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Taking Submissions: The Mammoth Book Of Jack The Ripper Tales

| September 19, 2014 | 0 Comments

Deadline: April 1st 2015
Payment: £130

This is another anthology of brand new material I have been asked to edit for Constable Robinson.

I am seeking original stories to feature Jack the Ripper (or whoever he was…) in a fictional context. Ideal length between 4,000 and 7,500 words.

Rights required are non-exclusive World English language anthology rights, with an option for foreign language translation within the anthology should offers be made for overseas editions.

Delivery April 1st 2015. I will accept email submissions (in Word doc).

Payment £130 (or, at current exchange rate $215) on publication.

As some might recall, I edited a collection of non fiction speculations about Jack the Ripper (in collaboration with Nathan Braund) over a decade ago and it has proved a great success, so have great hopes for this new project.

The stories should tackle the theme of his identity, his crimes, his secret life or any variation you can come up with that you think will prove original and interesting. Ideally, they should concord with known facts but within that framework, the more imaginative the better.

US editor Gardner Dozois edited a similar volume in 1988 but with emphasis on fantasy and SF tales; this time around our book will be double the size at 600 pages or so, and I would prefer the angle to focus on mystery and crime as well as horror, although any other variations would always be welcome (within the limits of taste as we are after all dealing with a serial killer).

If the project tickles your fancy, do let me know well in advance that you are hoping to do a story so I can plan the project and keep a slot open for you.

This call for submissions is not just going out to crime and mystery writers, but also authors in other fields in order to have sufficient diversity and ‘voices’.

If you have any queries beforehand do get in touch with me at

Via: Maxim Jakubowski.

Taking Submissions: The Mammoth Book Of Professor Moriarty Adventures

| September 18, 2014 | 0 Comments

Deadline: February 15th, 2015
Payment: £130

This is an anthology of brand new material I have been asked to edit for Constable Robinson.

I am seeking original stories to feature Professor Moriarty (preferably not always involving Sherlock Holmes, but can feature other characters who’ve appeared in the Sherlockian canon, such as Lestrade, Irene Adler, Mycroft, etc…). Ideal length between 4,000 and 7,500 words.

Rights required are non-exclusive World English language anthology rights, with an option for foreign language translation within the anthology should offers be made for overseas editions.

Delivery 15th February 2015. I will accept email submissions (in Word doc).

Payment £130 (or, at current exchange rate $215) on publication.

Moriarty, the Napoleon of crime, is a familiar character, although he only actually appeared in two Sherlock stories (and countless later pastiches by other pens…). I am seeking a broad mix of stories in which he can alternately appear in his guise as a master criminal, or even as a fallible human being (I am retaining the option to write the ‘Moriarty In Love’ story myself), but more importantly I am hoping the stories I am sent will be entertaining, ingenious and witty as well as gripping.

If the project tickles your fancy, do let me know well in advance that you are hoping to do a story so I can plan the project and keep a slot open for you.

This call for submissions is not just going out to crime and mystery writers, but also authors in other fields in order to have sufficient diversity and ‘voices’.

If you have any queries beforehand do get in touch with me at

Via: Maxim Jakubowski

Ongoing Submissions: Acidic Fiction

| September 17, 2014 | 0 Comments

Payment: $35 per story


Acidic Fiction publishes contemporary speculative fiction, which includes science fiction, fantasy, horror, slipstream, and magic realism. As a general guideline, stories should take place within roughly the past 100 years or the next 10. Stories should be completely original and self-contained. I’m looking for innovative, well-written stories that explore the amazing aspects of everyday life through the lens of speculative fiction. Subtlety is crucial.

For science fiction stories, technological advances should be plausible. A small community of explorers on Mars might be reasonable, but a mass migration of everyone on Earth to the red planet wouldn’t quite fit the genre. Similarly implausible advances in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, medicine, time travel, and teleportation are suspect, especially if they are alleged to be in widespread use very quickly.

Parallel worlds that have a strong connection to the real world are acceptable, but not as a transparent excuse to write in a different genre (e.g. “Kevin fell into a manhole in Manhattan and wound up in Central Earth, where goblins stalk the fields of mana grass, hunting for frost pixies to use as fuel for their arcane magicks.”). Alternate histories are likewise acceptable, but not as a way of incorporating absurdly advanced technology into a contemporary setting (e.g. “Digital computers were invented in 1912, so lifelike android servants are now a household commodity.”).

Sexuality, violence, and profanity should be justified by the story. Stories with a romantic element are acceptable, but romance stories in a fantastic setting won’t be accepted.

Stories should be shorter than 10,000 words. Payment is $35 per story (via PayPal) on acceptance, regardless of the length of the story. I’m buying first world electronic rights (exclusive for 90 days, non-exclusive for another 90 days) and an option to buy world anthology rights (non-exclusive). Simultaneous submissions are okay, as long as writers contact me immediately if their story is accepted somewhere else. Multiple submissions from the same author won’t be accepted.

I’m not interested in writing credentials, so there’s no need for cover letters, just good stories. My goal at this point is to respond to everyone with at least a couple of quick notes. I’m not sure how long my response time will be, but it could be from a few days up to a month, depending on the number of submissions I get.

Submit your stories here: Submission Form

If you have any questions about a story you already submitted, email me at query with the name of your story in the subject line.

More Information About Rights and Payments

It’s important to me that Acidic Fiction is free to read and pays its contributors, so I chose a pay rate based on those two factors. I decided to pay by the story because payment per word places less value on shorter stories and prevents me from buying longer ones. By most standards, Acidic Fiction is considered a “token” market, which means it pays less than 1 cent per word (on average). This rate is lower than a semi-professional or professional market, but it is still higher than an “exposure-only” market.

It’s also important to me that you know Acidic Fiction is buying first rights to your story. If you sell your story to Acidic Fiction, any future sales would be considered reprints, which don’t pay as much as regular sales. Because most magazines receive a large volume of previously unpublished submissions, they usually don’t consider reprints. Other publications would purchase the same rights that I will (and possibly more), so if you think a higher-paying publication will buy your story, you should strongly consider selling it to them. Having said that, I look forward to reading all the stories you submit.

Small Press News: Rooster Republic Press Aquires StrangeHouse Books

| September 16, 2014 | 0 Comments


As you may have heard StrangeHouse Books was acquired by Rooster Republic Press today. First of all we are honored to be acquiring StrangeHouse and plan to continue its tradition of publishing Cult Horror Fiction. We are fans of the press and will continue to walk on the path it paved.

In fact, you probably won’t notice much of a difference with StrangeHouse going forward. We have no plans to change the back titles, and going forward we plan to put out a very similar product. StrangeHouse will become more focused on horror and Rooster Republic will become more focused on bizarro without horror themes.

Books in process with StrangeHouse will be reviewed and the authors contacted when a decision is made about future publication. Please be patient while we make this transition. Any questions can be directed to

Taking Submissions: Bad Dreams Entertainment

| September 16, 2014 | 0 Comments


Deadline: November 30th, 2015
Payment: $.04/word (maximum $300) for First English Language Serial Rights, and $.02 for reprints.

Bad Dream Entertainment is currently accepting dark speculative fiction submissions for short fiction, novellas, and novels. Make sure to thoroughly read through our submission guidelines before sending us your story, we are more than happy to check out your newest creation but we do have a general vision of what we want to publish and your story might be better served elsewhere if it does not fall into our purview.

We will try to review your submission in as timely a manner as possible, but this is a very small operation so expect an average response time of between 6-8 weeks for short stories (query after 9 weeks), and 4-6 months for novels (query after 7). Regardless of when we get around to reading your short story or book, every submission will get a response.

Content Guidelines:
The following content guidelines apply to submissions for short stories, novellas, novels, and articles.​

What we want to see: The dark side of imaginative storytelling. Worlds that convince us are real, characters who enthrall us just as completely as they disturb, and stories that we could never suspect (or perhaps even want to). We want to be taken on a journey that twists boundaries, minds, and guts. While you will see the words ‘horror’, ‘contemporary fantasy’, or ‘science fiction’ thrown around here a lot, these are far from being strict genres that we look for. We want anything that is willing to stretch beyond those conventions and explores new territory. From mind-bendingly surreal, to darkly comedic, we want something we haven’t seen before!

What we do not want to see: Genre conventions. Ie. sparkly vampires, zombie hoards, lovesick werewolves, first or third person serial killer stories, or people going crazy for the hell of it. Show us something new, something that makes us sink into the story or sit back and think for a second. Gimmicks are a dime a dozen and while Nazi zombies from mars stories have their place, we are just not interested in them, so if your story can be summed up in a tagline we may not be interested in it, unless you are doing something really unique. Story is everything, and if you’ve got one that features any of the stereotypes listed above that doesn’t simply rely on their own campiness then we will take a look at it, just remember: story, story, story!

Graphic content: We are not at all afraid of showing grit, blood, and sex, but it does have to have a point to it. We are not interested in splatterfests that wallow in violence or sexuality simply for the sake of itself or for the shock value. If your story features extreme content, make sure it serves a purpose, and no, ‘sounding cool’ is not a purpose.

For Short Fiction:
Length: We will consider anything from 500-16,000 words in length for publication online. However, stories that are over 8-9k words are not very conducive to web-reading, so if your story is in the longer range, we may instead offer it a spot in our annual anthology (or another themed antho if it fits) at a rate of $.02 plus the regular royalty rate for the anthology rather than publishing it online.

Simultaneous​​ Submissions – Please no simultaneous submissions (sending a story to multiple publishers at the same time). We have a large volume of submissions to keep track of and we’d rather not have to pull out stories we haven’t even gotten to yet, or even worse, stories we’ve already fallen in love with.

Multiple Submissions – We do not accept multiple submissions, please wait for a story to receive a response before submitting another.

Reprints – We accept submissions for stories that have been previously published, as long as they are not under exclusive license to the original publisher.

BDE Selects: Dark Fiction Anthology – Acceptance of a story also includes an option for us to include it in an annual print anthology of dark fiction selected from the site. Compensation for this opportunity will be a royalty percentage split between the authors involved. Having a story published on the site does not guarantee inclusion in the anthology.
Format – While we are not overly picky as far as manuscript formatting, submissions should generally follow Standard Manuscript Format. Send manuscript files as either DOC, ODT, or RTF formats. Do Not submit a manuscript as a PDF! If we receive a PDF, we will ask you to resubmit in one of the accepted file types. You can include a cover letter if you really, really want to, but chances are we won’t read it; we care about the story you have to offer, not your publishing history.

Payment – For original short fiction BDE pays $.04/word (maximum $300) for First English Language Serial Rights, and $.02 for reprints.

Send Submissions, with the subject of “Submission” and specify whether it is a short story, novella, or novel to:

submissions [at] baddreamentertainment [dot] com

Make sure to include your contact info and wordcount in your email so we can get it put into the appropriate reading queue. Send submission only to this address; any email with an attachment sent to our main contact address will be auto-deleted and therefore will go unread and not responded to.

Important Note: By submitting content to Bad Dream Entertainment, you agree that you are the rightful owner and original creator of said content and that it in no way infringes upon the ownership or copyrights of existing properties. Bad Dream Entertainment does not seek ownership of submitted material; any submission , accepted or rejected, remains the sole property of the original creators.

Via: Bad Dreams Entertainment.

Taking Submissions: Second Contacts

| September 15, 2014 | 0 Comments


Deadline: January 15th, 2015
Payment: $0.02 a word to a maximum payment of $130.00

Science Fiction is our conversation with the future. But what if we’re talking with alien voices? Bundoran Press Publishing House will open for submissions from September 15th, 2014 to January 15th, 2015 for a new anthology of science fiction stories to be edited by Mike Rimar and Hayden Trenholm.

Second Contacts seeks stories which explore what happens fifty years after first contact, for us, for them, for our shared future. The possibilities are endless — conquest, collaboration, assimilation, or, even abandonment. On Earth, in space, or on alien planets, what will happen to individuals and societies after two generations or more of staring into alien eyes?

Payment for first world English rights (print and digital) will be $0.02 a word to a maximum payment of $130.00 (all figures Canadian dollars). Our preferred length is 3500 to 6500 words. We will accept stories of any length to 10,000 words but the maximum payment will remain $130.00. A limited number of reprints (please query before submitting) may be purchased at a flat rate of $50. Payment on publication.

Please submit in .rtf, .doc or .docx format.

Email your attached rtf document to

Via: Bundoran Press.

Setting Self Doubt on Fire: The Read aloud challenge

| September 13, 2014 | 0 Comments


Hi everyone! I’m back with some more self-doubt fighting action. A few days ago I spotted something on the Writers and Artists’ Facebook page. They were doing a read aloud challenge, where people would video themselves reading out the first few lines of their novel, and uploading it for all to see. Now being a fellow self-doubter while I loved the idea, I couldn’t imagine myself ever doing that. My mind filled with all the negative comments I could receive. However, after having to read out my work for my writer’s group it got me thinking about all the ways you could possibly try the read aloud challenge, and this is where I got the idea for this post.

Before joining my writing group I never imagined that at this stage, in my journey, I would be reading out my work to a group of people; I haven’t even read my stories out to my family. But with the challenge set, even though fear and doubt threatened to cripple me, I took the challenge on and once completed I realised that I was worried for no reason. On the second reading challenge people were even impressed with what I had written, which was a surprise to me. The one thing I have learnt is that it is important to read your work out, not only can it help boost your confidence, it can also help you see how potential readers react to your work, and allow you to receive valuable feedback. Therefore, to help you find a way to try the read aloud challenge I have listed some ideas for you to consider.

Ways to do the read aloud challenge:

  • Read out your story in your writing group: An extra challenge, I will be trying, is standing up, and reading out your story while standing up in front of your group. This will be terrifying for some, but trust me, you’ll feel great once you’ve done it; it’s a real achievement.
  • Do a reading in front of your family and friends: If you are not ready to start reading in front of strangers, then why not get all your family and friends together. You can imagine that you are an author who is reading out their novel to an audience, even offer coffee and tea.
  • Attend an open mic night: If you write poetry there are places that allow you to get up and read your poem to the people in the pub or bar. This is something I never knew about before. It has been advised that you choose a suitable location to read your work out first, i.e. don’t read a poem with blood and guts in a family pub.
  • Read your story in front of your work colleagues: Of course you shouldn’t stand up and randomly start reading your story while people are working, but if during a lunch break you ask if people wouldn’t mind listening to you read out your story then you will have an opportunity to read out your work and see what they think.


Here are some examples, but if you believe you could manage the actual read aloud challenge then ignore Mr Self-doubt and try it.

This journey will often require you to step out of your comfort zone, be it submitting your story, uploading your story for feedback, reading aloud. Rather than letting Mr Self-doubt talk you out of it, rise to the challenge, even if you are shaking to the bones, you stand up and shout, “I accept!” I set you all a challenge, you don’t need to video it, but I want you all to read out your work, and let us know how you get on. Trust me it doesn’t hurt as much as you think it would.

To end this post, here is another inspirational quote:

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” – Author unknown


Ongoing Submissions: Halloween Forevermore

| September 12, 2014 | 0 Comments


Payment: 5 cents per word to 500 words.

We do not pay for articles, news or reviews, but we will spotlight your bio and website with your contribution. We DO pay for flash fiction, 5 cents per word to 500 words. We prefer word document attachments. Also please include a brief bio and social media links with your submission.


Halloween theme gives you an edge, but we will consider all forms of horror. Keep it to a PG-13 level, as we do expect a mixed audience. Pays five cents per word to 500 words. No reprints, please. We will respond to every submission as quickly as we can, but expect 2-4 weeks.

All queries and submissions go to

Via: Halloween Forevermore.

Ongoing Submissions: Flash Faction For PMMP

| September 11, 2014 | 0 Comments


Payment: $20 per accepted piece.

Perpetual Motion Machine is currently looking for flash fiction to publish exclusively in our newsletter. We are interested in dark fiction in the horror, science fiction, crime, and noir genres.

We are not interested in reprints. After we run the story in our newsletter, you are free to publish it elsewhere. All submissions must be no more than 1,000 words. Payment will be $20 per accepted piece.

Subscribe to our newsletter HERE if you’re interested in reading the type of material we publish.

Send all submissions via Submittable.

Via: Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.

Ongoing Submissions: Ongoing Submissions: Shades Of Terror

| September 10, 2014 | 0 Comments

Payment: .05 per word, upon publication.



Instructions for Submitting to Shades of Terror follow. Please read everything on this page before submitting your manuscript to the magazine.



  • All submissions should be e-mailed to as an attached Word, Rich Text, or PDF file. Please include the type of submission (fiction, book review, poetry, nonfiction) and the title of your work in the subject line.
  • Please use 12pt Times New Roman font, double-spaced lines, and indented paragraphs. Use italics (do not underline for italicized words).
  • Include a brief cover letter stating your name, email address, story title with word count, byline, and any publishing credits you think may interest us.


Shades of Terrorwelcomes unsolicited submissions for publication in both our magazine and on our website. We are looking for original, unpublished horror and dark fantasy stories. We prefer straight horror, but will look at genre crossovers. Stories in the tradition of Weird Talesand The Twilight Zone are preferable. Stories should focus more on the development of tension, rather that gore. No stories containing explicit sex, splatterporn, torture, or excessively obscene language will not be considered. If you have a horror story, but are not sure if it will fit our guidelines, submit it and let our editors decide.


  • Stories must belong to the horror genre. Do not submit works of Hard Science Fiction or Fantasy.
  • Shades of Terror is not a market to media-based fiction, or any type of fan fiction.
  • Word length should be between 1500-7500 words.
  • Payment for original fiction is $.05 per word, upon publication.
  • If we podcast your story, payment is $.01 per word up to 7500 words.
  • No simultaneous submissions or multiple submissions.

Via: Shades of Terror.