RIP Grasslimb Journal – However, it’s not all bad news!

I always hate to share the demise of a press or a market. We originally posted about Grasslimb Journal in 2018. This has been an ongoing market for 18 years at the time of writing this. I was in the process of trying to update some of our Ongoing Markets and have found that Grasslimb has recently closed it’s doors. Their submissions page stated:

Journal Publication Suspended

Grasslimb is suspending publication of our journal as of June, 2020. We are no longer able to consider submissions. We appreciate the opportunity to view your work for 18 years.

We are currently working through and notifying any existing submissions. No work remains under consideration; our final issue is going to press.

What’s Next?

We look forward to transitioning to a small press in 2021, beginning with a retrospective collection from Grasslimb. Stay tuned for news!

So, while this is good news that they still might be publishing next year, at this point the long-standing journal has closed their doors. At the very least there is hope that they’ll be partially re-opening down the line.

I dug in a bit further and found that the news had initially been shared on their Facebook page back in May though no notifications had hit our inbox so we’re only learning this today. Here is what they had to share at the time:

18-years for a journal. It is sad to see them close their doors. We’ll have to see what the future holds for them!

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