of genre or length, and adheres to the same theme and style conventions as the current reading period for NonBinary Review. Alphanumeric pieces will be published online for the 3 active months per each issue, after which, these pieces will be added to the issue as a free download to the app.

PLEASE NOTE: At present, the Zoetic app is accessible through iPhone and iPad only, with future updates to include Android versions. When submitting your work, please note that if selected for publication, your work will appear in electronic form only. Clicking the required box for submissions indicates author/artist understanding of the terms of publication and agreement to those terms.

Authors and artists should state in their cover letters for which issue their submission is intended. Submissions not related to an upcoming issue’s theme will be deleted unread.

Via: NoBinary Review’s Submittable.

Ongoing Submissions: Terraform

| December 10, 2014 | 5 Comments


Payment: $0.20 a word

Now that we’ve ​terraformed a new home for future fiction, we need you to help us populate it. ​

Submissions for ​Terraform are open to the public, and the ask is simple: We’re looking for 2,000 words or fewer—a nice, digestible internet length—of speculative fiction honing in on the tech, science, and future culture topics driving the zeitgeist.

We’re looking especially for nearer-future fiction; think more sentient chat bots or climate-changed dystopias and less far-flung space operas. And we don’t care what form it comes in: Classic-style SF short stories, social media posts from beyond the horizon, fictive data dumps, experimental graphic narratives, and so on. Our baseline rate is $0.20 a word. Remember, we’ll publish one new story every week.

Send submissions to terraform.motherboard (at) We’re looking forward to reading your dispatches from the future.

Via: Terraform.

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