WIHM: Uplifting Dreams

By: Kim Plasket

Thinking about Women in Horror month made me think about how women are now starting to support each other. They are supporting each other, building each other up instead of tearing each other down.


Women who write horror should do the same thing. Even though women have been making a breakthrough in writing horror it is still not an easy genre.  It seems that we make a few strides forward then someone comes along and tries to tell us we should try to write something else. 

I admit I have tried to do as they wished I am after all human, I have tried to write romance and honestly I had to argue with myself not to kill off some character who was being stubborn and not doing what I wanted him to do.


When someone asks me what I enjoy writing, I say horror but the looks on their faces makes me wonder what is wrong with it.  I guess they figure women should prefer to write in another genre. For me horror was my first love, yes, I read those teenage angst stories along with my fair share of Nancy Drew, but my biggest influences were Steven King and Edgar Allen Poe.


Women need to support each other no matter what, you see women on the streets protecting other women, women on various media sites doing the same so why are women horror writers the only ones who cannot support each other.


I have friends who are writers, really, I think my writer friends and non-writer friends are pretty equal. I have seen male writers bashing female writers on social media. I find it distasteful because writers should support other writers.


I didn’t start to write in this genre for the shock value I started to write it because I wanted to write but felt uncomfortable writing other genres so since horror was the niche I found for myself I kept going.  There is something very satisfying in knowing what I write might entertain someone, help them forget their own troubles for a while.


I think women should support each other no matter what genre they write in or even if they write at all. It is so hard to be a woman these days with so many different opinions out there about what a woman should be. 

If I stop and take the time to support other women, either in person or on social media I tell myself “If I made her feel good then she will go on and support someone else who might be needing it.”  I guess I feel as if I help someone else the way I have been helped then maybe each person will give someone else a hand up instead of knocking them down.


There is so much wrong with this world today that we need to stick together. Our creativity and dreams will help to guide those who come after us. After all the reason we started is we had stories to tell. If you don’t write what’s in your heart then your story doesn’t get told, who better to tell your story than you.

Kim Plasket

Kim Plasket


Kim Plasket is a Jersey girl at heart relocated to sunny Florida. She enjoys writing mainly horror and paranormal stories and lives with her husband and 2 kids. When she is not slaving away at her day job, she can be found drinking coffee with fellow author Valerie Willis and planning the demise of some poor character. 

She has had several stories in various anthologies such as :


YEAR ONE (Dark Moments)

Demonic Carnival: First Ticket’s Free: A Dark Humor Short Story Collection (Demonic Anthology Collection)

Demonic Household: See Owner’s Manual: A Dark Humor Short Story (Demonic Anthology Collection

Demonic Wildlife: A Fantastical Funny Adventure (Demonic Anthology Collection)

Demonic Anthology Series (2 Book Series)

Fireflies & Fairy Dust: A Fantasy Anthology

Forgotten Ones: Drabbles of Myth and Legend

The Hunted: A Thrill of the Hunt Anthology (Volume 3)

Scary Snippets: Christmas Edition

Scary Snippets: A Halloween Microfiction Anthology

Seasons: Work of Hearts Magazine

Shades of Santa: Tales from the Bloody North Pole

Thrill of the Hunt: Buried Alive

Thrill of the Hunt: Urban Legends Re-Imagined

Trembling With Fear: More Tales From The Tree


With more to come in the next few years….


She also has several short stories and a post for Women in Horror Month on the website The Horror Tree. 


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