Here’s a bit of a shake up announced on Facebook today that some of you may be interested in…

We are thrilled to announce that Dark Regions Press will now be publishing all Written Backwards titles, beginning with Chiral Mad 3 at:https://www.indiegogo.com/…/the-ever-expanding-grab-bag-2-h…

Written Backwards is a critically-acclaimed imprint managed/edited by Michael Bailey (also the managing editor of Dark Regions Sci-Fi). Titles that will now be published by Dark Regions Press include series Chiral Mad, Qualia Nous, Pellucid Lunacy and all other past, present and future Written Backwards titles.

Some Dark Regions Press editions of Written Backwards titles are available in The Ever-Expanding Grab Bag #2: Holiday Edition while more will be re-released in the months to come. Michael Bailey will remain as the managing editor of the imprint but will now have the resources and outreach of Dark Regions Press.

Join us in adding a digital copy of Chiral Mad 3 to every grab bag in The Ever-Expanding Grab Bag #2: Holiday Edition by reaching our campaign goal: https://www.indiegogo.com/…/the-ever-expanding-grab-bag-2-h…

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