WIHM 2022: An Interview With Editor Dawn Shea

In celebration of Women in Horror Month, we are continuing to highlight some of the amazing work that women have been doing compiling and editing magazines and anthologies in the horror industry. We’re continuing our Women Who Edit Interview series with Dawn Shea.

Could you introduce yourself, and tell us a little about you?

My name is Dawn Shea. I am half of the publishing team at D&T Publishing LLC (the T is for Timothy, my husband). I live in Mississippi with my family. I have loved horror all my life, reading and watching. I began writing horror in middle school, then, as I grew older, other things were moved to the front burner and I no longer had time for this hobby. In 2020, just when the world seemed to be ending, I decided to begin writing again and after self-publishing, somehow morphed into this beautiful publishing company that I love so much.