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Payment: $5

The Gods Among Men podcast is looking for short stories year-round. I will read them aloud on the podcast for a unique, audiobook-like experience utilizing music, sound effects, and even images that fit the theme of the stories.

I prefer stories under 6,000 words, however longer stories are accepted if I thoroughly enjoy them.

Any genre is welcome but horror (especially existential horror) is preferred.

Send submissions to [email protected] with SHORT STORY and your last name in the subject line. Any file format is acceptable. Include an author bio if you wish, and don’t fret about the cover letter. I’ve been through the struggle, I’m not a stickler for the business-like approach that most publishers insist upon. Include whatever you feel is relevant/important.

Reprints (audio and/or print) are not allowed, as I’m trying to give new authors (like myself) a voice. Multiple and simultaneous submissions are allowed, however if your story is accepted elsewhere let me know so I don’t end up getting sued, haha.

I firmly believe in freedom of speech, so no content is off-limits. Don’t be afraid that I won’t like it or won’t understand it. I write some crazy shit too, and have received a mountain of rejections because of it. Consider this my blessing for you to go crazy and do whatever it is you’re scared to do anywhere else.

The story rights remain with you, I don’t like to hold art hostage. Feel free to post it anywhere and ask me to remove it at any time. However if you end up in a contract that prohibits me from keeping it on the channel, let me know (again so I don’t get sued, haha).

Payment is $5 through PayPal.

The Gods Among Men podcast is funded solely through Patreon and not only releases short stories, but also podcast episodes dedicated to expanding human consciousness through psychedelics, research, philosophy, love, and total open-mindedness. If you believe in our cause, please consider donating. Peace!

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