November 2022: Tarot Cards for Writing Inspiration

Winter is coming (well, in this geographical region, anyway), which some may associate with things ending, but it may feel like new beginnings are appearing on the horizon.

(There’s definitely a murky period between now and what’s to come, however. Some may feel a little irritable and low in energy during this interlude.)

Speaking of new, I took part in this study thingamajig, and I got a gift card to the Big A! So I used it on a new tarot deck for these readings.

The deck is called, fittingly, the Wild Unknown (the pocket version) by Kim Krans.

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Ready to set sail across a frozen sea?

(Although, as I was reviewing the card spread I laid out, I heard “Solarpunk”, so I’m guessing this reading is lending itself to that subgenre, or perhaps even the Noble bright theme.)

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Character: Daughter of Swords. This is a woman of some stature, perceptive and highly intelligent. She could be a diplomat, a messenger, or serve as counsel to a high-placed political figure. More likely, she’s in training to fulfill an important role within the society or culture she exists in, and there may be a divine aspect to this role—as if it was a sacred calling. Whatever it is, there’s a journey ahead of them, but whether it is a journey of the mind and spirit, or an actual physical journey, will be up to the writer to decide.

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Setting: Six of Pentacles. Because this woman is in training to fulfill a position of power in this society, she has all the perks that come with this position. She lives in comfort, and never wants for anything. To neglect her would be to neglect the divine, and risk losing the blessing granted by the forces only she can see and hear. Even with all this wealth, she has to ensure that the divine protection is accessible to all people, not just her peers who also hold positions of power in this community.

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Theme/Development: V The Hierophant. As part of the final step of her training, she must go through a series of ritualized tests to determine that she really does have the connection to the divine within her. She doesn’t have to do it alone, as the divine force gifts her with the teacher she needs to learn the secret knowledge contained in these rituals. But the months pass, and even the years, and her teacher has not arrived.

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Conflict/Climax: Eight of Cups and Nine of Swords. The woman has to make a fateful decision. People have begun to believe she was not connected to the divine force after all. She knows that her days are numbered, and she begins to plot her escape from the community. Stress and worry begin to disrupt her sleep, and not even the tastiest dishes as prepared by her loyal chef can tempt her waning appetite. Finally, the moon returns to its shadow self and she knows that it’s time for her to put her plan into effect. Will she successfully escape, or will she be forced to face her death at the hands of her once-beloved community? Or will she realize in time that she had the power within her all along?

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