Ongoing Submissions: The Asylum Diaries: Arkham

Payment: Fiction – $15 AUD, Poetry $5 AUD
Theme: Lovecraftian Horror

Submissions are always open.

We are looking for short fiction, long fiction, and poems for our Lovecraft zine!

Authors MUST have a vague idea of Lovecraft’s mythology and his writing style. We don’t want all stories about C’thulhu. You are more than welcome to use deities within the mythos. Create your own, if you can – Lovecraft himself encouraged other writers to add to the mythos.

Don’t feel constrained in what you’re writing. Make your stories terrifying. If you haven’t read Lovecraft, read it. We want your stories structured like Lovecraft’s writing style. His stories tend to be more narration than anything else. What is narrated shapes his story arcs overall, creating a long lead with little action followed by a sudden burst of horrific revelation at the end.

Scare us. Intrigue us. Unsettle us. Beguile us. Make us question our own purpose in life. We want weird horror, cosmic horror, existential horror.

Word count:
Short fiction – Up to 2,500 words
Long fiction – From 2,500 – 7,500 words
Poems – No line restrictions

Payment (AUD):

Short fiction and long fiction – $15

Poems – $5

Submissions generally open all year round, unless closed. Email: [email protected]

Via: Oscillate Wildly Press.

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