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Payment: 7 cents per word

Persistent Visions is looking for fresh fiction that skirts the edges of reality, pushes the boundaries of people we could become, and has an updated, innovative perspective on the people we will become. We’re looking for edgy, raw, unconventional, difficult, speculative fiction stories. You can pluck our heartstrings, but make it a tune we’ve never heard before.

We want stories that inspire the reader to think in new ways, stories that include a diverse cast of characters, that challenge conventional assumptions regarding race, relationships, gender, neurodiversity, disability, and sexuality in thought-provoking, exciting new ways. Show us the people we will be, or illuminate the path we’re taking to get there. We want science fiction and fantasy that is truly revolutionary, and that embraces the variety of human experience in all of its glory.

We pay seven cents a word for first English world rights, and first option on anthology and podcast reprint rights (stories selected for reprint in our anthologies and podcasts will receive further remuneration). Stories should be up to 7500 words long (though flash fiction will be a hard sell) and previously unpublished (please query for longer works, and already-published work, before submitting). We pay on acceptance.

We welcome new voices; if you are a writer who has yet to make a pro sale, we encourage you to submit a story to us.

If you would like to send us work, please see our fiction submission form.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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